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    What happens??

    What happens when you put a 5/8" belt on/in a 1/2" pulley? Electric PTO clutch running a Mid Mount Mower.
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    What is the actual difference?

    What is the difference between the 7 tooth star drive sprocket for a 3/8ths chain and one for a 3/8th LP and a .325 Chain? Length of the teeth?
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    Shibaura Question

    Are there any other tractor manufacturers that used the Shibaura engine? Got a blown head gasket & looking for a mechanic that knows something about them.
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    Pro Loggers - More advice needed

    White Oak snapped over when Red Oak behind i was cut. ~ 2' dia and the hinge is ~ 8-10' high. It needs to come down so clean up can continue. How do I go about cutting it down without getting the saw caught or killing myself? Access to the back side is restricted by the Red Oak behind it.
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    1510 Starter problems

    Starter switch has been acting up for the last couple years. Previous owner installed a starter button and that has been working fine UNTIL yesterday. Jumped it with a screwdriver once & everything was working good again. Today nothing. Battery good jumping with screwdriver gets nothing, not...
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    PTO shaft needs help

    PTO shaft for my Bush Hog won't collapse fully anymore. It's been extended for years now & when I went to put it on my old 2N, it's too long. The male portion is clean & smooth, the female end seems to have *gunk* & rust build up in the last 4". I tried scraping it our with a steel rod &...
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    Need some Tree trimming advice

    I have a limb of an Oak tree hanging over my driveway that has split. At the base, it is about 10-12 Ft off the ground. In the split it is 16" thick & seems to be about 6' in circumference near the trunk. It is probably 30' out over the driveway. What would be the best way to cut this...
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    What size chains?

    Well, I tried again and the turf tires just don't get it in my snow. Got them loaded over the summer & they still don't do it. Little Ford 1510 4x4 pushing a 5' front (modified ATV) blade. 6' york rake on the 3pt. I'v got chains on the front & that works but I want chains for the rear. Have a...
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    Winch Question

    I have just installed a cheap (HF) winch to use with a snowplow on my tractor. There really is no place to attach the fairlead and I was wondering if it is REALLY needed? Exactly what BAD things will happen if I don't put one on? Knowing me, the winch will also see other uses as time goes by...
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    Operating a 4310 PTO?

    Loaned my wood chipper to a friend and we found out you can't get off the JD 4310 with the PTO engaged. I won't say how we got around the problem that day but we would like to know how the people at John Deere expect you to run things like wood chippers, generators, and any number of other...
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    Ballast Loaded R3's on a sidehill?

    Does loading Turf tires lower the CG of the tractor? I have a sidehill I mow that is right at the edge of my comfort level now & I just loaded front & rear tires on my Ford 1510. Am I going to be in trouble?
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    Ford 916B Question

    I have a Ford 916B Mid Mount Mower on my 1510 tractor. Everything I can find says blades are no longer available. I did find one set, part # AUB112662 which is for the lower serial numbered units & I have a higher numbered unit which needs part # AUB112804. Does anyone know where I can get a...
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    What size Brush Hog?

    Just got a JD 855 and would like to know if I can run my 5' Brush Hog on it? Should I take off the mid Mount Mower? Better with or without the loader?