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  1. m5040

    Od Pt for sale, not mine, just passing it on. Looks like motor veh tires and rims
  2. m5040

    PT diesel for sale

    Not mine, I seen it on Fbook. 登录或注册即可查看
  3. m5040

    Question on the PT boom mower hyd supply

    I just bought the used boom mower that was on the PT site. Can anyone shed light on how the aux hyd circuit (quick attach control) is held permanently in the on position? Any other advice on the attachment?
  4. m5040

    100 hour service of hyd filter on PT180

    I just did the 2nd hydraulic filter change on my PT180 and cut it open to see how it looked. Not too bad, some flakes as expected. This is in combination with a (regularly cleaned) magnet hanging in the hyd tank. (You probably shouldn't use a hacksaw to cut it open as it will generate a lot...
  5. m5040

    Question for 1460 owners on center pin lubrication

    A rainy day here in CT so doing the 8 hr interval greasing on my 1460 and checking the center pin torque (pic attached if you have never seen yours). It has 24 hrs on it and it is the first time I noticed it has grease fittings on both sides of the lower center pin boss (and only on the right...
  6. m5040

    Say good bye to the diesel 1430

    The PT site now list a gas engine. :(
  7. m5040

    19.5 hours, fuel consumption for a diesel 1460

    Have 19.5 hours on the new 1460 and almost time to refill the fuel tank for the 2nd time. It seems like it can get 10 hours of use per tank. This is light to medium work, pulling small trees, stacking them, then grabbing the pile and carrying about 1/4 mile and cutting firewood like in the...
  8. m5040

    1460 poor traction, gets stuck easy

    Well I started a job on a fairly steep hill and was very disappointed in how easily the 1460 spun the wheels and soon couldn't move up the hill. Went to get a tractor with a log winch and ran out of fuel, gage doesn't go below 1/4, guess it was one of those days. Anyway when I got the 1460 back...
  9. m5040

    Logging winch and why I bought Igland - Norse 4501

    I just went through a lot of post on logging winches for 3pt hitch tractors. I found that nobody really has anything bad to say about whichever brand they went with, so it appears no wrong answers. After I reviewed the prices and found Igland the most economical, I then asked for reasons to...
  10. m5040

    Connecticut Kubota 26.5 hp 4x4 tractor with loader, near MINT condition

    For sale is my prize tractor with loader, I bought new in 1989. Kubota L2250 (26.5 HP) 4 wheel drive with 639 original hours. It has factory options like larger tires (12.4-24 rear), aux hydraulics front and rear, live PTO center and 2 speed rear (540-1000), power steering, left hand shuttle...
  11. m5040


    Does anyone know if you can run hydraulic driven implements (like skid steer brush hog rotary cutters) from the loader quick attach on the Kubota loader backhoes? I am thinking that the factory plumbed hydraulics are just for lift cylinders and not motors and the machine probably does not have...
  12. m5040

    What did you do with your Power Trac today?

    I for one would like to see pictures of PTs in action working or what work you did on it. Here it makes it easy not to run your saw into the dirt.
  13. m5040

    What do Power Tracs look like when they grow up?

    Try to get it off the trailer before it happens
  14. m5040

    Backhoe Any L45 TLB owners out there with head gasket problems?

    Over the weekend I went to see a Kubota L45 TLB for sale for a cheap price. On the pre run check, I found the radiator below the tubes, owner said no problem it has enough, he just had a new radiator put in. Test operated the machine, temp gauge came up so figured it was at least up to the...
  15. m5040

    Has anyone noticed the vinal cab the PT factory uses on their 1460

    Power Trac 1460 with blade - YouTube
  16. m5040

    Connecticut Diesel Panzer 110 tractor Meteor

    Antique Panzer 110 tractor Meteor with Sunstrand hydrostatic drive. Converted to air cooled diesel engine. Starts, runs, drives and steers as it should. Has lots of torque. I used it to pull brush as you know they have motor vehicle rear axles and are extremely strong. With the hydro, I just...
  17. m5040

    Connecticut 1961 Ford 841 Elenco 4x4 tractor, 12 spd, 3pt, hyd, PS, weights, grill grd

    1961 Ford 841 Tractor with Elenco 4x4, Sherman Aux Trans, 3 pt hitch, 3 speed PTO, power steering, aux hydraulics, pie wheel weights on 24" rubber, 12 volt with alternator. Good working tractor. Possible delivery in New England for price. The tractor will cost you $10k
  18. m5040

    Who knows which is smallest tractor with a manual front differential lock?

    I have a few tractors but would like to get one with a front diff lock for a job on some steep ground. I know some of the older high HP kubota tractors have them. Can anyone chime in on tractors that have the diff locks on both axles? Thanks
  19. m5040

    Hauling logs off hillside, Kubota or Power Trac?

