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  1. Diamondpilot

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    My buddy sent these today. Look how the load extender has been dragging and ground down.
  2. Diamondpilot

    2016 Truck Crash Test

    Pickups struggle with small overlap test Chris
  3. Diamondpilot

    Ram Eco Diesel towing 3500# 1300 miles

    As many of you know I am a corporate pilot. Yesterday I flew out to Bozeman Montana to pick up 3 of our upper level management guys. They had driven a 2015 Crew Cab Ram Eco Diesel from Indianapolis to Bozeman pulling a 12' single axle 3500# trailer lightly loaded with company uniforms...
  4. Diamondpilot

    Broken F150

    As you all know I'm partial to Ford's and here is why. I have had them all including 4 GM's, 1 Nissan, 1 Toyota, 1 Dodge, 1 BMW, 1 Lexus, and we'll over 15 Ford's now. My average trade in is 5 years old and 120,000 miles. Yesterday I was coming home from work and the blower motor on my 2012...
  5. Diamondpilot

    2016 Nissan Titan

    2016 Nissan Titan XD arrives with diesel V8 power Chris
  6. Diamondpilot

    Drove the new Ford F150 2.7 Ecoboost

    Last weekend I was invited by my dealer to drive a pre production F150 2.7 FX4 Ecoboost. All I can say is wow! Has the power of the 5.0 V8 and is silky smooth. I was also impressed with the nearly 2800# of payload avaliable. The new dash and interior was well designed, almost airplane...
  7. Diamondpilot

    Consumer Reports drops 7 vehicles

    7 Cars That Lose Their Consumer Reports Recommendation Due To Reliability - Consumer Reports News
  8. Diamondpilot

    Sold my 2003 Jinma 284

    Well its been a good run. I bought her brand new on July 3rd 2003 and have used and abused her at times. I would buy the same or maybe a 35 HP Jinma if I were to do it again. Here's the package deal I sold: Jinma 284 with 986 hrs. FEL 5' Ford Bush Hog 6' Caroni Finish Mower 9" Ford Post Hole...
  9. Diamondpilot

    Remove your hitch.

    So today i had a guy stop by my shop. A friend of a friend sent him over. His truck is a 2008 Dmax 2500. Anyway, he needed to get the 2" ball out and switch over to a 2 5/16". He said it was stuck and had been in there for 6 years. Anyway, we put a chain around it and a couple of good...
  10. Diamondpilot

    2014 GM trucks recalled. DON'T DRIVE!

    Recall Alert: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe - News Chris
  11. Diamondpilot

    GM in deep with this Ignition Switch Issue Another report I read states the fix was $.57 per vehicle but GM deemed it too costly. Chris
  12. Diamondpilot

    2014 GM Truck Recall Chris
  13. Diamondpilot

    F350 vs competition Chris
  14. Diamondpilot

    The only way to hitch up.

    I cant belive I used to do it the old way. Here I am hitching up to my 27' Larson Cruiser. Its a 2007 weighing 9,680# confirmed ay a scale with 910# on the tongue. The truck is my 2008 Nissan Titan. It weighs 5,840# with just me in it and 3/4 tank of fuel. With the wife and two kids...
  15. Diamondpilot

    Interesting Double Pull

    Seen a new one on my way to the lake. I see double pulls every weekend but usually involves a pickup. This was a odd combo. Chris
  16. Diamondpilot

    Why you should change your oil

    So three days ago we were at the in-laws for Christmas. We drove over our BMW 335I and while out getting some last minute items some A-Hole hit our car and then left in a Hobby Lobby parking lot. Long story short our car is now in a body shop in Cincinnati. My BIL offered us his 2009 F-150...
  17. Diamondpilot

    Compact Spare Tires

    As many of you know I have a BMW 335I and the factory Run Flats never impressed me. They were Bridgestone and seemed to not have a good ride and made some road noise. Anyway I was getting new tires put on my Nissan Titan last Monday, a week ago, and was talking with my tire guy who recommended...
  18. Diamondpilot

    Foton 404 - Starter makes winding sound

    I got it by measuring the distance from the starter mount flange to the bushing that stops the pinion gear on the shaft. I then confirmed it by prying and spinning the pinion out with a screw driver. I have talked to Tommy twice today and also to the guys at his shop and they confirmed my...
  19. Diamondpilot

    Trailer Rental - Can't Find One Here in CT!!!

    It is around here. Chris
  20. Diamondpilot

    I hate new fuel cans so here is what I did.

