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    Who Makes a Trouble-Free 60" Diesel Zero-Turn?

    I bought a Kubota diesel z turn, got over 80 hrs on it with no issues. If you go with Kubota get the comfort seat, worth the cost .
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    Yellow or Dijon?

    Yellow for me [emoji39]
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    I'm a little late getting into this conversation but have you thought about this? Ospho OSPHOG; Ospho Metal Treatment Gallon Made by Ospho I've had good luck removing rust with it.
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    T-posts in hard ground - a hack

    We've always used the tractor loader bucket.
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    My 83rd Birthday

    Happy birthday [emoji3060]
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    Rear Blade Adjustment Preferences

    Blades have to be constantly adjusted, they are not a set it and forget it piece of equipment. I went with the pin type rhino and sure glad I did. I'm considering adding hydraulics now because of the constant adjustments needed when building roads. By what you need and don't settle for less is...
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    1-2 Three Point Quick Hitch

    You'll probably want a cat 1, that's the most common size unless you have a big tractor and large farm implements. Cat 2 are wider than cat 1.
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    Woods Blade feedback.

    For a rear blade to be efficient it needs to be heavy and adjustable. If you have that you can do a good job from pulling ditches to crowning a road. So with that you need a strong tractor. If you don't have either and have a smaller tractor I would suggest a pull box blade to pull dirt and level.
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    Hydraulic Side Tilt For 3PH--Single or Double Acting?

    Nope, don't think you'd like a single action cylinder.
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    disc harrow bearings

    Wow, I wondered if they were still being produced.
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    disc harrow bearings

    I think I remember old guys saying they used hickory down her in the south. I'm pretty sure it was a very dense wood. If you can post a picture of the disc set, I haven't seen one like that in years.
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    Looking at MX5400 for my 80 Acres-good choice?

    For utility work the MX is great but for farming activities I'd move up to the M. I love the HST for grading, grappling and bucket work. I went the biggest most powerful they had with the HST. I don't farm but rather bush hog and plow fire lines, remove trees and maintain 1/2 mile of roadway...
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    Used my lube shuttle first time yesterday

    I love the lock n lube tips. I had to get the additional 90° tip to go with it but wow, they're great [emoji106]
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    MX5400 breakout/lift strength?

    Are you keeping your rpms up? If so there might be a problem with the pump. I do believe the bucket is larger on the MX but still it should lift a full load of dirt. How does the weight of the rocks you're lifting compare to the weight of dirt?
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    Homemade Chainsaw Carrier - Yet another idea

    I built this in haste a year ago, it's simple but actually works. It's never fell or was knocked off so I guess it works out. Thought about upgrading it but haven't made the time
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    Best grapple for a cutover?

    Do your research, all grapples are different. Be sure and get one that has the ability to float or depth guide. I've had both and prefer the L shape one too because it holds more debris. Mine has a pipe between the bottom teeth that serves as a depth guide
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    Why are my loader cylinders out of sync?

    I agree. It doesn't take much of a twist to get it out of alignment. Mine was six inches out and you had to look close to see it.
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    Why are my loader cylinders out of sync?

    Thanks, a limb had come through the grapple and pushed the lever up. I didn't notice it until it was too late. Now I can't miss them lol.
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    Why are my loader cylinders out of sync?

    I had the option of making it weaker by adding a smaller diameter tube or making it stronger by going solid steel, I chose the latter. Mine twisted right at the end so trying to weld on to it was questionable. So far it's been good, time will tell. Worse case scenario I have to replace the ssqa.
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    Why are my loader cylinders out of sync?

    Check it with a straight edge to tell if it's twisted
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    Why are my loader cylinders out of sync?

    Sounds like the cross member between the lift arms at the quick connect have twisted. It happened to me once when my grapple came loose from one side. I cut the bent tubing out and replaced it with a solid steel bar.
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    It involved a .......

    So sorry to hear, prayers for the family.
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    Tool box

    Ammo cans work really well for me. This is where I mounted mine. It doesn't get in the way of the BH either.
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    Hooks on FEL Bucket

    You're right, the MX bucket has a big flat iron top for extra support, they clip on and hold nicely. I was concerned about them sliding but haven't experienced them doing so. It's nice not having those hooks to grab limbs when clearing land. My dad welded hooks on his bucket and they grab vines...
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    Hooks on FEL Bucket

    That's what I use. I have 2 that store perfectly on the loader arm. 9 links of 5/16 chain hooks on the flat steel on the bucket top
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    I use 30-45° angle always turning the dirt to the side I want to build up, usually the middle of the road if working on roads. The sharp angle helps eliminate the dips.
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    Ford 7.3L Gas Engine

    This is the 7.3 gas engine? What gear ratio did you get in your differential?
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    Anybody use Paypal ?

