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  1. duffer

    Resurrected a 2009 JD LA115 mower.

    "Inherited" a JD LA115 riding mower from good friend after he passed. Only had 200 hours on it, but it was in really rough shape. Mower blades were seized, flat tires, ran like (excrement). Blades looked like he mowed rocks and stumps with it. Cleaned it up, tore apart the mower deck and to my...
  2. duffer

    2538 FEL control valve parts?

    Anybody that can help me out finding individual parts for a Besko Control Valve for the 2538L? Besko model # is: 8625-300-500-3. I've looked all over with no luck. Hopefully some of you can "coach me" on where to find parts. I need the outer cover cylinders for the spring assembly in the rear...
  3. duffer

    GPM on FEL control valve 2538

    Anybody know what the GPM rating is on the FEL control valve? Not in the specs in the owner's manual (why am I not surprised?)
  4. duffer

    2538 FEL control valve issue..update

    Hey guys, My 2538L FEL all of a sudden loses pressure on the curl. No leaks anywhere, operates just fine. (up down, curl, dump) But if you just rest your finger on the joystick, the bucket loses its curl (and stabilizing pressure). and goes into full dump mode. Has anybody actually torn apart...
  5. duffer

    Implement bearings...check them

    For some of you "under" experienced tractor and implement owners, it's important to check the bearings on your implements every so often. Bearings take the brunt of the punishment on most implements, and they don't last forever, even the "sealed" bearings. I got an 84" finish mower about 4...
  6. duffer

    DIY "Pro" Termite treatment

    Just finished my termite treatment for this year. Thought I'd share in case some of you want to do this yourself, and save $300-$400 every year. When I built the house, the county requires a pre-build and a post build termite treatment from licensed company. When the guys were here, I asked...
  7. duffer

    Small, but frustrating elec problem on my 2538

    I have a 12v power point installed on the rear, that works off the "work light" pig tail, by the back wheel. (non-switched) Has worked for over a year, no problem. Now..the pig tail doesn't have any power. Naturally I thought of a loose connection or a blown fuse. Found the correct fuse for the...
  8. duffer

    Seal kit for FEL curl cylinder (2538 and others(?))

    One of my curl cylinders on the FEL developed a leak. Not bad, but noticeable. Took the cylinder to a mechanic that does a bunch of farm tractor work, and they didn't have a "kit" for it. He called a Mahindra dealer and that dealer said that Mahindra doesn't even offer a seal kit. You have to...
  9. duffer

    2500-2600 hood latch problem

    Anybody else having difficulty opening the hood on their 2500-2600 series? Mine is a b____ to unlatch. Sometimes I have to take a screwdriver and hammer to it. I lube the heck out of it, and it still is difficult. It appears to be lined up, it's just the release lever that won't move the latch...
  10. duffer

    Sprayer Delevan PTO pump won't prime itself if tank runs dry

    Hi Guys: Need some of your expert help. Got a 55 gal boom sprayer, that works great, once I get the pump to prime. If I run the tank empty, the pump basically refuses to prime itself again, when I re-fill the tank. I've confirmed water flow to both sides of the pump, it just won't prime and...
  11. duffer

    Installed driver cooling fan today

    I realize it might not look like much, but man, what a difference! Installed this fan on my canopy frame today, and believe it or not, it blows my hair out of place. Great for keeping the gnats (horrible this year) and other bugs off of your face/neck. Also makes the 90° heat bearable while I...
  12. duffer

    Finally got a suspension seat for my 2538

    Been toying with getting a suspension seat for a couple of years. Finally pulled the trigger on a Northern Tool unit for about $300. (Mahindra dealer wanted $750, and I'm not sure it was as good, certainly not better) Took a fair amount of fabrication to get it installed, since none of the bolt...
  13. duffer

    Oil & Fuel Fuel stabilizer

    Hey guys...I have a 275 gal fuel storage tank in my 2nd garage where I store the tractor. I've put fuel stabilizer in it to keep it consistent over a period of time. My question long is that fuel stabilizer good for? I still have over 100 gal that is 3 months old, and don't think I'll...
  14. duffer

    Oil & Fuel Amazon now carries Bosch fuel filter E006018618D1/F002 H22 025

    For a couple of years I've been trying to find an alt source for the expensive fuel filter w/ sensor for my 2538. (I think it is also used on the 1538 as well, and maybe some more) For the 1st time, I just found it on Amazon (thru K Enterprises) for $41 delivered. All of the others I checked...
  15. duffer

    Mahindra 2538 coolant flush and capacity

    Hey all, Getting ready to do my 1000 hr service, and I'm also going to flush and change out the coolant. Looked at the owner's manual (better known as fire-starter) and not one word on capacity of cooling system. Any of you that have already flushed out the 2538 system have a notion of how...
  16. duffer

    Mulching blades for PTO finish mower

    Saw a very short thread on this topic from 2009, but I'm hoping since then one or more of you guys have come across a mulching blade kit for a 84" PTO finish mower that you like. Mine cuts good with regular blades, but the clippings tend to clump up, even though it's a rear discharge, and I...
  17. duffer

    Liquid Nitrogen vs granular

    Any of you guys use liquid nitrogen to spray your grass acreage? I've been using granular, and on the surface it looks like the liquid would be far more cost effective, IF it works. Would appreciate any recommendations of brands and receipe's you use to spray your own acreage. I've got 10...
  18. duffer

    Rear Finish Mower Finish Mower - sharpening your blades

    Happy Memorial Day everyone, and especially all those who served, and those that gave their all for us. :flagday: Have a 3 blade finish mower (PTO). I mow 10 acres about every other week or so, depending on rainfall. Would like to hear from you finish mower guys how often you sharpen your...
  19. duffer