    Had a large oak kill by the caterpillars on a hillside boxed in by a lot of other trees. Cut it down and needed a way to carry the larger the better pieces out. I have a Kubota L2850 with 2400 lbs lift at the 3pt and 1800 lbs 24" out from lift ends. So I figure the Kubota has better/even...
  20. m5040

    Connecticut Ford 961 P/S 5spd Live PTO, 3pt, spin out wheels PART OUT

    I am considering parting out a running when parked (about 1 year ago) tractor. It has the Red Rock parking brake conversion, power steering, spin out rear wheels, decent tires (close mismatch Firestone and Goodyear), new radiator short while ago, hyd outlets, working gauges, worn suspension...
  21. m5040

    How many adapters is too many?

    Needed a boom and had a 3pt hitch type. So PT to skid steer adapter, then from skid steer to 3pt hitch, then the boom. Get er dun I was only lifter a sump pump to fill a mil water buffalo, so no real weight.
  22. m5040

    Mower blades

    Went to check the torque of the blade mounting bolts, but I don't remember installing shredder blades on my 180 mower.
  23. m5040

    Cruse control on my PT180

    Yesterday while operating my PT180 driving over a long distance, I stumbled onto a method of a sort of cruise control. Now if you guys already know about this you can make me feel better by saying thats cool or something because it is so easy that I wonder why I didn't think about it earlier...
  24. m5040

    Anyone have arm rest for the PT they want to sell?

    My PT180 doesn't have arm rest (it wasn't listed as an option). If anyone has a set that they don't like, please send me a PM and maybe we can make a deal. Hope this doesn't violate and posting policies.
  25. m5040

    I believe everyone should do this to know how hot your hyd oil is.

    Since we have a new PT180 owner on the site I would like to bring up a topic that all of us could benefit from. I have mentioned it before but I think it is important, so here it goes again. The Power Trac tractor uses hydraulics to do a lot of things and each feature generates heat especially...
  26. m5040

    50 hr filter change, added a restriction indicator

    Did my first 50 hr hydraulic filter change and while I had it off, I drilled and tapped the suction side of the filter housing for a restriction indicator. Kind of a disappointment because it is just about out of the green (acceptable) area with the brand new filter, 70 deg oil and engine at...
  27. m5040

    Recall on Deutz D20ll engines for oil pressure

    Sorry to be so vague, but what info I got from my local dealer was that engines with S/N greater then 119xxxxx are subject to the recall. I bought my PT1430 in late summer (2019) and my engine S/N starts with 113. I would think all the power tracs will not be in the problem range. Might want...
  28. m5040

    Opinions please on this grapple attachment

    What do you guys think about a Ryan's grapple for the 1430? If you follow the link they list the 4240 as 308lbs (about the same as the grapple bucket PT sells). It is on the pricey side for these log grapples at $3675 (+shipping), but if you consider it comes with a hydraulic rotator and a...
  29. m5040

    66" skid steer quick attach 4 in1 grapple bucket with teeth in CT

    For sale is a like new 4 in 1 grapple bucket, with teeth for digging in banks. Has cutting edge on dozer blade. Properly greased. Used mostly as grapple and wheel barrel, excellent condition. Original paint (some surface rust on inside as shown in pictures). $1950 or BO
  30. m5040

    Titan hyd drive flail mower on my 1430

    I posted a pic on a different tread but it might be better to have a dedicated one. Anyway I like using flail mowers for light brush clearing because of the way they operate with the blades being in closer relation to the roller preventing contact with foreign objects (rocks). The minimum flow...
  31. m5040

    Is this not the best Power trac mod you can do?

    Who here thinks the parking brake on the Power Trac can be a little quirky to release? As you may know and for those that don't the parking brake consist of a cog wheel (like a gear on your bicycle chain, only big) and when you apply the parking brake, a pin moves between two teeth. The...
  32. m5040

    Fabed up a SSQA for the 1430

    I wanted to used SSQA (skid steer quick attachments) that I already have on the 1430, so I orded a 3pt to SSQA adapter off of fleebay. The T12 plate fits in pretty nicely. I measured the PT bucket for the angle they want to use as a neutral starting point and figured it was 30 deg. So I welded...
  33. m5040

    What is the weight of a 1430 grapple bucket?

    your right, about 370 lbs
  34. m5040

    Went down to Tazwel yesterday

    I brought home a 1430 with a grapple bucket. Tried out the mini-hoe. The 2 pics of the tractor on the trailer is mine getting ready to tow home. The one showing the mini hoe is their demo. I stood there looking at it comparing the cost of $1650 with a thumb. Then there is the chineese...
  35. m5040

    A good thing you can do for your Power Trac

    I know others have touched on this in better detail but sometimes putting a project off for someday means it never gets done. Here is a quick thing to do that will only help you in the long run. I used a strong circular magnet and with stainless wire I tied it to the hydraulic oil reservior...
  36. m5040

    PT 54" grapple bucket vs the 29" utility grapple which to buy??