    We've used PayPal for years, no issues at all. Actually feel like it provides an extra layer of security when ordering from some sites.
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    long time Kubota dealer

    I was afraid my dealer was going to shut down and move but a few months ago they started a huge remodel of the premises so I'm thinking they're here to stay. I know they're still having issues with parts delivery , hopefully that will get better soon.
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    Hydraulic hose covering

    I stopped by my local fire department and asked for some old hose. They were happy to give it to me. I used 2 1/2 so not to remove the couplings on my grapple.
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    Grading--what am I doing to cause this?

    You can float a box blade too by extending the top link out.
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    Grading--what am I doing to cause this?

    Yes I have a hydraulic top link but what I mean is by turning the blade backwards it floats over the ground and will not cut in. I can't get the link to work either. It was a picture of my blade, not important
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    Grading--what am I doing to cause this?

    In my experience I've learned to use the front of the blade to cut and pull towards the center for a crown then for a finish grade turn the blade around backwards for a final smoother Floating grade. All grading is at a 30-45% angle. I do cut the washboards out then spread the dirt back out...
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    QH top link

    I went with the qh adapter. Don't think I'll be going back to the hook.
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    nOOb to chaining down - is this sufficient?

    That's it, trooper hoover [emoji1783]
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    nOOb to chaining down - is this sufficient?

    If you go to YouTube to tractor time with Tim, and look for "tie down inspection fail" a DOT officer explains it the best of any I've heard. The officer has a couple of videos on what is required that keeps you from over thinking it. It helped me a lot.
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    Offset Rear Blade

    [emoji2962][emoji2962] now it's becoming a challenge to count up the ways to adjust lol. I have the hydraulic top link so I'm going with the 10 way.
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    Offset Rear Blade

    I believe in the saying buy once cry once. So get the blade you want otherwise you'll always regret it. I found a used rhino 6 way and grabbed it. That was the model I was looking to buy anyway because it did everything I wanted. Finding it used was just luck. I've never regretted it.
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    Attaching implement with hydraulic top link

    The hydro top link really shines when using a quick hitch and the quick hitch really works best with the hydro top link. The cylinder is heavy enough that it's aggravating to hold it up while bumping the valve to shorten or lengthen the shaft. Otherwise a strap or wire to hold it higher that the...
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    Anyone own a Woods or Land Pride stump grinder?

    I have the woods tgs50. It's does fine, if you go too fast it hops around (could be I need new teeth). I prefer the backhoe when I can over the stump grinder. The biggest complaint is being able to see what you're doing from the tractor. If you're on the ground you still have to reach over the...
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    Rear Blade choice

    This is my set-up
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    Rear Blade choice

    No tines, heavy replaceable cutting edge
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    Rear Blade choice

    I had a light weight blade and quickly broke it, I think it was TS. Last year I found a used rhino 850- 7' blade. It weighs a little over #900. It made the other one seem like a toy. The weight makes a big difference in cutting so IMHO the heavier the better. The second factor is length behind...
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    Woods TSG50 stump grinder.

    There's a couple of videos on YouTube showing people using it. Sappy trees seemed more difficult than dryer wood also I launched a dead stump once so I check them carefully now.
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    Woods TSG50 stump grinder.

    Mine works of the rear remote with a diverter to switch between cylinders. I work it from the seat. I've worked it from the ground a couple of times but it was awkward. A joystick sounds like a good idea.
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    Woods TSG50 stump grinder.

    One came with my purchase of a used tractor. Seems to work well, I'm sure my teeth need replacing or sharpened too. Take it slow when working it and it won't jump so bad. My clutch will slip if I try and go too deep. Do you have multiple remotes or a diverter valve?
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    I heard a contractor tell an architect " you can draw a saddle on a chicken but you'll never get it on"
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    Of you're gonna be stupid you better be tough... Author unknown
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    L5740 hydraulic top link length

    I don't remember the short length but the long on mine is 31". I got it from ag supply. I absolutely love it.
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    Hello from Florida

    Hello y'all although I'm new to the forum I'm not new to tractors, I've been driving them since I was a small boy. Currently I own a Kubota MX5800 with a with a backhoe. I'm excited to be here and learning from all of you guys.