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  1. Garandman

    A good quality Log Splitter

    Looking at the parts diagram, the SuperSplit has two bearings with a support in the center. The DR has one full-width bearing. There are quite a few other differences: two return springs, safety interlock handles, etc. All industry-standard stuff, any industrial supply or bearing supply shop...
  2. Garandman

    A good quality Log Splitter

    When was that? Bought ours in 2014. We have a very old DR brush mower we've kept due to the excellent Kawasaki engine.
  3. Garandman

    A good quality Log Splitter

    We have a DR Power K55 Kinetic purchased in 2014. Wanted to buy a SuperSplit but they never answered my phone calls despite being local. DR was closing their factory store in NH and I arrived on their last open weekend. It was pouring rain and they had a floor model at a crazy great price so...
  4. Garandman

    Kinetic Flywheel Wood Splitter

    Necrothread but no good reason to start a new one. We have a DR Power K55, discontinued as the K34 seems to do the same job. Purchased in 2014. Overall very pleased as the cycle time is much faster than hydraulics and it’s split everything we have (Ash, Birch, Hornbeam, Maple, Red Oak. Limited...
  5. Garandman

    How to maintain wooded walking trails

    In the old days to pack down ski jumps, we used lots of people with snow shoes.
  6. Garandman

    Impeller mod for walk behind snow throwers

    We've used many, many different compounds over the years, from ski wax to Pam to Mower Guard to spray Silicone to DuPont Snow and Ice Repellant. They all work: for about 20 minutes.
  7. Garandman

    Wood chips and composting

    In NH, most of what grows other than trees is rocks.
  8. Garandman

    Assembling Harbor Freight 1720lb trailer

    Update. The powder coating lifted and got a lot of corrosion. Once I got a van, didn’t need it anymore, repainted it and sold. Needed something to bring the snowmobile to the dealer so bought a 5’x8’ aluminum kit...
  9. Garandman

    5’x8’ Aluminum Trailer Kit

    Called them up and found the real deal on the tires. They are rated for 80mph. But because of some CA law they rate everything for 45. I’ll take some pics, came out nice.
  10. Garandman

    Impeller mod for walk behind snow throwers

    Got to try it several times, on powder to slush. We got an 18” storm and it was throwing the snow over the lower utility lines! And works must better with plowed and slushy snow.
  11. Garandman

    Wood chips and composting

    Ash, several varieties of Birch, Maple, and Red Oak. Some Eastern Hemlock.
  12. Garandman

    Wood chips and composting

    Cut down some trees for firewood, and going to run the tops through the chipper. So I’ll have bucketloads. Can this be used to compost? If so what else should I add? Can I just dump it in a pile or do I need to contain it? TIA.
  13. Garandman

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Cutting / Groving / Siping R-4 for snow

    Two tires made by Nokian - who invented the snow tire.
  14. Garandman

    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    When we got an Alaska mill, purchased a used MS461 with 28” bar.
  15. Garandman

    Outdoor chair from live edge wood

    Have an Alaska mill and have it a number of 2” thick live edge planks 10-15” wide and up to 10’ long. Somewhere found plans for rustic chairs from this kind of timber - but can’t find it! The closest I’ve come is a simple design from Bob Villa. Any suggestions?
  16. Garandman

    wheel spacers for BX23S

    Made in Canada. They faked me out too.
  17. Garandman

    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    You can’t talk yourself out of something you behaved yourself into.
  18. Garandman

    I have owned my last 2 wheel drive pickup

    We have Hakkas on the Sprinter van. And 4Runner. And Prius V.
  19. Garandman

    Snow blower purchase

    Hondas weigh 70-100 lbs less.
  20. Garandman

    Optima Battery Question

    We use Optimas where light weight matters. The red top for my WRX was 32 lbs. OEM was over 40 and Odyssey 50. In our 4Runner have an Odyssey because there is nothing light on it.
  21. Garandman

    I have owned my last 2 wheel drive pickup

    2WD pickups are unsaleable in New England. We load the rear of our van for winter traction.
  22. Garandman

    Snow blower purchase

    You can easily move Ariens RapidTrak machines with engine off.
  23. Garandman

    Chains Snow Chains on just front tires?

