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  1. Peter 315

    Kubota l47tlb 50 hour service

    Talked to the dealer today . My hyd thumb is in been waiting since September , Thought I could get a deal they're picking it up to put the thumb on 785.00 for a 50 hour service :eek: I asked what they do, change oil, oil filter OK, fuel filter and air filter only 50 hours and two tanks of fuel...
  2. Peter 315

    ls tractor hst vs Fully Synchronized trans

    Looking at LS tractors XR4155 , What the advantages of the HST VS 16x16 trans ?
  3. Peter 315

    Price Check Kubota L47 Price Comparison

    Checking to see if this is a good price?
  4. Peter 315

    John deere 770

    Hi i have a jd770 the owners manual says place gear shift lever in 2nd gear range selector in neutral for stationary operation tractor will not stay running i have safety switch in defeat mode any help thanks
  5. Peter 315

    Dump trailer

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me, is there enough oil in the reservoir on a Kubota L3800 to run a dump trailer with a single acting piston 3x24" stroke? Any input on your experience with this would be helpful. Thank you