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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Because as you slide the conduit down the wire, the edges of the conduit can easily cut into the wire insulation. In addition, the PVC glue for the conduit degrades the wire insulation. I do it the same as you, but was just mentioning the code in case he has to have it inspected. Here it is...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    While certainly easier, this is not allowed by code if that matters in this circumstance. All conduit has to be in place and connected before any wire is pulled. Based on his past comments re inspection, there is a chance the trench with conduit in place without wires will need to be inspected...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Agreed. I'd have a serious conversation with your electrician before replacing any #12 with #14. I can't think of any valid reason to do so.
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    Joining PVC to CPVC

    Lasco and other PVC fitting manufacturers make a IPS X CTS coupling for this exact scenario. They call it IPS instead of NPS, but same thing. Sharkbite does as well of course but much more expensive. Couplings are generally available at Home Depot and other similar stores. Coupling
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    Joining PVC to CPVC

    CPVC comes in both NPS and CTS sizes. CPVC in NPS (nominal pipe size) is the exact same as PVC. This is the most common sizing, however if you have CPVC in CTS (copper tube size) then it will be a different OD than PVC of the same size.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    That is definitely a different way to go about PEX. You've researched everything you've done so far and tried to follow best practices, so I'm curious why you didn't do that for PEX and instead built some type of random manifold?
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    Electrical / romex mess

    As 4570 said, it isn't that they leak, it is that the ends are not sealed which allows air movement within the conduit and therefore condensation. PVC buried underground is considered a wet location per the NEC for a very real reason. Water will end up within the conduit. For this exact...
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    New House Build in WV

    I don't know his motive, but all new houses I've seen have multi height upper cabinets. Maybe its just the thing right now, but it looks much better in my opinion. Much more pleasing to the eye than a straight horizontal line. Now if you only have 8ft ceilings, that is a different story.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    You must have never been around a proper mini-split setup. I've never heard this type of feedback or response from anyone that has actual experience with them. To say you would prefer a window unit over a minisplit makes this even harder to understand and only reinforces the idea you haven't...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    The issue is you used white PVC instead of the grey conduit probably. That is just the inspector following the code exactly as wiring is not allowed in plumbing PVC. Granted, it is the same product, just different colors with different fittings. I'd cut the white pvc pipe off so that it...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I agree that Romex in conduit is not fun, but there is absolutely nothing in the NEC code that prevents you from using Romex in conduit anywhere Romex is otherwise allowed provided you don't exceed fill limits.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    That support box is not needed and is NOT a big deal. Dura-vent has many options that don't require it. Looks like he is using the below recommended setup for cathedral ceilings. 8'' DuraTech Roof Mount Support Kit - DT840-KIT
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    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Because they worked hard to earn the money to afford it so they DO deserve it. Its their money, why shouldn't they build the house they want? It is not disgusting or selfish.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    This is incorrect. While cold weather will absolutely effect the expansion rate of the foam, it is simply not going to start expanding again. The reality is that the chemical reaction will continue until finished, you just lose the expansion. Very easy to test for yourself. Put a can of...
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    old farm equipment ID

    This what appears to be tank has been in the woods at my families land for as long as I can remember. I have always wondered what it is from. It was assembled with rivets instead of welds which I find odd if truly a tank. It also has what appears to be a baffle of some sort in the middle...
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    Techshield on walsl in Pole Barn

    Anyone use Techshield as wall sheating? I am planning on using OSB anyway, but want to know if getting techshield for the radiant barrier will be helpful. I would think I will need to face the foil "out" to keep the heat in instead of its normal use in attics. It's $3/sheet extra. My...
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    Kubota L-590 Rotary Mower question

    I am looking for parts for a Kubota L-590 5ft mower. I have order a parts manual off the auction site, but won't have it for several days. I did notice there is a decal that says "Manufactured for the Kubota Corporation". I might be missing part of the decal, but I can't figure out who actual...
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    B2320 HST w/ Loader for $14,700?

    This is brand new with warranty. Does this seem reasonable?
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    Difference between BX and B model series Kubota's

    Hello All, I am new here and found the site while researching a near future purchase. What is the main differences between the BX and B series Kubota's? Thanks