    We have a contractor neighbor with a B series Kubota he uses for plowing. Turf tires on back, chains on front.
  24. Garandman

    Snow blower purchase

    The RapidTrack machine is very maneuverable.
  25. Garandman

    Impeller mod for walk behind snow throwers

    Learned about the original impeller mod kit (from Clarence’s Small Engines in Quebec) about 20 years ago, but never installed one. Boston gets very heavy, wind-packed snow and they use plenty of road salt. So you have heavy, salt infused snow/slush that will clog even the most powerful...
  26. Garandman

    Snow blower purchase

    Owned five different Ariens and rebuilt several. Currently own two: an Ariens Pro Hydro RapidTrack and the previous model Honda 928 track. Both tracked, hydrostatic machines. The Ariens moves a lot more snow. The Honda throws far and is a lot lighter, so we use that one in the city. The Ariens...
  27. Garandman

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Cutting / Groving / Siping R-4 for snow

    Found my tire groover in the garage in NH, if anyone wants to borrow it. Bought Ofa chains a few years ago.
  28. Garandman

    5’x8’ Aluminum Trailer Kit

    The tires that come with these things are rated 45mph. Unsat, and I want a spare. 1. Are these easy to change at home? 5.30x12. 2. Bias ply vs radials for a small trailer like this? (1,715 lb rating). Debating buying a pair of wheels with tires mounted, keeping one original as a spare, and...
  29. Garandman

    5’x8’ Aluminum Trailer Kit

    Bought my first HF kit (the 1,715 capacity model) for $215. Trailer market is crazy due to shortages: there have been two price increases since this version was purchased. Had a couple hours to assemble. A 24” framing square is useful to make sure everything is true. Assembled the bolts...
  30. Garandman

    5’x8’ Aluminum Trailer Kit

    Built two Harbor Freight steel trailers previously. This is a 2005 Yamaha Venture 2 up sled. Now we have a Ski Doo Enduro and an old Yamaha Phazer, both shorter and lighter. Works fine. While the bed is 8’ the trailer is 12’ long, and most of the weight of a snowmobile is up front. Towed great...
  31. Garandman

    Towing capacity

    Huge difference between towing something over the Rockies; over the Appalachians; or across Florida.
  32. Garandman

    5’x8’ Aluminum Trailer Kit

    Those are popular but don’t work for me. Had an Aluma 548 which was much nicer, but snowmobile didn’t fit. Hope to start unpacking and laying it out shortly.
  33. Garandman

    5’x8’ Aluminum Trailer Kit

    Built two Harbor Freight 4x8 “Heavy Duty” trailer kits a few years ago. Made some minor upgrades and it was a handy unit. Sold it for more than paid when I got another cargo van, second went to a relative. Needed something to occasionally tow my snowmobiles. sick of fighting rust so purchased...
  34. Garandman

    DIY Shrink Wrap?

    Have a big (25’ x 20’) piece of shrink wrap from a boat. Most of it wasn稚 shrunk, just the bottom. Like to use it to cover some items this winter. What do I need to shrink it? There are propane fueled burner heads to burn weeds, $30-50. Will those work? Propane Torch with Push Button Igniter
  35. Garandman

    What do YOU do about territorial Robins??

