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    1950 IH 350 tuneup

    A friend has a couple of old tractors, I got his 1948 2N going (with a great deal of help from this site) and now he would like me to do a tune up on his 1950 IH 350. Replace points, cap, rotor, condenser, and plug wires. I've never seen the tractor or a 350 for that matter and I need to know...
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    1948 8N hard to start

    I read some before posting, a friend of mine brought me his 8N to work on. At first, there was no spark, removed the points (new) filed them some and reinstalled. I ran a compression test on all four cylinders and each one has 120 lbs. of compression. It has a brand new coil, has been...
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    front axle repair

    I think I broke the front axle on the drivers side (left) any of you had one of these apart and can explain it to me? Thanks in advance Jinm a 284
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    Sad day, sold my 284 Jinma

    I bought a new 1533 Mahindra in Oct. I planned to keep my Jinma because I really loved it. Wife bought a new pontoon boat and needed the room in the shed. A guy from work bought it, I will surely miss my first tractor. I spent many enjoyable hours with it.
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    new 1533 delivers today

    Last Monday I bought a 1533 with fel, it will deliver today. Looking forward to trying out the tiller I bought yesterday (5' King Kutter)
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    Jinma 284 no front wheel drive

    I don't have any front wheel drive, I haven't checked it out at all, there doesn't appear to be any unusual noise. Is there a shear pin somewhere? Where should I start looking? Thanks
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    Please help if you can

    My lovely wife (Linda) belongs to Pogo, a game network online. There is a woman that is a member of Pogo that is very ill with lupus. She lost her dog and companion about 2 weeks ago, and she lives in Sacremento, Cal (hope I spelled that right). She needs another dog but they cost too much...
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    Pickup (tire size) question

    I resently bought a Dodge Dakota Extended cab SLT pickup with the 4.7 V8 engine. The tires on it are brand new and are 255 R 70 15's. Inside the door it says the recommended tire size is 215 R 75 15's. How will this effect the fuel mileage? I get between 16 and 17 mpg driving through town or...
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    Kansas weather

    Topeka set an all time high yesterday, 66 degrees. This morning-it's 15 degrees and the ground is covered with snow (still snowing). It's supposed to be snow and ice all weekend long.
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    Dusty, itchy dry here in Kansas, the yard is golden brown already. How are the rest of you guys doing?
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    Poor man's chopper

    Poor man\'s chopper Does anyone remember the post about the riding lawn mower that was made into a chopper? I've searched but am unable to find it. Please help, I want to show it to one of my guys at work. Thanks
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    Don't forget to set your clocks back this morning!

    Don\'t forget to set your clocks back this morning! Just a reminder!!
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    1973 Pontiac Convertible

    I thought I'd post a few pictures of my old car, I'm the second owner and it has 25,856 original miles. Rides and drives like new.
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    We had some luck fishing over the weekend, we caught 11 Saturday, 13 Sunday, and over 40 on Monday. All were caught on Lake Perry in NE Kansas. The biggest was just over 6 lbs. and the smallest right at a pound. The wife and I fish every weekend (weather permitting) and probably go 20-30...
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    Looked at TC's today

    Looked at TC\'s today I stopped at the New Holland dealer in Topeka today, they were closed but I looked through the fence at the tractors. I bought a Jinma in November and I'm real happy with it but wanted to compare the differences between units. Man, these are great looking machines and...
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    Killing frost-again

    Got down into the low 30s again last night in NE Kansas. The daily highs have been near 50 degrees and our normal average is in the 70's. Weird weather this spring!!
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    purple martins

    Mrs. billbill and I have 3 purple martin houses, the birds showed up this past Sunday, April. 3 , 2005. We really enjoy the time they spend here in Kansas, have any of you seen them in your area yet?
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    Chainsaw carrier

    I have searched the forums looking for a better way to carry a chainsaw on the tractor. I have a FEL and a carryall but have any of you came up with a way to carry your saw in some kind of a holder on the tractor? Please post if you do, I'm always afraid that I'll forget the saw is in the FEL...
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    JD 110 Wiring

    I bought a K181 (8hp) engine off of Ebay to replace and identical engine from the 110 JD. The difference I ran into is the engine I am replacing with doesn't have the 12 volt coil that the original had. The wiring harness to both engines is the same connection but something is different within...
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    110 John Deere

    Some friends bought a reconditioned 110 JD with a 10hp Kohler engine that was supposed to be completely rebuilt. The second time they used it, the connecting rod went out of the engine. Can a different brand of 10 hp engine be put on this unit? Where is a good source for finding a low cost...
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    KK carryall

    this is what I came up with
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    KK carryall

    I took a KK carryall and built a carrier out of Unistrut to haul wood with and carry various items (chainsaw, tools, etc.) I bolted it to the carryall which made me buy an additional KK carryall to carry pallets of firewood with. Looking back, I would have built the carrier to set on the...
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    chain holder

    I took a 4" X 12" piece of stainless steel tubing I found, and made a chain holder (bottom) and a thermos holder (top) worked out pretty slick. There are drain holes in the bottom.
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    F20 and F30 Farmall

    My mother has two old Farmall tractors, I believe one is a F20 and the other is a F30. Both were in running condition when my Dad died 8 years ago but haven't ran since-although I'm sure they will run. Mom would like to sell them, what would they be worth and how should I go about selling...
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    firewood pallets

    check this out.
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    Guys I read this forum at a minimum of twice a day and sometimes check it at work. I really enjoy reading the posts and being part of such a great group. I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Bill Williams p.s. Thank you for all of the help, I...
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    Loader bracket

    On my 284, the front loader bracket wouldn't let the hood raise without removing one side of the front bracket, I took a piece of 1/8" X 4" piece of flat stock, sawed the bracket in at about 2" on each side, and welded the flat stock in, allowing the middle of the bracket to be moved foward 2"...
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    1710 4wd

    Gents, the plant where I work has a 1710 4wd tractor/comfort cover, 5' bush hog, and rear straight blade. The tractor has less than 500 hours, 1996 model, looks brand new. $8200, pm me if interested and I'll give you details. Tractor is located in Lawrence, Kansas. Bill
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    I'm wanting to build a carry-all for the 3ph to haul wood and various things around the property. How big can I build this and how much weight can I safely carry? I have a 284 Jinma with a 140 Koyker on the front that I will also be loading with firewood. The ones sold by TSC have a 500#...
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    Tractor arrived

    My tractor arrived yesterday morning and I have it stored inside my shed. Raining here so I didn't get to play with it much. It's called an Ag King 2840 LE, the only difference I can see from the posts is that it doesn't have the electronic dash. It has the same gauge arrangement as the 254...
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    Jinma tractors & parts

    Does anyone have a ballpark figure on how many Jinmas are in the United States at this time? Just curious as to how many parts are available and if a used parts network will be cropping up in the future. What do you feel the EPA laws will do to the future of importing Jinmas? Mine will be...
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    2840 cold weather starting

    I hope not to be too big a pain, I have a 2840 Agking (Jinma) arriving any day and I don't know the first thing about a diesel engine. I know lots of folks have trouble starting and gelling problems when the weather gets cold and I'm looking for information on what I need to do. My tractor...
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    284 jinma exhaust

    I have read that some of you have installed your exhaust under your tractors, can anyone give me a heads up on how you did it? I know that I saw this online somewhere-but can't find it again. I am waiting on delivery (next few days I hope) on a Agking 2840, 140 Koyker FEL, 6' j-bar finish...