    If I buy a new 1430 I would like a grapple and trying to decide between the two. :confused: The cost is $500 more for the 54" grapple bucket but it can be used to dig and move earth products, (and used as small wheel barrel). The utility grapple seems like it will slide under and pick larger...
  37. m5040

    Anybody have source for a 540 RPM hyd motor to run tractor attachments on PT?

    I would like to fab up a adapter to run tractor 3pt hitch - 540 RPM - attachments. I would think that this should be one of the most used modifications, but a search didn't come up with anything. The motor would be tractor specific as the psi and flows are different. Just looking for a...
  38. m5040

    Question/opinion NOISE LEVEL OF 1430 ENGINE?

    Would like to move up to a diesel PT and when watching the available videos on the 1430, it seems like the 2 cyl Deutz is on the loud side when compared to water cooled engines. Can anyone lend some wisdom as to how loud it actually is? Do you where hearing protection for loader work, snow...
  39. m5040

    The Power Trac really helps when splitting wood, got the saw stuck, and carrying logs

    Just some work pictures. The PT really comes in handy carrying the logs to the splitter instead of dragging with the winch. The area with the saw stuck was quite a side slope, had to hang on to the engine compartment lift handle or is that the oh-ship handle?
  40. m5040

    Anyone w/experience on a backhoe or excavator, how does it compare to the mini hoe?

    I have a Kubota excavator that doesn't get used all that much and I could sell it to buy a diesel PT hoe. I know there is no comparison for all out performance when comparing it to a PT, but has anyone that regularly runs construction equipment have a PT mini hoe combination? How do you...
  41. m5040

    Question on older Kubota power PT 430-1430

    Spoke to a PT owner who has a Kubota diesel powered Power Trac. Paint is all worn off but he says it looks like a model 430. I am thinking it is a 1430 with the one missing? Was PT using Kubota engines at one point and what vintage would this tractor be?
  42. m5040

    Connecticut Goldoni REVERSIBLE tractor 3pt, 4x4, reverser, Detroit diesel, live PTO, aux hyd,

    Low hour, less then 500, Goldoni tractor bought new in 2011, Detriot diesel, gear drive with reverser, 3pt hitch, 3 aux hyd outlets, hyd top link and retractable rops. The unique feature is the seat and steering wheel rotate to face the 3pt hitch OR like a conventional tractor. Powerful tractor...
  43. m5040

    Advice on steering technique for articulation in tight spaces

    Now I have operated machines from large loaders to small Steiners but not in the tight spaces I use the PT for. My problem is when going forward and trimming grass next to a tree or some object, I can drive in really close which is great if you can drive on through. I get into trouble when I...
  44. m5040

    Fabed up a fork attachment for the PT180, found its limit

    I adapted a forklift attachment to the PT180 quick attach plate and went to try it out before a (someday) flat black paint job. It lifted a boulder that I couldn't roll into the bucket. The forks slid under without pushing the boulder away, and the ability to tilt it so far back made it so the...
  45. m5040

    Power Trac closed

    I believe for vacation this week.
  46. m5040

    Did you ever see a PT180 load a 5 ton dump?

    Probably not what you thought. It is a hybrid tractor dump with a gross weight of 10k, and thank goodness it has drop sides. Was looking for a light project to break the engine in slowly and I have been wanting to move these rocks for years. The PT worked great and didn't mess up the lawn...
  47. m5040

    Might be going to Tazewell on Monday, returning to CT if someone wants something

    This probably won't work out and I am not sure how much extra room I will have, but going down and coming back to CT if anyone wants to PM me with needs.
  48. m5040

    Question on PT drive function under slippery conditions

    On the gas engine machines (esp PT180), if your operating in slippery conditions or if you raise the front wheels off the ground with the bucket, does the rear axle still drive 100%? Or do you notice a drive reduction when one wheel slips or wheel(s) off ground? I hear the older models where...
  49. m5040

    Advice from owners of PT180 tractors please on how you like that model.

    Considering a new tractor, thanks to all that have given advice already (on other post). I am looking for feedback from people that own a PT180 and how it has lived up to your expectations. I only need it for rough cutting. But would like any input you can give. When responding please...
  50. m5040

    How many hours can you expect on a gas engine Power Trac?

    With proper maintenance and no abuse, how many hours have people experienced with the gas engine models of PT? What is the weakest link and what to watch out for when looking at used tractors?