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    Recent projects with new trailer

    I actually thought the same thing at first, I had to go back and look at the picture again, it was an optical illusion.
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    Saplings and brush around pond banks. Suggestions?

    It has quickly become one of my favorite implements out of a dozen or so I've got. I can use it to move small boulders without having to put the rock grapple on as well.
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    Saplings and brush around pond banks. Suggestions?

    I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned the solution that I finally came up with. After years of clearing with loppers and chainsaws, not only around the pond, but along our drives and private roads, only to have them grow back twice as fas and bushier, I went and got myself a tree puller. It...
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    Anyone found a source of 3 inch chlorine tabs

    Actually, I just checked Amazon, quite a few options available if you type this in the search bar 3 inch chlorine tablets
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    Anyone found a source of 3 inch chlorine tabs

    Menards generaly has them year round. If there isnt one in your area you can order them online and they ship them.
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    New multi-purpose building

    Go to a couple or few different websites of steel building suppliers and ask for information on a building similar to the size that you want and I guarantee you within two weeks they will be blowing up your email with offers of discounted buildings close to within your specs that a customer...
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    Anyone figured out a way to see

    What do you have for a tractor? Most modern tractors for the last 10-20 years have an indicator of one type or another that runs from the curl pivot point and up the loader arm as a visual indicator. some are even adjustable for different implements such as the one on my Massey 1755
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Ok, and if you rely on that as fact you would guess my age as 20-25 so that would make me less credible? When in actuality I'm pushing 50. Not going to argue. But I know what I know.
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Not going to argue or go down a rabbit hole, but googling does not always give you accurate facts. The chicken pox vaccine had been developed before I was even born. (Early 1960's) And I'm a grandfather. I WAS administered the chicken pox vaccine in Vancouver Washington when I was in grade...
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    I apologize if I insulted anybody, that was not my intent. Since I retired from the Military many years ago and no longer had to have mandatory flu shots, I've never had one since and have never been sick again since as well. I just don't like putting 'stuff' in my body because I'm told that's...
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    NOPE! No side effects at all, because im not dumb enough to get it. Even though im eligible for multiple reasons. If you do your research, it doesn't even meet the criteria for a vaccine.
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    How much can a compact tractor backhoe lift?

    Mine lifted this granite boulder much to my surprise! Massey 1755 tractor with a Massey (woods BH75 backhoe)
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    Valve stem guard

    I love my Massey! Was the blue one a Ford NewHolland like I had in the old days or the LS like my neighbor has that is falling apart?
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    Chain storage

    If your pulling logs, look into using cable log chokers. They are much lighter, and easier to store. And you can rig multiples to one clevis. And you can 'thread them' under a log on the ground, unlike a chain.
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    Can anyone identify this hydraulic hand pump?

    If it were me, for the price I would just replace it with one of these units, plug and play. Check this out at Amazon Mophorn 12 Volt DC Hydraulic Power Unit Single Acting Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump Plastic Poly Reservoir(12VDC Single Action Powering Unit, SAE #6 Ports, 3200 PSI, 20 Quart...
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    WR Long 3rd Function Kit Hydraulic Coupler Style

    I actually have a couple of brand new pairs of flat face connectors that I was going to sell because some of the implements that I ordered came with them and I use all ag connectors on my setup. They should all be half inch pipe threads and swap right out
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    Backhoe DR Power Ripper tooth for MG CB65 Backhoe

    Here is some info I found on their site.
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    I am Beta testing Masseys new software

    Then the BIG test! Left it sitting outside in single digit to teen temps in the snow for 3 days (no block or oil pan heater plugged in) and never touched it. When I went to start it, I cycled the glow plugs three times, cranked it over and started it. Of course it chugged and rattled for 20-30...
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    I am Beta testing Masseys new software

    I dug up 18 tree stumps in the middle of the night while snowing in 15° to 20° temps and once again, running strong, no black smoke, no stumbling, running like one would fully expect it to.
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    I am Beta testing Masseys new software

    The following week I put about 20 hours on her moving slash piles and boulders with the grapple and doing some ground leveling in preperation for winter in 20° to 38° weather. Neber acted up even once.
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    I am Beta testing Masseys new software

    Second week of November helped my neighbor dig his 350 foot long 6 foot deep water line ditch in 28°to40° temps, never missed a beat or suttered once and 95% of the digging was at idle. I have to admit I was totaly impressed at the size of the granite boulders this hoe would move! He was only...
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    Plow off level

    I have the same exact plow that you do. That being said, I have run snow plows most of my life, Boss, Meyers, etc on pickups and commercial vehicles and I will tell you that this quick attach plow setup on the front of a loader on a tractor like this did take a little bit of getting used to, but...
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    I am Beta testing Masseys new software

    I should have started this post a couple weeks ago, but winter hit early and have been super busy! I am beta testing Masseys new engine managment software for high altitude and cold climate, we have been working on it for the last year, and now testing it in real world conditions, 4500-5500 foot...
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    Tractor vs. Bulldozer

    I love my John Deere 420-c crawler, added $2500.00 to our offer when we bought the property for it. The engine was rebuilt in 2009 and he took imaculate care of it. That being said, if I could only have one or the orher it would have to be my tractor and its plethora of implements, much more...
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    What am I Missing? 1991 Ford F-350 hood latch

    So here's something funny! My wife works at a Ford dealership that is getting close to 100 years old. I took my tractor down there and was doing some clean up in their back lots this week. I just happened to find this! Not for the OPs truck, but found it funny because it immediately made me...
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    After one trip a month for the last 18 months (excluding winter last year) Loaded up the last trailer load of what we salvaged from the farm and heading to the Northern Rockies of Montana tomorrow, then we rebuild and start over and hopefully someday retire. End of Oct load up the good 1700 and...
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    Pulling up and bracing the fences that got knocked over from the water and ice. And salvaging what was left of 109, 100 year old black walnut trees that we harvested a few years ago that were piled on the log landing, some of them probably ended up in the Missouri or Mississippi rivers, lol...
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    So the calculator says.... 1/2 mile long by 200 feet wide by 3 feet deep.
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    Is a middle buster / subsoiler appropriate here?

