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    Are you a prepper?

    Think of it as "A ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"
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    Thanks for the tip. I'll see if I can locate some.
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    The West Texas sun has done a number on my implements & It is time to repaint. Does anyone have any recommendations for brand or color?
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    Shelf Life of Oil

    Use it. I'm using oil in my car I have had longer than that.
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    Some one wanted to know if we'd buy an EV tractor

    Yeah, but the emissions are somewhere else, out of sight. You know, out of sight, out of mind?
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    Tablet computer user questions

    Yep, I read books on my tablet. My neck was giving me fits until I bought a floor stand from "stand for stuff" that will hold the tablet up where I don't bend my neck to look at it. I don't know if they are still in business. Mine looks like this.
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    Giving up on my flail and shopping for a rotary cutter.

    Here is a video of a guy making his own. At about the 9 minute mark he balances the rotor
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    Balancing flail mower rotor

    Here is a video of a guy making his own. At about the 9 minute mark he balances the rotor
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    Who want to chat about plasma cutters?

    Lotos I had one of the first generation machines. The power supply worked well, the consumables - not so much. I ended up using it as a trade in for a much better machine.
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    Real Estate Days on Market?

    I see sales slowing down drastically. The boom seemed to stop as quickly as it started. One house close to me has been on the market for about 6 months. They recently dropped the price $30,000
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    kimber autopistols

    I bought the .45 Crimson ProCarry in January 2010. The Ultra Carry 9mm in 2011 & the 9mm Solo CDP in 2012
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    kimber autopistols

    I have a .45 & 2 9mm. I feed them Blazer ammo & they hardly ever have any problem. I have put 5200 rounds thru the .45 & it's my favorite non concealed carry gun.
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    Round Bale Fires

    Just happened here this week.
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    Wired driveway alarm

    I have been very pleased with my Mier Drive Alert DA-500. I also can pick up small gravel with a magnet, but it hasn't affected the operation. I've had it for about 9 years I think without any problems. I did put the cable in plastic conduit. Previously I had a Dakota murs radio based system...
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    What is this part?

    End with the threads is how I would do it.
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    Would a zero turn be faster than a B2601?

    Beating my body up going fast with my zero turn isn't much fun. Going slower on the tractor with much bigger tires to smooth out the ride makes it much more enjoyable to me.
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    A solar powered generator?

    Somebody doesn't know the definition of a generator.
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    Loader as excavator???

    My guestimate is that I dug out over 100 yds with my B2620 with nothing but what you see here.
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    Proposed update to front porch forum rules

    How about a easily accessed icon to block someone on that forum only.
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    Cleaning Loader Arm Grease

    Dismount loader to keep from getting grease all over the tractor. Move tractor. Pressure wash the loader. Wait a bit for it to dry. Remount loader. Give it a fresh grease job.
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    Leaky front axle

    Just for general info. I tried some seals off from Ebay that were about a third of the kubota price. Worked ok for a couple of months, then started leaking.
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    Andrew Camarata

    Yep, I wouldn't sell him insurance
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    We've had enough of television programming.

    We were visiting relatives last week & were amazed at the nonstop Medicare Advantage commercials.
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    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    What my wife calls "Tractor Therapy" reduced my blood pressure & stress levels. I enjoy being outdoors & doing things. Learning to ignore the media & politics will further reduce your stress & let you enjoy living more. I have a neighbor that gets wrapped around the axle over politics. I tried...
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    The Top 5 Tractor Channels on YouTube

    One of my pet peeves are the channels with "pretty" folks who never get dirty or sweaty & their tools are always shiny new. For instance, their chain saws always have a brand new bar that clearly displays the brand name. I much prefer the real world types.
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    Won’t turn over

    Bad battery?
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    Getting Back Into Welding

    I enjoy learning something new, so a few years ago I bought one of the multipurpose machines so I could dabble with MIG. I think I have used stick a couple of times since I have had the new machine, but I could probably do with out stick welding altogether without much trouble.
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    ?????? GROAN 2
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    Buying things on-line - decision strategies

    I start with the negative reviews & read them with a discerning eye. Works for me. A few years ago I was shopping for a water heater & I was amazed by the number of 5 reviews that mentioned looks. Who cares about the looks of a water heater? Millennials I guess?
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    LOTS of junk ads on email

    The advice about having a separate email address for commerce is what I use. To prevent spam from your personal acct. look up how to use rules for your email program. You can easily create a rule that blocks everyone that is not in your address book.
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    You're top three YouTube people that you watch

    I have been impressed with this guy & the projects he tackles.
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    Sharpening blades on my Caroni Flail mower?

