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    Deere model series

    I'm looking at midrange Deeres. I have read up on the 3050 and it appears to be the perfect tractor, I understand they are super reliable and a good tractor overall. However, it appears that everyone else knows that too as the 3x50s are really quite expensive. And to be honest, i dont really...
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    Mowing Mower deck hydraulic motor.

    I'm wondering if anyone would be able/willing to read the specs off the motor on their rotary mower, or finishing mower and post them for me. I'm thinking about building a hydraulic mower deck for my tractor, and I'd like to have an idea of what displacement motors are being used on something...
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    Adjustable pallet forks

    Built some forks a while back to move wood and pallets about. Made them width adjustable so that they will fit different sizes of pallet, and you can slide them in next to each other for using like a boom pole.
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    Breaking old attachments for parts

    OK, heres the deal. Down the road there is a field with lots of old farm machinery in it. The machinery has been sitting there for a good many years. Today the owner offered if I would like to go and take any parts that I might want. Initially there is a topper (bush hog) that she knows I can...
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    Tow behind batwing mower

    Thought some folk may be interested in the mower I made over about 2 months this summer. Its got Wheelhorse blade mandrels, blades and pulleys. The engine is a Briggs I/C 10HP, its a bit of a monster really, plenty or torque. The rest is home made. It'll cut 30" folded up, and 56" folded down...
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    Rotary Cutter Rotary cutter safety devices

    I'm wondering what you guys have with regard to safety devices on your rotary cutters? To stop stuff flying out and such.... I've heard of chains around the blade to stop stuff flying out, was it Henro who put mesh on his ROPS to stop stuff hitting him? What do you have? I've been knocking up...
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    PM box too small

    Sorry to nag when you probably have better things to do, but my PM box is bursting at the seams. Is there a chance of bumping up the max from 50 to a couple 100 maybe? I'm just about to go and delete a load, but I doubt I'll get it to 50 Thanks.
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    Jinma 204/204s

    I see reference to both these models on the site, they are the most basic, cheapest models. The 204 is basic, with the 204s being the next step up. Seems the differences are limited to an extra cylinder, high lift 3ph, different tyres and a 1" bigger clucth on the 204s. The price is higher, but...
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    BX1500 owners

    Hi, I was wondering if any BX1500 (or other BX series for that matter, though 1500 is preferred) could post the following measurements for me Front and rear tyre size Distance from loader upright to the front axle Loader pin Diameters Loader arm lengths (upright to bend, bend to bucket) Ram...
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    Monster truck GT

    Does anyone remember the link Some guy had made his garden tractor into a monster truck type thing and had videos on a site of him driving over a car. Anyone got that link to his site Much appreciated, cheers
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    MS Word grammer check, its messin with my mind!

    Well I was doing some work (whats that? ) and I came up with this. Check the pic out. Grammer check solution, it says solutions. Change it to solutions and it grammer checks it to solution. Uh, I think somebody screwed up a bit, or is it just me. Im gunna have to go see somebody, its messin with...
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    Musings of the mowing nutter

    Remember the 'Thoughts on a strange idea' post? Well its back, this time with a doner tractor to do it. Ive attached a technical drawing. To the untrained eye it may just look like a load of images put together on paint but to my trained eye it is a detailed plan with inner workings and...
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    What do you do when ya run out of posts to read?

    Im sitting here, its late at night, its dark (probably something to do with the fact that its night ). Ive got nothing to do. Why not go to sleep I hear you ask, stop asking difficult questions, its too late for that I reply. It seems I spend most my day doing nothing. Move 3 stones from the...
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    Hydraulics help, loader schematic, information

    I think there is something missing in my life. Not a wife, a loader Ive been inspired by pics on the P.F. engineering site and Machine Builders Network to make one. Figure I'll just slap it on the Wheelhorse (poor thing, it will break permanently soon) Now I figure I can make the frame easy...
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    Tool to remove valve cores?

    Any ideas on how to make one. Just filled one tyre with water using a small screwdriver to remove the core but the other tyre valve core is stuck, need a tool to remove it. Any idea how to make one, all shops closed beace its sunday. Thanks for any ideas
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    Dig, dig, dig, DIGGER

    It came. The guy dropped it off about 4 this afternoon. Seeing the smile on his face when he was taking it off the trailer I told him to take it round back, talk about kid in a candy store, I will say it was clear by his driving he doesnt drive them often I think the car driver was a bit...
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    Ballast Filling tyres revisited

    So now weve established that fish would not work out in filled innertubes as the chips would go soggy, antifreeze attracts animals, Bonehead found some stilton, John and Bird dont like their beer ice cold and filling the tube may cause condensation on the rim. So now im thinking about it even...
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    Mountain v Regular -- Goats

    Ok, scinetific questions here. Are mountain goats physically different to normal goats or is it just that they live on mountains? If they have physical differences if you put a mountain goat on a flat peice of ground would it lean and only be a ble to walk around in circles? If you put a...
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    Muhammad's got an indestructible tractor!!

