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  1. scaredychicken

    What causes a circle of dead lawn grass?

    I read the title of the thread, and before the posts opened up I was thinking ... 1) large dog(s) doing their business - liquid effort 2) buried / former septic tank, dry well, septic field area 3) a prankster 4) aliens Sounds like you figured it out, and I am just arriving late to the...
  2. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    rswyan - sorry for you loss
  3. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning, and I'm catching up again ... almost got the GMC Tracker running yesterday. replaced an o ring. there is still a need to get pressure in the fuel line. Still the mystery with the El Camino. Had an interesting evening with the ice cream crew ... checking out the custom built...
  4. scaredychicken

    Fatal chipper accident

    tragic, condolences this is also why I wouldn't want to tamper with a wood chipper to modify/enlarge it's capacity, chip size etc (see other thread) clothing and caution
  5. scaredychicken

    Pros and Cons of allowing Cell Tower on Property?

    Do they have a choice ? I wouldn't do that. Give a little now, it will be an acre later (so to speak), not to mention the Health Hazards / Implications of having all that "energy" near you. Associated Migraines etc would make it impossible for my wife. oh, and they would need general...
  6. scaredychicken

    What not to feed a woodchipper

    the wobbily pops aluminum cans, get shredded down to a dime where i live :) every few months i have enough dimes for lunch money
  7. scaredychicken

    SO EXCITED ... and perhaps a bit sentimental (UPDATED)

    i've had it running a few times, and that has been fun. it sounds pretty aggressive :) i am still searching for a mower deck, grille etc. but that is low priority at present... i have some sources looking also. there is a young teen on Vaancouver Island who has made a business / hobby...
  8. scaredychicken

    Dealer Service

    I'm glsd that things are getting resolved for MHarryE. Thank you for the Follow Up Notes, I appreciate that. I have ONLY had my BX23S for coming up 4 yrs. That said, I have had no complaints about my Kubota dealer and have known them for 40 years. Tenant was doing some tractor work 2 yrs...
  9. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    i got through the day ... yay me !!! bsck to bookkeeping
  10. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    It's been a long day Bookkeeping and errands around the place this morning Celebration Of Life, most of the afternoon. Sitting took a lot out of my back, so I took some back / muscle pills, and that tends to make me drowsy, woke up when a client walked into the house. Now to feed the...
  11. scaredychicken

    Sometimes you just shouldn’t.

    TOO MUCH DUST ... difficult to see through it all :) couldn't the building demolition have been done without sacrificing that nice large tree ? job site looks pretty clean, glad that all debries and tripping hazards were removed can't do much about the wires, they are far enough away the...
  12. scaredychicken

    Hello from New Brunswick

    Greetings from Shuswap, BC Canada. 🇨🇦 Welcome to the TBN community and forum
  13. scaredychicken

    Date me

    I'm pretty sure that in about 1972 when I was 8, I received a Captain Burl Ives Greatest Hits vinyl album. It was my FIRST album that was personally mine, and I kinda cherished it.
  14. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    I have errands to run today ... - coffee first while I scan this thread a bit - scraps pickup at Salv Army - appointment - shopping for a thermometer to put in the incubator as a back-up - maybe coffee with a friend while I am in town - check on my zero-turn - mail to send out - egg sales /...
  15. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning I'm hopelessly behind in this thread ... like 12 pages. I hope that all are well, prayers continue as needs noted. Did another dump run on Monday (twice the load of the week before) ... $5.00 min, that's more like it Trying to catch up, bear with me :) Back in the high temps here
  16. scaredychicken

    The questions about invisible fence for dog

    I think our 150 lb Anatolian Shepherd would not even flinch if it walked through the radius border of our PET SAFE (?) wireless fence, in pursuit of chasing off the bear that resides here. has a headquarters transmitter, special dog collar(s), about 100 marker flags (for training and measuring...
  17. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning (though for me it's still night). It was an interesting Saturday. Began with the Men's Breakfast from our church. Probably 40 of us went to a local cafe, ran by church members, and had a good breakfast. The adjoining motorcycle museum was open also and some of the guys went...
  18. scaredychicken

    Which end of the egg comes out first?

    Some of my 60 + chickens are named, and they know who they are :) They understand short phrases... get out (of the garage), get off of the car, come here, get lost, leave the dog alone, dinner is in an hour ... the looks are hilarious. They're favourite respone / phrase to me is Feed Me. I love...
  19. scaredychicken

    Are you a prepper?

    Wife is, Not me. I'm just trying to manage the current, and pay bills, reduce debt
  20. scaredychicken

    Which end of the egg comes out first?

    I'm still going with the chicken ... referencing Genesis 1 (NIV) 20 And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.” 21 So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and...
  21. scaredychicken

    Have trailer prices started to drop in your area?