    I keep 30 gallons of fuel on hand and I hate the newer cans. Here is my fix. I used standard valve stems with the schrader valve removed. I drilled a 1/2" hole on empty dry fuel cans. Then with a piece of balling wire fish it though the hole drilled from the main hole. Pull it through with...
  21. Diamondpilot

    Jeep Cherokee Gas Tanks.

    Looks like the Jeep Cherokee may be the Ford Pinto of late. Government expands probe of Jeep gas tank fires | The Star Press | Chris
  22. Diamondpilot

    Price Check CT335

    Price check please. New CT335 Loader Cab with AC/Heat Chris
  23. Diamondpilot NOT HAPPY

    So as many of you know I work on trailers a lot. Last Monday I discovered on one of my own trailers with 6,000# axles that one of the leaf springs had a crack in the bottom two(shorter) springs. These are 3,000# each spring packs with 5 leafs each. Anyway, I started looking over the trailer...
  24. Diamondpilot

    F-150 Eco Boost Towing Vs Nissan Titan

    Well as you know I tow quite often. Today we had to help a family member move so I loaded up my 2008 Nissan Titan 4x4 and my dad had is 2011 F-150 4x4 with the new Eco Boost. We both had identical trailers loaded within what I would guess was 400# of each other according to the scales. I was...
  25. Diamondpilot

    Best value back-up camera?

    Here is a pic during normal driving. Here is a pic backing up. This is with the tail gate down and 25 sheets of osb in the bed. Another thing I like over the Ford my dad has. With his and the tailgate down its useless. Chris
  26. Diamondpilot

    Chevy Volt Halted. Who did not see this coming?

    GM stalls Chevy Volt production- MSN Money Chris
  27. Diamondpilot

    Diesel fuel storage tank

    Sorry, here is the pic. Chris
  28. Diamondpilot

    Dmax issues. Glow Plugs....

    Well I have been summonsed again. My neighbor has a 2007 Classic 3500 Dmax that has been nothing but trouble. Now its the glow plugs. Has anyone changed them or is just better to let the dealer to do it. Truck is a 2007 LBZ Dmax Classic Body Style. 3500 SRW 4x4 Crew Cab, Long Bed, 3.73...
  29. Diamondpilot

    Big Tow

    You guys always ask so here is one. We have pulled and winterized about 20 boats so far. This one is a 34' Sea Ray with a 13' beam. I have been pulling and launching this one since 2003. She sits on a tri axle 25,000# Eagle trailer with 3 8,000# axles. It has electric over hydraulic brakes. I...
  30. Diamondpilot

    Tire Valve Stems

    As many of you may know I have had well more than my fair share of tire issues. I have a friend that has a boat that sits on a trailer sitting on tandem 6,000# axles with 225/75/15 Load range D tires. They are Goodyear Marathons, pure junk. This spring he had a blow out so he put on the...
  31. Diamondpilot

    Hercules Trailer Tires

    Has anyone had any luck with them? I am a die hard Greenball and Maxxis trailer tire guy. I usually purchase as many as 10 sets of tires per year but my local supplier was out. This weekend I had 2 tires fail, Goodyear Marathon, (pure junk).... The tires were 4 years old and very low miles...
  32. Diamondpilot

    Real Test of my 2008 Nissan Titan

    So Friday I had to go pick up a Repo Boat about 3 minutes south of Knoxville, Tennessee. I live in North Eastern Indiana mid way between Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne. I took a State Highway, IN-3 south to I-74, then joined up with I-75 south to Knoxville then about 30 miles of State Highways and...
  33. Diamondpilot

    My dad bought a 2011 F-150 3.5L

    Well, my dad pulled the trigger yesterday on a new tow rig. He got a Crew Cab 2011 F-150 4x4 3.5L FX4 package. Its silver with black leather, chrome package, brake controller, 3.73 gears, power sliding rear window, backup camera and sensors, climate control, 6 disc sat radio, ect. He takes...
  34. Diamondpilot

    4:30 F-150 test on NBC

    Today @ 4:30, 4/10/11, NBC is airing a hour long piece on the new F-150. I am sure its put together by Ford so take it what its worth but I just set my DVR. Could be interesting. Chris
  35. Diamondpilot

    22 pistol recomendations?

    I have all the common stuff. Three 12Ga shot guns one with a scope, a 20Ga shot gun, a 22 semi auto rifle with scope, 40 cal Glock, 9 mm Taurus, 380 Makarov, ect. I am in the market for a cheap fun to shoot 22 pistol to teach the kids with and for me to play around with while not spending $100...
  36. Diamondpilot

    Git-N-Er Done!