    Muhammad\'s got an indestructible tractor!! Has anyone but me noticed that Muhammad never posts with problems with his tractor? Doesnt anyone think this is odd? I have to conclude therefore that Muhammad has the only indestuctible, non-wearing, self-maintaining, self fixing tractor which also...
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    Ballast Filling tyres with inner tubes

    Some questions if I may, Can I actually do this or will it just be a donut shaped water balloon? Same process as normal? Antifreeze water mix or just water? Can I put slime or something in to prevent punctures with the water? Can I put goldfish in there if I remember to feed them? How about...
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    Some useful new inventions, check it out....

    Reemco Some stuff on there that I could use
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    Advice, getting stuff out your eyes

    Well on a slightly less humorus topic. Yesterday got a piece of dirt in my eye. Now nearly 24 hours later its still there. Its like having someone poke a needle in your eye every 5 seconds. My eye is watering so bad I can only see blurs and my other eye is blurey from birth. Really dont know...
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    Questions about front blades for those who used em

    Couple of questions if I may, Is it better to have the blade further out front or close in? How much below ground level should it be able to go? Thats it for now, thanks in advance See this thread, it shows what I am doing and if you could help out with some of the questions there it would be...
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    Anyone built front blade from scratch? + welding ?

    looking for pics and ideas of blades people have made or just general ideas. I have started making it, have the curve of teh blade and a huge sheet of stainless steel for the face. JUst need ideas fot the blade supports and angling mechanism. Have ideas of my own but in previos experience others...
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    Pretty sure I left it there? Eh? Didnt I?

    Went for a ride on the mower to go and ensure that the bottom of the garden was still there, mainly because I was bored. Fortunately the bottom of the garden was still there, which is just aswell because it was 2 mins ago when I made the last trip to check (I was bored then too ). Anyway, drove...
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    New mower, my redneck ride-on

    Well after seeing the thread redneck ride-on, I had to have one. Just made it, here it is. (pic) She rides well, cylinder needs setting down more though, optherwise cuts good Just to prove its mine put tractor in background.
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    Buisness names

    Was asked to produce an invoice for a mowing job that I did so the guy can charge it back to the organisation. So, being a fairly unofficial guy, I have no buisness name. Would like to put one on there for various reasons. Need to think one up. So far, Sunsine Mowing?, Happy Sunshine Mowing...
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    Anyone build a disk, any ideas?

    After the sucess for the plough on the Wheelhorse and having ploughed most of the garden it stuck me, what now? Its my belief that after ploughing its common to disk right? So sounds like what I need me is a disk. So an ideas how to make one, what are they like? Any magical formulas for how many...
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    Quick few questions for those with hoists, please.

    Needing help with paper work for a Tech course. Quick questionnaire supposedly to find out if there is a need for the product that I hope to design and make. Have to set questions for potential users, sounds like you guys! Please if you have a hoist, or engine crane or whatever, take the few...
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    Anyone have a cab on a GT here?

    Hi, I'm looking for pictures of cabs on GTs to copy some ideas from. Im kinda stumped on how the front area around the footwells and over the bonnet infront of the steering wheel should go. Does anyone have any pictures, or could take some pictures, of this area. It would be much appreciated, i...
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    Tilt testing, it goes a long way!

    Not sure if I should post this. But.... Just playing around saw a stack of pallets, drove up it. Thought it might be worth seeing how far it goes. These pics are of the furthest I could take it. Front to back I ran out of room as the linkage wouldnt go up any further. It had loads left, still...
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    R1 tyres, which way round?

    So for best traction, viewed from the back, should the arrows be pointing up (^) or down? seems like with the lugs pointing down they capture the dirt in the vee and pointing up they push it to either side of the vee (when driving forward) whats the best way for best traction, what do you run...
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    What to charge for hedgecutting?

    How much per hour is the norm for hedgecutting with a long reach hedgecutter? Got a fair bit of hedges to cut, I have no idea the ballpark figure what everyone else charges. So whats the going rate for this (hourly rate, price per meter?)? Thanks for any response
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    Help, load leveler project, design ideas. owners?

