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    Red fluid coming from bell housing?

    My MX4700DT front wheel assisted tractor seems to have a slow leak at the bell housing pin that sticks out at the bottom. The thing that I find a little perplexing is that the fluid has a red tinge to it much like transmission fluid. It does not look like engine oil, it is far too clean for...
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    Front axle oil GL-4??

    Came across this Kubota lubricant chart from another thread here on TBN and was looking at the GL-4 requirement of the front axle 80w90 gear oil alternative to the UDT. As I recall the 80w90 I used was a GL-5. As I did a search I am finding it hard to locate GL-4 80w90 at my local stores. From...
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    Show us your filter magnets please.

    Just did the first hydraulic filter change on MX4700 with manual transmission. Owner's manual states 400 hours but I decided to do it a little early at 200 hours. Cutting the paint at the seam helped a lot, filter came off no problem. Fluid shows glimmers of very fine shavings but not extreme...
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    Kubota MX4700/5100 question

    Hello all! Was wondering if anyone might know what the front to rear axle ratio might be for Kubota MX4700/5100? Seems like important information that is not contained in the owner's manual. Or at least I have not been able to find it.
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    Changing front axle to gear oil question

    Hello everyone; I have been considering changing my front axle from UDT to gear oil. Either 80w90 or 75w90 synthetic. The manual says that I can use 80w90 as a replacement. My question is do I have to flush out the UDT and then do a final fill with gear oil or can I just drain and fill with the...