    I don't notice much difference in the cut between dull & sharp blades. I do straighten/replace the bent ones.
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    Do I wait???

    I would wait
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    Welder settings

    First off, let me preface this by saying that I am not picking on Miller. I have a Lincoln & the recommended settings in the book & what the welder it's self recommend are similar to what the manual for the Miller. Miller just happens to have a online calculator that I can use for comparison...
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    TIG welder options

    I am interested in learning TIG welding. I am just a hobbyist. I have a Lincoln 210MP that I could buy all the stuff I need to make it TIG capable. The price to buy their stuff is a bit over the top IMHO. Other folks make kits to convert the 210 to TIG capable, but I知 not sure of the quality of...
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    Flail Mower Wheels for my Mott

    Recently there was a thread about buying a Mott with wheels. That started the mind going about putting some on my mower. Alamo's price is a bit much & I needed a project anyway. I had a pair of front forks from my Hustler left over from installing flex forks, so I ordered wheels & tires. Other...
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    How much abuse can a FEL handle?

    Something like this? Hard rocky soil in a dry creek bed.
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    Sharpening knives, blades... with a Tormek!

    While this is not as capable as the op's machine, I paid $5 at a local thrift store for it in like new condition. It meets my needs.
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    Welding Table

    Here is my version of a welding table for occasional use that doesn't take up much space. When I use it for cutting with a plasma cutter I arrange the piece so the cut is between the grooves. Here is where it normally lives. This shows the tubing that I welded on the bottom of the grating...
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    Update Here is what it looks like. I had to change the mount. Since I have a small tractor, there wasn't enough room to get access to the grease zerk with the stock mount. So I cut off the pinch part & drilled a couple of holes & tapped it for 1/4x20.
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    As I get older, my neck doesn't appreciate being turned a bunch to see behind me. I ordered these yesterday because of the way they mount & the size of the mirrors that don't add significantly to the width of the tractor. Loader Mirror Kit (Right Side)
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    Messicks Christmas lights

    Messick's 216 Christmas Light Show Video | TobyMac - Little Drummer Boy - YouTube
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    While we were gone over Thanksgiving a big tree blew over in our yard. While sawing up the big trunk the chainsaw found a rock embedded in the trunk at the bottom of the cut. Got out another chain & finished the other cuts. Got out a smaller saw & nibbled around the rock. I managed to get the...
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    Any Regrets On Moving To The Farm ?????

    There is no utopia anywhere. Always something that could be better. Where ever you can be happy is where you want to be. Farm, ranch, suburb or where ever. Almost every place has something good going for it for someone. Being 80 miles from the closest Walmart is great for me & my sweetie. It...
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    Tires for Zero Turn Mower

    I don't know if these are what you are referring to But they helped my mower.
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    3 point hitch broke

    Well, if it had been just the shaft that had broke, it would not have been too bad. Unfortunately, that is the lesser problem. Seems like a bolt broke that holds the control valve assy. The ear on the other end broke & the control valve dropped into the differential gear assy. & it got drove...
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    3 point hitch broke

    Well, shucks & other comments.
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    How do you fuel your tractor?

    Getting older has taken the fun of getting 5 gal. cans up to the top of the tractor. Now, I just put the hose in the can, connect up the power leads to the battery & let it rip. It gets about 90% of the fuel out & I just pour the rest in. I have a plastic cap that fits in the hose & one over the...
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    Another which Mott is this thread

    I went through about 4-5 wire wheels on my angle grinder, then sandblasted the corners where the wire wheels couldn't get to. The wire wheels make a big mess with the dust from the old paint. Then a coat of primer & then the first coat of orange courtesy of rattle cans. I put quite a bit of...