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    When did this start ? Noticed it for the first time this eve. Richard
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    Honda HRR2168VKA walk-behind mower

    The problem is that it starts OK when cold, but after it warms up, it will not start, it just kinds chugs a bit then stops. The engine is a GCV160 with the automatic choke, using a Hutdkte 16100-Z0L-876 carb. I have replaced the spark plug. After it runs a bit, and then it will not start, upon...
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    Live Animal Traps

    I made this trap following some videos from Youtube. It's not very big, about 7X8 inches and 24 inches long. On the end as you can see, I have put a 1/4 X 1/4 inch galvanized screen to keep the critters inside. I gave this to a friend of mine to use to get rid of rabbits and chipmunks...
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    Rings on a Honda GCV190LA

    Hi, I am refurbishing a Honda GCV190LA and have a new set of rings. I haven't looked closely at the new set, but is there a up and down orientation for the rings and is there a difference between the top and second ring? Thanks, Richard
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    OK you CC guys, here is a photo of the hour display on a RZT17. What is the symbol on the very left suppose to mean? It flashes off and on all the time. Thanks, Richard
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    Cub Cadet RZT42

    HI, Just replaced the engine in a friends RZT42 and was looking at the PTO clutch. Manual says that the air gap should be .010 to .015. It appears the the gap is over .020. There are three nuts equally spaced around the clutch and they are spring loaded. My question is how does one adjust...
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    Used Engine parts

    I have looked, but I can not see where TBN has a "for sale" section. If there is one, let me know. Otherwise is it verboten to advertise parts for sale here? Richard
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    JD Snow Thrower 1028E

    Hi, About a year ago I fixed, at least I thought I did, a friends 1028E thrower. It has a Briggs & Stratton 1450 snow series engine. It was leaking oil from the output shaft end cover. After removing the cover, I found some really bad machining on the gasket surface of the cover. It looked...