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  1. texasjohn

    Tractor accidents, video, large variety

    Everybody should be able to learn something from watching this safety police comments necessary...consequences obvious in the end, but how some of these catastrophic failures develop is not always obvious in the beginning.
  2. texasjohn

    idyllic ag area, happy workers, good food, exotic beautiful women, Brazil is GREAT

    my son married a Brazilian, family is now visiting us in USA. I have to agree that they are the happiest people and most accepting people I have ever run into, as a group. However, there is yet an even more wonderful farming community, as reported below...and, it's past April, 1!! MailOnline...
  3. texasjohn

    drip and tricks?

    I've heard and read up about drip irrigation. Have acquired a bunch of the usual stuff...filters, pressure reducers, lines of the usual sizes, fittings, shutoffs, emitters of various rates and adjustable, etc. I figure I can hook up and learn from my mistakes....or ask y'all for your best tips...
  4. texasjohn

    RTV 1140 radiator electric fan motor overheats, melts fan, shroud

    Smelled something burning/overheated..water temp near red line, ran hose on radiator/engine, noticed fan not running. Discovered electric fan motor got HOT , melted plastic fan off motor and fan attachments to radiator shroud. :fiery:Subsequent analysis shows the fan to be the only failing...
  5. texasjohn

    weather station recommendations?

    So, I'm getting lazy. I'm wanting a weather station that does the following: wireless rainfall wind velocity temperature alerts for very high wind for safety and low wind for herbacide spraying nice large display, maybe backlit nice-to-have atomic clock PC connectivity .any recommendations...
  6. texasjohn

    Linux sighted rifle

    Yep. That is what I said, Linux Rifle/Scope. It is a rifle with a Linux powered scope. The scope is not just an optical scope. It has all sorts of sensors to feed its brain, including target tracking, ranging, wind speed, humidity, and video recording are just a few. It will have to bring down a...
  7. texasjohn

    night laser or green LED??

    I have an interest in getting a light to augment my scope for night hunting of hogs or coyotes. Hogs hunted over bait. Coyotes called up. I've done lots of night hunting with regular spotlights, etc. some years ago. I'm now reading about green lights, rifle mounted, which spook animals less and...
  8. texasjohn

    Worst place you've taken a tractor (and gotten away with it)

    I was disking around a new tank for native grass seed planting. I misjudged the turn radius slightly and the slope slightly and got slightly tipsy. Luckily, I was keeping my FEL just inches off the ground and the lower edge of the FEL hit the ground, keeping me from flipping. I waited for my son...
  9. texasjohn

    3pt hitch towable 1,5yds dirt pan

    You're too was my little Kubota 5030 that did all the work! Here are a couple of photos. One of the more successful pulls I had The whole rig weights on 3ph dig area, rig in distance in front of existing dirt tank (been in a drought) spoil area above spillway water line
  10. texasjohn

    Tires L5030, increase stability by widening front end tires??? Not sure, difficulties found

    Been doing lots of work on slopes lately...digging out a dirt stock tank. Decided that everybody says to widen front end stance just make sure tires/rims are set so they dish "out, not in." Might be a good idea to do it now. Feeling that I would benefit from a improvement in stance, thus safety...
  11. texasjohn

    Oil & Fuel GL 5030 fuel gauge let me down

    I did a search but found no prior posts re Kubota fuel gauges. My L5030 fuel gauge has been reliable until this morning. Just a couple of days ago I ran it down to one bar and the red "fuel" light came on...drove back to house to fill up no problem. But, this morning I was thinking...sure...
  12. texasjohn

    Caught an Intruder

    Massey, you will want to use this kind of fence strainer on both barb and smooth wires. Type of low impedance fence charger you need also pictured. I get these from Tractor Supply but they are available elsewhere.
  13. texasjohn

    good price parts from

    I needed some AC parts for my Kubota L5030, looked around on the net, found, checked their prices versus local dealer. Price difference was just too great to go with Kubota local dealer, which I had planned to drive to if the difference was acceptable...but parts were not in...
  14. texasjohn

    why one should ALWAYS carry your weapon

    The other day I decided to wear a pair of pants I don't like for a day of rough dirt work. No hip pockets and front pockets too shallow to conceal my pistol. So, no wallet or pistol for first time on ranch or off, since I got my CCL over 2 years ago. A friend and I were digging post holes on my...
  15. texasjohn

    Rotary Cutter JD 5105 tractor with JD MX 6 rotary cutter quits cutting

    I admit it... am embarrassed by this question, I should be able to figure this out myself but am stumped. This is a friend's equipment, very well maintained, in fact, by dealer. She's owned equipment 5+ years, all she does with it is mow grass, she knows the equipment and how to mow, she never...
  16. texasjohn

    RTV 1140 tow bar. Why not? Where to get?

    Having used my 1140 for a while now, I find that I often have two vehicles out in the pasture and only one driver. The RTV and the tractor/pickup/etc. The solution would be to put a tow bar on the front of the RTV and simply put it in 2wd neutral and tow it over the ranch roads to the next...
  17. texasjohn

    Grand L5030 starts/idles perfectly but chokes when loaded.