    Should be up next Wednesday. That dumb bird has hit that glass hundreds of times. Also had to stuff pieces of firewood over the door where she wanted to build her nest.
  36. Garandman

    Stihl 500i Fuel Injected

    Think this will be an almost exclusively full time cutter saw, but an interesting technical achievement. The smallest fuel injected motor we have is a Yamaha 250: this Saw is 79cc! 6.7hp, 13.6lbs. Price in Euros is about $1,750. Features. MS 5i - Innovative new chainsaw with electronically...
  37. Garandman

    Chainsaw use - alone

    Do not see a Poll option here, but just curious if you ever use the chainsaw while alone. Alone meaning no human within eyesight, earshot, or both. Only ever used the saw while other family was here, except in emergencies like downed tree across driveway. But I am falling behind on my projects...
  38. Garandman

    Sawmill vs Service

    We have 12 acres in NH. We are able to harvest more than enough hardwood firewood (Ash, Birch, Maple and Red Oak) for the stove. But there are a lot mature Eastern Hemlocks on the property as a lot of the big hardwoods were harvested in 1985. I am concerned they might be choking out the more...
  39. Garandman

    Staining new Cedar fencing

    We have ordered about 150 feet of Red Cedar fencing, 42 to 72 high. We want to stain it before installation. Have no idea what to use. Suggestions?
  40. Garandman

    Pallet Fork Extensions?

    The snowmobile dealer has 8-10 long pallet fork extensions so they can pick up a snowmobile from a van or trailer. Anyone make their own? Out heaviest sled is about 650 lbs but believe our forks are 42 and don稚 extend far enough.
  41. Garandman

    Changing a spark plug

    How many forum members does it take to change a spark plug? 1 to change the spark plug and to post that spark plug has been changed. 14 to share similar experiences of changing spark plugs and how the spark plug could have been changed differently. 7 to caution about the dangers of changing...
  42. Garandman

    Reinforced shed ramp

    Bought a shed with 12 joist spacing and double plywood floors so I could put heavy implements in it, and possibly wheel the tractor in (won稚 be stored there). So the builder provided a 6遅6 ramp made up of 1x6 pressure treated wood. When I told them 渡o way they proposed blocking it in the middle...
  43. Garandman

    Good drill bits

    Been using a variety of Harbor Fright and Home Depot purchased drill bits. Then had to drill some stainless fixtures and learned how poor they were. What is a good fractional drill bit set, 1/64th to 1/2"? Do cobalt steel bits hol up better than Titanium nitride?
  44. Garandman

    Buying a vehicle in TX

    I may be buying a used pickup. As my brother lives near Austin, been thinking about looking in TX because no road salt. Normally in the People's Republic of MAssachusetts I'd have to submit a title application, registration application and wait for plates. But in other states there are...
  45. Garandman

    Solar Christmas tree lights that work?

    Bought a string of white Christmas lights last year. They were $20 or less. You could barely see them and the light only lasted a few hours. Anyone know where to buy some that really work?
  46. Garandman

    Removing Moss

    We have a good sized patch of moss in our back yard: probably 75 x 35'. The home inspector said it's because there's a spring underneath and it's too wet for grass to grow. But I'm wondering if I dug it out and planted grass seed there, would the grass take over? This summer has been really try...
  47. Garandman

    Making an A frame for a heater vent

    We have a Rinnai wall heater in NH. There is an exhaust vent to outside about 12" above ground. It snows a lot here and if the snow covers the vent while we are away, the unit will not run. I guess most people make an A frame to shield it. I'm obsessing over the height, width, and whether to...
  48. Garandman

    Assembling Harbor Freight 1720lb trailer

    Please don't clutter up this thread with "I bought an xyz for $$$ and it's better" comments. These kits are not for everyone but can be a great value. I needed a small trailer to haul lumber, trash, bring snowmobiles in for service, etc. Didn't want to spend much and needed enough length for a...
  49. Garandman

    Dealer cost 400 hour service?

    What is the approximate cost for an L series at a dealer for the 400 hour service?
  50. Garandman

    Chains L3200 spacers?

    I plan to get spacers for the L3200 so i can mount chains. But the aftermarket ones offer spacing from 1.5 to 4.5". What is the spacing for the oem spacers? Anyone know what they cost?