    I have been looking for a 20-22 ft car hauler trailer. Just saw a trailer posted for $2500 and I sent a message, for more details. I think it is probably only a 16 footer though. I hope to have a look at it today.
  22. scaredychicken

    Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

    is hunting with guns effective, or even permitted ? I know that they have been thinking about this problem / solution for years. they must be destroying crops, fencing etc - uggh all the best
  23. scaredychicken

    Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

    are ya achin', for some bacon ? that's pretty bad, almost like a rodent problem I hope that there is a reasonable and quick solution. Good design on your trap, way to go.
  24. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    Update - they are sending me a reimbursement, not sure how much. Because I paid by DEBIT, they are sending a CHEQUE, that is the only way that the Finance Department can process it. Little Victories ... mostly on principle. Had they not chewed me out at the dump scale, and told me not to...
  25. scaredychicken

    So, I threw a bunch of money in a well and came home to find this...

    When I bought the Kubota, it was a fine decision between that and a Kioti CK2610 with FEL and BH. I was really impressed with both, had some seat time on both, and in the end decided Kubota, because of the dealership connection that I had established. Both dealerships were an hour's drive away...
  26. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    That must be farmer-talk for something that I haven't figured out ... Heat, Humidity, Hydration, Hurricanes, Hills ...
  27. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning Everyone, 2 solid days of rain behind us, hopefully nicer day today. The ice cream cruise must go on, on Friday Nights. More bookkeeping coming in ... somehow I need to find a way to stagger that a bit. Nothing for months, then three new / and late filings brought over this week...
  28. scaredychicken

    Things learned while on vacation

    perhaps you need to remove the MAGNET from the front of your car :) ... kidding Sigarms - #1 road map book over google maps anyday #3 is a chronic problem everywhere #7 we see a few of those here in BC also
  29. scaredychicken

    Car lift in garage

    We had an attached 30 x 30 double garage / large deck built about 8 years ago. I was at work when the concrete was poured, so I have no idea how thick the concrete floor is. (?) The 2 bays are suitable for vehicles, they have standard 8 x 12 ft doors, but I never considered putting a hoist...
  30. scaredychicken

    So, I threw a bunch of money in a well and came home to find this...

    Awesome Offer, I almost want to get a KIOTI now just because.
  31. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    this is a BAD POST :)
  32. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    Mostly - hoping that I don't need Plan B to get wife home. she can hopefully drive and go, in a few days ... several details to sort yet rain and thunder today, sun and rainbows gotta get back to the office work ... everyone lately is bringing bookkeeping tax work, after the fact ... I don't...
  33. scaredychicken

    Kubota BX23s for sale N.E. Kansas

    nice unit - I have a 2018 model all the best
  34. scaredychicken

    New tractor purchase

    Congratulations Duds13 that's a great day nice machine
  35. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning Everyone, checking in quickly, before the day gets too crazy, once again I am behind on this thread, but reading through it tells me that the world is still spinning and I'll be ok. Happy Belated Birthday Ken The baby chicks are doing fine, but hiding under momma. I will try...
  36. scaredychicken

    The days really are going by faster!!!!

    I bought a red / black sign once, that I displayed in my Probation / Parole / Bail office. It simply said KEEP OFF GRASS, most of the clients didn't get it, some laughed... It was on the bulletin board above my desk for over 25 years :)
  37. scaredychicken

    They are boostering the State Fair being held this week

    I LOVE THE FALL FAIRS I hang around with all the animals, and people. Fascinating events,with mini donuts too. :)
  38. scaredychicken

    What are you OCD about?

    We can be friends :)
  39. scaredychicken

    selling my Kubota BX23s

    hoping that True Temper and Roger can connect and see if anything works for a deal between them. Negotiating through the TBN site takes a bit of time and Roger, being a fairly new member here, may not yet realize that there are messages pending. That's a nice tractor. All the best PS - I...
  40. scaredychicken

    selling my Kubota BX23s

    general question ... given the tractor supply and demand and availability environment, could Roger get a decent price by consigning it through the dealership, or selling it back ? strange times might bring different options - just a thought that i had
  41. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    kenmbz - HBD2U :)
  42. scaredychicken

    The days really are going by faster!!!!

    That shorter day is due to lots of sleep and naps throughout :) ... just like infants this has all the makings of a BIZARRO comic
  43. scaredychicken

    Three children, one adult dead in farm tractor crash in York County, PA.

    it makes me wonder if the tractor was being partially driven on a weak shoulder as it avoided obstructing the road traffic ... one side on gravel, other side on pavement. and weight imbalance / seating on the trailer itself. yes it's a sad event, and condolences for those and the community...
  44. scaredychicken

    eli b

    could it have accidentally been bumped out of neutral, and / or is just on the "edge" of neutral but in another gear ? do you need to apply the brakes prior to starting the tractor ? is there a suffcient level of fuel ? again, as others have mentioned ... seat sensor safety ? all the best.
  45. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    RNG - nice bike (sometimes I wish that I could ride) ... perhaps a trike one day. Is Drive & Tow an option ? We have a real chore trying to register any vehicle from out of the Province of BC. Not worth the hassle, inspection etc, so now I buy vehicles that are already registered in the...
  46. scaredychicken

    Good morning!!!!

    in the last 24 hrs ... two baby chicks are hanging out in the coop. :) :) they are protected by a pair of momma hens. the chicks are both black, one hen is white and one hen is brown, it will make for a cool photo tomorrow, if I can get one. taking a break from the bookkeeping, made some...
  47. scaredychicken

    What are you OCD about?

    shoot, I thought I was on to an explanation :) :) :)