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    Used 660 at auction

    Auction value on used ms660 with 24 inch bar.
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    Farm ground rent

    I have with my sister 120 acres coming out of CRP. October 1 2017. Have neighbor wanting to rent ground. How do I go about setting and getting a fair price? Any help needed thanks in advance. Farmer is all ready to get started but is a little pushy already telling me what I can and can not do...
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    Farm ground rent

    I have with my sister 120 acres coming out of CRP. October 1 2017. Have neighbor wanting to rent ground. How do I go about setting and getting a fair price? Any help needed thanks in advance. Farmer is all ready to get started but is a little pushy already telling me what I can and can not do...
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    John Deere mower deck

    I purchased a mower deck for a john deere last Saturday. E0670 serial 117912m. With this information I tried to purchase a belt for the blades from a five store JD dealership. Koenig has a separate store for their small stuff so I was surprised that they could not look it up without the...
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    212 PTO will not engage after replacing motor to mower belt

    My 1973 mower has ran great. The 12 HP kohler still runs fine. PTO on motor is not engaging to turn the belt to the mower. Not electric clutch as it is just a lever. You Tube no help. Thank you for any help.
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    How long does your truck last ?

    I see quite a few trucks at auctions with over 200,000 miles on them. Is there anything left when they get to this point? Today a water plant truck in Defiance Ohio sold for1300.00 dollars. Was 13 year old F-250 supercab with 4 wheel drive and 5.4 engine. Was it used up and ready for a new...
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    Posthole Digger SSQA for L245DT with a 1200 Loader.

    I have the need to purchase a piece from Kubota. Measurements of 37 5/8 outside and 33.5 inside. 1 inch pins on 9.5 inch centers. Where can I find the measurements on the internet?
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    Buyer beware of high prices for replacement parts.

    Bought a used TM6 finish Bush Hog mower at auction last weekend. Needed one sheve for the top of a spindle. The 3 inch pulley with a 1 inch hole is only 80 dollars. The spindle needing the top is new and came with the mower. A new spindle is over 600 dollars. The mower would take 3 if they were...
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    Generator 4-way Log splitter

    Tractor Supply is now selling two 4-way slip on wedges. One for a 22 ton splitter and the other for a 35 ton. Has anyone bought and used either of these? Larger one on sale for 59.00. Looks small, but I have dead ash trees that are to big to burn as logs. Any thoughts welcome. If the ground was...
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    076 Stihl at auction.

    Interested in getting a bigger saw. I have a 1050 Homelite and have always wanted a bigger Stihl. Can not afford a new or used 066. Believed to have been used on a mill. Older guy getting rid of his tools. Thank you for any thoughts.
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    Kubota L2050 Up for bid

    After midnight here in Ohio. Cold below zero but still looking for a deal. The parks dept. in Batesville Arkansas has a 1280 hour Kubota 4x4 listed at less than 2500 dollars with a day yet to go. It is listed as needing a clutch,but does start and run. Listed on GovDeals .com. If I was closer...
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    Walterscheid PTO Need half to Tractor

    I have had a lawn coring machine that came off of a golf course. I have had it long enough to lose the front half of the PTO. Weather is perfect to use it now after a couple of weeks with rain. Fall fertilizer and I would have a beautiful yard come spring. Any leads on this German made piece...
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    Tube type Slime

    If I was at home I would remove tire and patch the tube correctly. This is not the case. Tractor is 100miles from home being used to finish bush hogging. About a month ago I had to replace the old tube with a new one. Got the tire and rim off the tractor and took it into town. $24.60 later I had...
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    Chain saw tossing chain, bought new still do.

    Poulan 380 being used to cut 20 inch ash tree. The bar it came with was 24 inch and carried a 84 link full chisel chain. The saw ran fine for two hours. Then it threw the chain even though it had been adjusted twice after break in. The links were damaged to the point that the chain could not be...
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    John Deere 212 Starting problem.

    Can I replace my new john deere starting solenoid (not working 1 month old) with a ford truck model? Thank you for your thoughts as I am tired and may be going down the wrong path.
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    Trailer tires on the truck?

    I pull with a f-250 truck. The rims on my trailer match the truck. Can I safely run ST tires on the truck?
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    Homelite 88 Can you tell me good or bad?