    3038e PTO controls

    Hey guys, Friend of mine has a new 3038e (2018 I think). Anyway, it appears as though the only PTO controller available is the electric rocker switch on the right fender panel. Is there another manual lever that will disengage the spline on the PTO completely, allowing it to rotate freely if...
  20. duffer

    JD 3038E

    Friend of mine is considering a new JD 3038E tractor with FEL. Does Deere still require Blue Def diesel additive for exhaust regeneration? Thanx!
  21. duffer

    Sprayer New 55 gal sprayer, can't prime pump

    Hey guys, Bought a new 55 gal boom sprayer, and can't get the roller pump to prime or pump. Need some ideas please. (Delevan 6900C) So far I've tried the following without any success... confirmed water is getting to inlet port on pump from tank (took hose off, water comes thru freely) opened...
  22. duffer

    Mahindra 2538 HST low gear range issue

    Hey guys, My 2538 won't physically shift into the LOW gear range. The lever moves, but I can't move the lever far enough forward for the linkage to engage the low setting on the tranny. The lever ends up hitting the metal deck plate under the seat, before it travels far enough. I tightened up...
  23. duffer

    2538 3 pt lever & gear ratio lever

    Ever since I got my 2538 HST changing gear ranges (L-M-H) has been a PITA. I chalked it up to it being new. Well now, it has 700 hours on it, and it seemed to be getting worse. Low and behold, I happened to check the lever connection at the tranny, and saw that the "hinge bolt" was so loose it...
  24. duffer

    Source for FEL curl pins

    As I mentioned in another post, I took out the 4 curl pins on my 2538 FEL and cleaned them of caked dirt, which was clogging the grease access hole to the outside of the pin, from the center. Anyway...I managed to not tighten all of the shear pins on the inside of the super structure for the...
  25. duffer

    FEW curl pins clogging

    I use my FEL quite a bit, as I suspect most of you do. I make sure I grease it good, about every 10 hours or less of actual use. My problem is this: The 4 "bottom" curl pins get clogged up with dirt, etc way too often. Today I took them all out, for the second time in a couple of weeks, and...
  26. duffer

    Tilt steering wheel issue...FYI

    Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know about an issue I experienced with my tilt steering wheel (on the 2538, but I suspect many other models are similar). Being an old fart, with bad knees, I tend to "help" myself onto the driving platform using the step and pulling "somewhat" on the steering...
  27. duffer

    Mahindra 2538 Fuel Filter

    Anybody have any luck finding the Bosch fuel filter for this model on line? I've searched everywhere I can think of, but no luck. The part number on my fuel filter that the dealer used 350 hours ago, was F002H22025. Someone else indicated that Bosch filter E045075500 would work too (not sure on...
  28. duffer

    DIY 500 hour service review on 2538 (long)

    Hey guys, I tried to do a search on this topic, but the search engine on this board is less than stellar IMO. Anyway, just "finished" my 500 hr service. Wasn't too bad for the first time, except for the fact that some guys in the factory have a knack for installing drain plugs with a 1000 PSI...
  29. duffer

    2538 Engine "sputter"

    Hey guys...I did a search on the topic but didn't get anything similar to my problem. It seems as though my 2538 HST engine sputters, runs rough, or just isn't right. At times it purrs like a kitten. Other times it sputters. No loss of power, operates great all the time. But the sound changes...
  30. duffer

    Installing cruise control Mahindra 2538

    Hi guys, Just got the cruise control kit from Mahindra today for my 2538. And of instructions on how to install it. I haven't crawled under the tractor yet, but wondered if any of you have installed cruise on your own machines and how much "fabrication" was involved. Mine uses a...
  31. duffer

    Heads up...L,M,H shifter

    Had a strange thing happen today on my 2538. Tried to shift from High to Medium mode on my Hydrostat, and the gear shift lever came off in my hand...WTF??? Naturally, I was away from my garage, but luckily I had a small tool box on the tractor. Turns out the bolt that acts as a pivot point...
  32. duffer

    Getting ready to buy 6' finish mower...need opinions

    Hey guys & gals, Hope we all have a great 4th of July weekend. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a 6', pull behind, finish mower for my 2538. I have 10 acres to mow on a regular basis. Would appreciate input from all of you with finish mowers as to the brand, features, and pit falls of...
  33. duffer

    Changing gear ratios

    OK...I give up. I've had my 2538 for 6+ months now, and still have a helluva time changing gears from L to M to H. Whats the trick? I've reduced the RPM to minimum, no luck. Held the brake pedals while trying to shift, no luck. Tried to move slowly forward and backward, no luck. It still takes...
  34. duffer

    Cruise Control add-on

    Hey guys (and guyettes), Has anybody installed cruise control after delivery? Either install yourself, or have the dealer do it? I spent about 5 hours on the tractor today, and the arthritis in my knee is killing me. Thought I'd look into it, but wanted some good coaching from you guys first...
  35. duffer

    Oil & Fuel Getting ready to change oil for the first time

    Getting ready to do an oil change in my 2538. Anything "tricky" I should know before I unscrew the oil filter and both drain plugs? thanx in advance.
  36. duffer

    Loader Old Fart--newbie question

    Hey guys...(and guy-ettes) Re: 2538 with FEL I'm trying to find out if my quick loading front superstructure and hook ups for the FEL will fit a "skid-steer" hookup for implements. Trying to get my dealer to call back is impossible, and the root rake I want to buy is spec'd for a skid steer...
  37. duffer

    Old Fart...New tractor

    I've been "lurking" in the shadows, reading everyone's fine posts. Thought I'd jump in wherever I can help. Have a 5 month old Mahindra 2538 with bucket, and working on getting some implements as needed. Anyway, I've enjoyed the forum so far, and look forward to participating. but I'll...