    I'm looking for ideas to try a fix. I used the tractor for a couple of hours with a drag disk turning over the ground with no problems. All was working dandy until symptoms developed suddenly during this operation. Disk has been removed, symptoms remain. symptoms: Grand L5030 with nearly...
  18. texasjohn

    RTV 1140cpx: I'm bit, help me accessorize!

    I'm seriously bit, planning on getting a Kubota RTV's the one which can be converted between two bench seats for 4 people and one seat with a longer dump bed. I've looked at the newer version and see the following improvements/changes, all of which seem to be a move in the right...
  19. texasjohn

    Better built implements

    Well, I claim the prize for best value for pounds lifted for $$ spent versus pounds of implement to facilitate lifting. $$ = 0.0, I scavenged some used axles/hubs from scrap laying around implement weight = less than 20 lbs for the axles... maybe a little more if you count the non dedicated...
  20. texasjohn

    Concrete Posts.

    Been there, doing that...I have a source of free concrete culverts...defects in manufacturing... Pick one of these suckers up, go to where you want a corner, plunk it down and there it sits. No drilling holes, no bracing posts. It doesn't rot. It doesn't pull out of the ground. Wrap your wire...
  21. texasjohn

    dry out water block gravity flow diesel fuel filter

    I have diesel tanks for both on and off road diesel with a Goldenrod water block fuel filter with clear bowl installed on each one. These are large metal tanks and condensation creates water in them which successfully gets caught by the filter. However, I have had problems with the filter...
  22. texasjohn

    Amazing! Family lives off their yard, literally!

    This amazing video shows a 4 person family living off of plants and animals grown in their yard, in town. Sorry, no tractors. Just subsistance farming the old fashioned way, they make it happen!:D
  23. texasjohn

    Tractor -> Acreage Ratio

    Hmm.... when will you learn it's not the size of the tool but how you work it that counts:thumbsup: 50/215 = .23 hp/ac Here's a photo of me carrying an absolutely immobile post hole and fully braced corner which won't rot or rust, when I set it down .
  24. texasjohn

    You and your tractors first defeat?????

    Well, I sought to lift a concrete drain go. Then, I read about getting the pressure relief valve discovered the valve was set low and raised pressure to just a tad over spec. Made the difference between can and can't. Now I can lift it about 1 foot before relief...
  25. texasjohn

    steel casters, good price, 4 inch

    I'm putting steel casters on a tool chest....discovered some from Northern Tool...1000 lb, 4 inch, $12.99 plus shipping. 4in. Swivel 1000-Lb. Capacity Steel Caster | Heavy Duty Casters | Northern Tool + Equipment photo does not show it, but there are two grease zerks, one for swivel, one for...
  26. texasjohn

    Traction highly unusual use for quick attach

    This is an amazing video, an excavator climbs a tower ...I understand what I see, but not a word of what I hear. YouTube - Liebherr
  27. texasjohn

    need metric hydraulic cylinder for AC3 backhoe

    Bought a 3ph backhoe off Craig's List, AC3 is the decal on it...absolutely no other markings.:confused: Fits a 50ish HP tractor. Swing hydraulic cylinder is busted...cracked gland. No sign of manufacturer or other markings on this cylinder or any other.:confused: Took cylinder to local...
  28. texasjohn

    Will a splice on high tensile wire hold up?

    details of joining high tensile wire are here How 2 Archives A knot that I use all the time, with great success, is the figure 8 knot. I have never had a knot beak on me.
  29. texasjohn

    Craig's List: how to easily post multiple times?

    Relative is gravely ill, has large amount of tools in his workshop, has asked me to dispose of them so his wife does not have to do so. Is there an simple way to keep track of several hundred items, label each, post them on CL, keep track when they are sold, update CL posting every couple of...
  30. texasjohn

    '97 F350 power steering overflows, doesn't work

    F350, 97, 7.3 diesel crew cab dually has twice now given me power steering problems. About 8 months apart. Both times it began when I had my steering wheel cut all the way over to the stop to make a tight turn to the left. Am not sure same would occur if turn was to the right. haven't tried...
  31. texasjohn

    lo-boy versus over-the-wheel flatbed gooseneck?

    I'm worrying over which kind of flatbed to get. It will be a gooseneck... and it will be 20 feet. I already have a 18 foot tongue pull lowboy and a 6 round bale trailer so, I can haul hay over the road and pull equipment and stuff on the flatbed. Problem is, existing flatbed does not have...
  32. texasjohn

    I know I'm pushing the tractor's limits when:

    Spent all day yesterday and today cleaning out a dirt tank using FEL and a Soil Conservation rented 5 cu yard dirt buggy. I was on the edge of tractor capability and had to use every feature and trick to get the job done... let me count the ways: 1) Got "stuck" numerous times. When front wheels...
  33. texasjohn

    can tempered glass be bent and cut to make a door?

    So, I busted the glass door on my Kubota Grand L 5030 cab. It is a flat sheet of tempered glass (it busted into a thousand shards each the size of a pea) except that it has a uniform bend at one point of a few degrees. It's straight up and then bends inward a little toward the center of the cab...
  34. texasjohn

    I was in a hurry, should have known difficulties were to follow!