    Saw this while on a towing tip last Sunday in my Titan. I was cruising along I69 between Detroit and Indy doing about 75mph pulling 8,000# when I came around the bend and seen this rig wagging all over the place. He was only doing about 60mph and the tail was wagging the dog for sure. Truck...
  37. Diamondpilot

    2010 Truck Sales Figures

    Here are the numbers. Ford was the only one I could find that broke it down for gas/diesel. If anyone has the numbers for the Cummins and Duramax it would be interesting. By the way these numbers are for pickup trucks only, not cab and chassis. It clearly stated that they were numbers sold...
  38. Diamondpilot

    OBD2 Scanner

    Just wondering what folks are buying for OBD2 scanners now days? I had always just ran to Auto Zone and gotten a code read if need on my stuff but to be honest its been 2 years since I had a problem and that was on my Saturns Neutral Safety Switch and that car has now been sold and totaled by...
  39. Diamondpilot

    Is there a GOOD FIX for Dmax Tranny Cooler Lines

    My neighbor has a 2007 Classic 3500 4x4 Dmax with that has 60,000 some miles on it. Each and every winter his tranny cooler lines start leaking. They were replace once in 2008 and then again in 2009 but the problem keeps coming back. We never notice it in the summer so it must be a winter...
  40. Diamondpilot

    No Ethanol

    As many of you know I am a pilot and travel all over the country each and every week. On thing I find interesting is the different attitude towards things. For example, I was in Philly all day yesterday and today I am in the deep south, Louisiana. Tomorrow I will be in Cali and so on. Here...
  41. Diamondpilot

    My BIL's F-150

    Well over thanksgiving dinner my BIL told me he had a check engine light on in his 2006 F-150 4x4 SuperCrew with the 5.4L and 3.73 gears. We went out after some football and checked it out and the code said miss fire on the #8 cylinder. I asked him what maintenance he had done to it and he...
  42. Diamondpilot

    What do you do with used oil filters?

    I was changing the oil on my Nissan Titan today before dinner and got to thinking there has to be a better way to deal with used oil filters. I have been just wrapping them up in a WalMart bag after they drain and throwing them in the trash. From time to time they leak out and make a mess...
  43. Diamondpilot

    Need to locate a loader cylinder

    I am working on a tractor for a guy and it has a loader on it that leaks down bad. I have taken the cylinder off and they are bent up and not well made. I would like to locate something to replace them with. I can get the OEM cylinders but they are so poorly made I am wanting something better...
  44. Diamondpilot

    Great story about Ford and all its doing.

    I got this sent to me by a friend. Should be a good story. It airs Nov 10th at 10pm. News Headlines Chris
  45. Diamondpilot

    New F-150 Motor Lineup

    Has anyone checked these new motors out. I went to look at a new F-150 Raptor yesterday. I am really impressed. The 4.6L and 5.4L are out for 2011 The Raptor is a neat truck but not for me. It only has about a 8,000# tow rating and just over 1/2 ton payload capacity. Its not really a work...
  46. Diamondpilot

    Consumer Reports on Vehicle Manufacturs.

    Consumer Reports just released its 2010 data for the 2011 vehicle and manufactures. GM has made great strides which does not surprise me but is still trailing Ford for US manufactures bragging rights. Dodge/Chrysler is sill near the bottom out of all manufactures. Again, this does not...
  47. Diamondpilot

    Please educate yourself!

    So last night I was out spraying some Round-Up and I had a customer of mine stop by. He wanted to ask me a few questions about his boat and trailer plus wanted to show me his new truck. He got a new GMC 1500 Extended Cab 4x4 Short Bed with the 5.3L and a 6 speed auto. He was telling me he...
  48. Diamondpilot

    bent hydraulic cylinder???

    Hey guys. I was abusing my 7 year old tractor trying to pry some 8" and bigger stumps up. Anyway I bent one of the curl cylinders slightly. It now has started to leak. I ordered a gland kit for $25 to rebuild it but want to know about how to straiten the piston rod. The cylinder is a...
  49. Diamondpilot

    What a Joke! GM and its latest recall.

    They never cease to amaze me???:confused2: A recall that does not fix a problem but instead deactivates it and then pays you off $100 signing off your rights to a class action law suit??? What a Joke! :confused::confused::confused: The bigger issue to me is this sets a presidence for all...