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    Rotary Cutter Help replacing slip clutch (attaching PTO) on old John Deere 205 Gyramor brush cutter

    You will need to probably do some modification to existing stub shaft from gear case. But here is Deere aftermarket clutch section that might help you out on some general purpose options or ideas. You could always drill a hole and make it a shear bolt set up.
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    Help finding tonutti rake parts

    Tonutti went broke a couple of years ago so may be difficult to order parts with the mouse. I think the TN office is still going.
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    Where to find year of John Deere 955?

    Like others said, you are probably going to spend a little time in the pc looking for changes at s/n breaks but here is the chart, available at the JDparts catalog online. Good Luck
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    Conversion on a 3020 JD to put a alternator on it gas model

    Here is what was in the Deere kit when it was still available.
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    Sprayer sprayer advice needed

    This is what you would generally use for boom control on manual controlled sprayer. You would mount this close enough so that you can reach from the tractor seat. If wanting a lot of info like this google teejet, pretty dominate player in the ag world for spraying products. Download their 51a...
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    John Deere 4410

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    Total noob here trying to understand my tractor

    disregard the models mentioned in instructions, it is accurate through the 790/3005 model years.
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    No power to JD 4200

    As a side note, once you get your starting issue figured out. This tractor already has wiring available for additional light (unless you are already using). Att is inst to identify the existing leads that can operate off of the tractors light switch if interested.
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    Chipper Hooking up hydraulics

    Here is the section out of the op's manual regarding your tractors hydraulics. Now I realize you are not running a hyd motor but explains why you do not have a detent on your scv's. With that said there are plenty of users tying back the scv's for live hydraulics to attachments like you are...
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    Oil & Fuel JD 3720 Hydro dipstick

    according to JDParts.
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    Dethatcher mounting kit p/n for LT160?

    According to these charts (sorry they are small) I don't think Deere is giving you the run around, there may be some literature from 20 years ago showing an LT with a front thatcher but does not appear that it was actually released. As a side note there was issues with mounting and lifting of...
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    Anyone know anything about a JD 7000 2 row planter?

    Common wear items for finger p/u unit that you may want to price/inspect. 5,6,23,25/27,41 and then of course normal drive train wear and tear, otherwise a pretty good planter. Corn for sure, can't say about beans though...
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    Adding auxiliary hydraulics to a 310C backhoe for a Okada hammer, please help

    Power beyond is just Deere's terminology for access to un metered oil supply. The pc does show a fitting related to power beyond, wether it helps in your case or not.... Don't know much about hammers.
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    John Deere Model 48 Tiller Manuals

    this chart show parts catalog as pc1927 that will work to access the online parts catalog. Shows was for 420,430, & some 316's and 332's.
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    Ford still make any tractors?

    Clearly a Deere advertising tool but an interesting chart anyways.
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    Determining Eurocardan shaft series

    Driveline guards are not quite as universal as the driveline's themselves. Here is a JD aftermarket ref chart if that helps.
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    35D Radio install question

    I think that if you search for the connector used for radios for Hitachi or Komatsu. att is a sheet from an REI catalog, they are showing a harness.
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    Parker 3000 O-rings

    Check out att file go to the bottom for parker o-ring part #'s. You will still need to identify body size. Good luck. Then just Google the appropriate #... lots of options should come up.
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    JD 5420 Transmission part ID

    Could it be broken off of # 13? (power reverser tranny pictured, is different for tss and cs versions)
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    Will some tractor makers not survive?

    Obviously doesn't show everyone but does show some of the other buyout dates, not a new chart by any means. Deere has been using a similar one for advertising purposes for years but is kind of interesting.
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    JD X310 - no spark

    It is kind of hidden under the dash/instrument cluster. Here is a parts catalog image, it is # 19.
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    Resources to learn about a small scale haying operation?

    Might get some good info from a university, try some basic google searches like "pasture hay + university". There is quite a bit of info out there. Att is an interesting chart from Iowa State University, fyi it is 4 years old.
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    Backhoe John Deere controls to Cat style

    old Deere instructions for construction backhoes if that helps.
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    Need Help with Blade issue on John Deere LT155

    here are images of the two different drive systems for the mulching only deck.
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    Implement for making rows??

    kids....lots of kids. lol The terminology can vary from one part of the country to the other. Locally here the sweeps you are looking for would be just that, ditcher sweeps (furrower sweep). They can typically be mounted on a conventional diamond bar standard. I could see where you could...
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    What are the ears on my bucket for?

    Here's one example of an ag style grapple.
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    Backhoe main hydraulic pump leakage.... EVEN AFTER REBUILD!

    search re40463, it would be correct for the 500b, 4440, 4010 lots of applications could use it.
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    John Deere 3rd Function Control

    Here is a pic of another joystick example for outside the console Micv controls.