    If you already have a subsoiler, use that first to get your roots out of the way, then go back over it with a middle buster, 'potato digger. If you dont have either yet, I can recommend 1 tool to do the job, I have a middlebuster that I beefed up with some extra bracing and welded an 8 inch...
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    Do you fly the Stars and Stripes?

    When freinds and family go tubing down the river, they put in 5 miles up River and get out at our place and since from the river everything looks so much the same I just tell them to look for the tallest flagpole on the river.
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    Hydraulic Pump Sizing -- Multiple Cylinders

    Here is a simple all in one solution. I get them in 12 volt for dump trailers and 120 volt for our shop lifts.
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    Massey 1740M oil & fuel filter?

    In fact, here is rhe information for the 1755 filter for you. And it is a 4 cylinder direct injection turbo, emisions exempt tractor.
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    Thinking it's about time to purchase a Vehicle Positioning Wheel Dolly or ?

    Good search, the red arrows are actual tire moving and lifting dollies. That is a good and in my opinion, better option for the OP as opposed to the 'vehicle moving dollies' being labeled as 'tire dollies' The blue arrows are essentially the less expensive non jack version of OPs link, they are...
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    Power beyond modification for ease of use

    My previous tractor was a 2015 Massey 1742 cab this tractor is a 2019 1755 cab I was told the same thing with both tractors. Power beyond are Massey parts and not aftermarket. And were installed by the selling dealer at AGCO. Massey does not make their own backhoes they are Woods...
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    Using rear remotes for grapple - as simple as I think?

    That is exactly how I set mine up except when I made my hoses I added quick disconnects in front of the cab for ease of removing the loader and ran the lines inside the loader arm. And then I mounted the quick disconnects on the loader cross tube so they would not flop around. It works great and...
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    Power beyond modification for ease of use

    Has anybody tried setting up their power beyond with diverter valves, probably ball valves, so you don't have to plug and unplug your backhoe and plug the loop back in every time you want to switch between the loader/driving and backhoe? It's a project I am going to tackle, probably over the...
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    Massey 1740M code

    Position 1 or 2? Did you scroll through the screen button to see if there are any other codes or messages?
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    You can use a sub panel interlock. A generator plug outside And costco has a dual fuel Firman generator with a true 50 amp 240 volt and is in the "mid range' on noise level. For $699.00 with a lifetime warranty. Ive had mine over a year and ran it nonstop for 6 months to power my 50amp 5th...
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    Dozer size for remmoving 5' diameter stumps and hill leveling

    Not sure if you meant 5 inch stumps or 5 foot stumps. Pine and Fir trees have long root systems but are very shallow and run just under the surface along the ground (pretty easy to uproot and push over) and are not deep rooted like hardwood trees in the midwest. (At least in the Pacific...
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    3-Point Hitch Pat's easy change on GC1720 TLB

    Ok, that makes sense, nice that you have both options actually, with a cab tractor it can be a pain sometimes because you have 2 distinct operatora stations for the tractor and the backhoe, hence get out of the tractor to do any operations with the BH, (unlike a purpose built backhoe).or your...
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    Brand new 1735M broke after ~3hrs of use. Is this a freak occurrence?

    My Massey 1742 that only had 80 hours on it then sat under 5 feet of water last year in the floods in the midwest had supporfs on both sides of the 3 point arm pivot. My 1755 replacment tractor is exactly the the same with the exception of the auxiliary lift cylinder in the left side, the pin...
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    3-Point Hitch Pat's easy change on GC1720 TLB

    Well I got it on! It was close, I had to adjust the 3point lift links to drop it all the way to the ground to get the BH installed, and then carefully lift them just to the point of conact to the frame and then lock the pto lever locks as not to have it under load trying to lift it, or make it...
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    Utopia take 2

    Western Montana in the Northern Rockies. Our dream became a reality in 2017, still in transition, we lost our farm in the flood in the midwest last year which sped things up in some ways and slowed it down in others..... Sunrise picture in Montana was last week, sunset picture in Nebraska was...
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    Securing/covering Pole Barn Windows

    What about sliding barn door style 'doors'? They are smart clean stylish and time proven. And given their popularity in recent years, there are a ton of hardware opitions and styles to choose from. Even if you have two windows in close proximity to each other you could make them wide enough to...
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    Back up cameras

    Here are a few upgrades I made earlier this year after I lost my 1742 in the flood That had only 80 hours on it (**** I loved that tractor) I replaced it with a 1755. I installed front and rear night vision cameras with the split screen that can handle up to 4 cameras. Then I also added A...
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    You've got kin!

    I wonder if it has something to do with this, this message has been popping up the last couple days but I do not click on it......
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    Good quality flush mount LED flood lights.

    I have these in the rear bumpers of all of my trucks and they're so bright it's like a flood and a spot light combo that you could literally run just one of them as a backup light but obviously you have to run to so its is aesthetically pleasing and balanced LOL. P.s. my oldest set is about 4...
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    Chain storage

    Now with pictures! So first I pulled out the plastic cap plugs that were on the ends of the tubes, and then I put the chain in my crossbar tube that runs between the loader arms behind the bucket and then put a plumbing expansion plug in each end and it has clean secured dry storage for the chain.