    OK, I fess up, I've had my first tractor accident. Here is how it went down. 50 plus days of over 100 degree weather leads to extreme drought and no hay. I'm kinda desperate for hay. I called my neighbor and he said I could pick up some from him...he's a good fellow, 'bout 40, has extreme...
  35. texasjohn

    Moving a headstone... any tricks?

    We're moving my mother's resting place from a public cemetery to a private family cemetery about a mile away. All is going well except moving the headstone. It is a granite double headstone for both mom and dad (still going strong at 96), 6 feet long, 14 inches wide at the base, no more than 2...
  36. texasjohn

    Texas 119 gallon max gasoline carry without permit

    Well, I hunted and hunted to determine the maximum amount of gasoline (flammable liquid) I could carry in a container in the back of my pickup. Lots of searching on the net was fruitless... at least for me. Phone calls determined the following: Gasoline is a dangerous substance, controlled by...
  37. texasjohn

    can you tow an HST 5030?

    The first ever problem in 630 hrs has hit. Tractor will not start.. am sure it's electrical safety switch in nature. It is sitting in the middle of my single lane road ... can I tow it (SLOWLY) backwards about 50 yards to get it out of the way until I can figure it out? I can do this with my...
  38. texasjohn

    12V transfer pump quits...why?

    I've got a 90gal diesel transfer tank in the back of the pickup. Power is 12V pump wired unswitched, unfused (yes, I know, that way when I bought the pickup, used) to the battery. It's quit pumping twice on me now, mysterious to me. First time, it just refused to start. Meaning that I removed...
  39. texasjohn

    Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine show

    This Fri/Sat/Sun there is a Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine Association show in Temple, Texas. I've been to one... old steam engines, all kinds of old tractors, some running, some not... very interesting... Saturday Oct. 4 2008 is the big day... I'll be there along with several...
  40. texasjohn

    use large convex mirror for backing assistance?

    I find that it's increasingly hard to back up properly the first time to hook up my: flatbed 18' bumper hitch dump trailer..gooseneck cattle trailer..gooseneck 5 bale hay hauler..gooseneck 1000 gallon water hitch, front steering, 4 wheels cotton trailer... pin hitch..front...
  41. texasjohn

    I need a new T-Post pounder.

    Here you go re t post drivers. Simple, really... get some metal pipe, heavy walled...just larger than T post shaft. Cut to length just short of the spade such that when you have driven post and bottom of driver is at ground level, you have driven it to your desired height. CRITICAL that pipe...
  42. texasjohn

    Tundra vs F350: how I made my choice

    Well... bet that title got your attention. I just thought I'd give my TBN community my decision process since there were so many of your posts gave information to me that assisted me in my decision. This is my pickup purchase path. I have a gas F35O that is 20 years old, manual transmission...
  43. texasjohn

    Meat band saw?

    I'm needing to butcher a calf or two and maybe a deer or two annually... need a way to cut stuff up after it is quartered. Is a meat band saw the right tool? If so, how much different is a MEAT band saw different from a WOOD band saw? I've looked at specs and meat saw blades seem to have 1 to 4...
  44. texasjohn

    Chain Hooks on Loader

    Chain hooks visible on top of bucket. three T post driver/sheaths of different lengths for different length T posts.
  45. texasjohn

    Oil & Fuel L5030 ran out of diesel, how I got it running again

    Ok... well, I learned something, thought I'd pass it on. Tractor was running purrrrfectly dandy but I knew the low fuel light was on. It was also leaking slowly at the fuel filter... bad O ring gasket.:( Making a mess and costing $$. I replaced the gasket... pennies from the Kubota dealer...
  46. texasjohn

    Pat's System-need to fab hydr. top link extension

    see my attached photos... added an extension with ball at each end.
  47. texasjohn

    Help on 1st Tractor Purchase

    You might have chain hooks added to your bucket. I kinda went overboard with mine. A grab hook and slip hook on each side, one grab hook in the center. They are used far more frequently that I ever thought they would be. I used this rig to ride in while a buddy drove slowly over the pasture...
  48. texasjohn

    O-RING unlocatable:Kubota glass fuel filter bowl

    I've got a Grand L5030HSTC and when you replace the fuel filter it does NOT come with a replacement o-ring for the glass bowl. After 500 plus hours, my o-ring has had it and leaks. Today I looked unsuccessfully for a replacement at the following local locations: O'Riley auto parts Fox Auto...
  49. texasjohn

    Feedback on Toothbar on 61" Bucket

    I've got that exact toothbar... fits into my HD Kubota FEL bucket wonderfully well... about .5 inch short of a press fit... fixed by a few washers. Heaviest toothbar, best price I could find. Superb choice.:)
  50. texasjohn

    New Hay Trailer

    Got it... yep, you didn't claim it was your setup...just that it is similar. My incorrect assumption. Yes, the rear hay fork I have remains useful for 4 things... doubles the number of bales I can carry at once as a base for a carry-all when it isn't hay season. extra weight always attached...