    I have recently become interested in a Home lite 88. Can parts still be had? The saw runs and carries a 48 inch bar. Thanks for any links or input.
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    2-60 White Field Boss power steering

    I have a White 2-60. Started right up after 6 months no use. The operator's manual calls for the power steering reservoir to be filled with White Farm Equipment Company Type A Hydraulic Oil. I need to know what this is! I am trying to get it loaded onto a trailer tonight so I am able to get on...
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    berryman chem tool for 2 stroke?

    Can you use this product on a chainsaw to clean a carb? I was told yes by the factory but remain unconvinced. Has anyone done so?
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    Ford 350 auto locking hubs

    Ford made 250 and 350 trucks with auto locking hubs. Parts are no longer available thru Ford. My truck is a 1996 F-350. A special socket-OTC part #6796 is needed to remove the FW bearing locknut. I spent two days finding this out. If you have the truck with the auto locking hubs this is a well...
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    What does a single cultipacker wheel weigh?

    Tomorrow is a auction with 4 old cultipackers. It is a consignment type sale. If anyone can tell me what one wheel weighs I should be a good bidder. Any idea?
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    KUBOTA L245DT loader broken.

    After 30+ years of use my model 1200 died. The shaft that takes power from the crank to the front mounted hyd. pump has gone out. Worn out. No parts are available to repair. Is this in fact True? Do I have to go to a shop and have the shafts special made? Any ideas would be welcome.
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    Kubota 26L engine

    Does this engine have any history? Good or Bad please.
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    L245 what is it worth?

    Auction coming up Friday. The tractor is one of 47 in a estate sale. This appears to have been used to mow the grass as it has 60" mower under the belly. 1600 hrs on the tach which is probably broken. The last245 I had was 4x4 and I bought it in 1982. The paint is rough and it appears the...
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    Old forklift forks for tractor bucket?

    I have a tractor with a well built bucket. Tommorrw at auction I can aquire a set of 60'' inch forks. Any thoughts on making something to move pallets or logs around? The forks are take-offs from a forklift. I was thinking about a shaft run thru a couple of plates on the bucket ends. Tubing...
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    Open or closed hyd. system

    I am considering the purchase of a late 70's White 2-60 tractor it comes with a 1730 front loader. Will I be able to use this with a open-centered 750 arps 3pt. back hoe? What do I need to know?
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    Replacement gear for Rhino Batwing

    I need to find out where I could get a replacement for the gearbox on the middle of a 15' batwing bushog. Thanks/ Found Rhino below after posting. Servis-Rhino . com
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    Lincoln Ranger 9 Onan Performer 18

    This is a very nice welder when it is running. It is not. My question is how much fuel should be coming from the fuel pump? The current amount is very small with little or no pressure. How does the low oil pressure switch work? After cranking I have power to the coil. Before cranking with no oil...
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    Tire and rim interchange?

    A upcoming auction has a 1250 Massey with both ag and turf tires on rims. Will the rims and tires interchange with a old Kubota L245 ? Both tractors are 4x4. Could anyone provide the spacing,wheel size for a Massey?
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    Rotary Cutter Horse power needed for 15ft. Batwing

    Local farmers FFA spring auction. The sale has Bushog Batwing 15 ft. mower. How much P.T.O. horse power needed to run this. Any idea of fair price desired. Need to mow 118 acres, twice this year. Thank you for your thoughts.
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    212 and 210 are they the same except HP?

    I own a 1973 212 that was my fathers. A 210 is coming up at a farm auction. Would these tractors share the same parts?
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    Help need to remove PTO out of Kubota L245DT

    I have removed four bolts on the back of tractor that covers the Pto shaft. Tried to use slide hammer to pull PTO from tractor. Called dealer who sold me the seals but this tractor was to old for any of their people to have worked on. Has anyone removed a PTO shaft from a older Kubota?
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    PTO oil seal gone.

    I used a chipper that had a slightly to long PTO shaft. Ran fine for days until I forgot and raised the 3-point hitch to high and crushed it tightly against the back of the tractor. This is on a 245dt. Does removing the four bolts that support the bracket on the tractors pto allow access to the...
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    Under water chainsaw

    Purchased at an estate sale two sthil chainsaws. The previous owner had these saws stored in a basement which flooded before the auction. The auctioneer annouced this before selling the saws. I bought both saws for about the cost of a chain. One saw pulled over and has good compression. After...