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    old farm equipment ID

    This what appears to be tank has been in the woods at my families land for as long as I can remember. I have always wondered what it is from. It was assembled with rivets instead of welds which I find odd if truly a tank. It also has what appears to be a baffle of some sort in the middle...
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    Techshield on walsl in Pole Barn

    Anyone use Techshield as wall sheating? I am planning on using OSB anyway, but want to know if getting techshield for the radiant barrier will be helpful. I would think I will need to face the foil "out" to keep the heat in instead of its normal use in attics. It's $3/sheet extra. My...
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    Kubota L-590 Rotary Mower question

    I am looking for parts for a Kubota L-590 5ft mower. I have order a parts manual off the auction site, but won't have it for several days. I did notice there is a decal that says "Manufactured for the Kubota Corporation". I might be missing part of the decal, but I can't figure out who actual...
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    B2320 HST w/ Loader for $14,700?

    This is brand new with warranty. Does this seem reasonable?
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    Difference between BX and B model series Kubota's

    Hello All, I am new here and found the site while researching a near future purchase. What is the main differences between the BX and B series Kubota's? Thanks