    Hi, I need help with a project, having trouble working out how to do something. First, does anyone actually have one, Northern tool sell them (the bottom right hand pic)? Secondly, the problem, my design (top left), as you can see on the northern tool one the secont hanging point moves back and...
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    Ploughing with GT, tyre advice

    Educate me opinions of the best tyre tread, tyre width, ect for ploughing with my wheelhorse? its so close to working with turfs, just need more traction, but dont know what to get im not bothered about tearing up the lawn, I have other tractors for mowing so what kinda thing do i need? thankyou...
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    Turned my first ever furrow!- wid a plough I made!

    Title kinda gives it away, got a few questions tho, on wid the story. This morning I spotted a old horse drawn single furow plough in a friends woods, swapped it for a bit of strimming. Carried it home, yes thats 1/4 mile carrying a plough that i could just lift standing still, then had a long...
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    Warning signs

    can anyone post pics of warning signs on their equipment for me, like the ones on the FEL I want to photoshop them to make novelty ones, like 'this tractor is dangerous in the hands of morons' ect thanks for any help
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    WHACK, then the sky.

    I was mowing an older ladies lawn. Done it many times before. The kind of old garden with apple and par trees, long established with gnarled branches just above head height. Well it was raining so i decided to do it with the WH because of the roof on it to keep me dry. Anyway i was mowing quite...
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    Buying a second hand tractor guide

    Please can anyone post things ive missed out, or impovements to, the guide attached. Its so I can go to look at a tractor and just look down a list at things to check. Thanks for any comments PS, its an excel file but i put it as jpeg because i didnt know if you can post excel files thanks
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    Chainsaw, fuel problems, inexperience......

    I got this chainsaw with scored barrel and piston. It is all fixed up and has compression with new rings and piston. The problem is; I can start it by putting fuel in through the spark plug hole but when the fuel in there runs out it stalls. It wont suck fuel up on its own. I have tried doing...
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    Engine crane load leveler

    No idea the right forum so its here For final project for course i need to build something. I have decided to make a load leveler as the one in the pic from nrthern tool. just wandering if anyone has one to take photos from different angles, possibly say any problems so i could improve on them...
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    May I ask some questions?

    just a collection of questions that dont deserve a post of their own. Thanks for any answers. 1. anyone ever heard of a pressure lube engine pumping oil to the air filter? 2. can i weld cast iron with a standard arc welder and 6013 rods? 3. do garden tractor transmissions use hardened metal for...
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    Mods to my WheelHorse

    Been playing around with the welder and the WheelHorse Started off building front and rear bumpers, all went so well i went one step further Got fed up of getting smacked in the face by brambles and brances. Solution, cab! Mini style. Now this tractor is about 1/2 the size of a BX Kubota, so...
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    Exhaust mod, performace change?

    OK, planning to put on a huge snorter of an exhaust on my Kawasaki single cylinder petrol modded out wheelhorse. A stack, stainless steel or whatever 2 reasons, 1 lifts hot exhaust out from dry flammable grass, 2 looks cool will this affect the performance?, will be about 1 meter long with a...
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    Just to show im not idle........Honest........

    Pic explains all Just to show i have done something, not look at TBN all day while its too wet to mow. Any other attachments ive missed out?
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    Kawasaki petrol has taken up smoking!

    Kawasaki 12.5HP petrol engine. Air cooled. It kicks out a load of black and white smoke when starting from cold. Like LOADS of smoke. It runs real rough, you drop the revvs and raise them and its smooth. Runs sweet otherwise, is powereful, thought not as much as i would expect, so possible loss...
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    Rear attachment linkage: Wheelhorse '98ish

    Rear attachment linkage: Wheelhorse \'98ish Anyone have pics of the attachment linkage on a 212-5 Wheelhorse It has a rear PTO, i wanna utilise it and i need to know how the rear linkage goes so i can make one. seems like a waste of good PTO not having one Cheers!
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    OK, thoughts on a stranage idea, please

    So the B6000 is gone, my paddock mower. Not really much mowing to do, I thought..... "Oh, you should have told me you had a tractor" "Well i think i did...." "Well i forgot to say i had a paddock that needs mowing every month" "Oh dear, ive just sold it, sorry" You get the idea...... So i want...
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    Apache quads?

    Anyone heard of them, positives, negatives? The price looks right but at about 1/2 the price of honda im concerned. Want to use to tow trailers and ride round tracks ect. Apache quads I can probably get a bit of a discount on them. thanks for any opinions
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    Mowing Scientific experiment - waxing mower deck.

    I carried out a highly scientific study to see if waxing the underside of your mower deck improved collection ability. Two lawn tractors were used, exactly the same in every way, except colour. The first tractor was the control (A) The second having had the underside of the deck waxed. (B)The...