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    Valve Stems on my New Tractor

    Eddie, if you need to add air, use a piece of chalk to put a mark on the tire to help identify location of valve stem, and move tractor til mark is positioned wherever you want it, and can easily access it.
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    What are you OCD about?

    Cupboard doors and kitchen drawers that are not completely closed.
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    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    Take the clutch off, and check the bearings in the clutch. What might be happening is, if the bearings are starting to bind, or if you lost some of the balls from the damaged bearing, sometimes they might align enough to allow the clutch to turn freely, and other times they might bind enough to...
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    RC72 Mower Deck Vibration

    To help isolate your problem, can you remove all the blades and run it up to speed to see if the vibration is still there, or not ?
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    Caught by the inflation demon

    Try and get the contractor to reduce some of the additional 47K they are asking for, and kick in the 25,000, and call it an early inheritance. Would it be possible to get anyone else to give you a quote on the same plans ?
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    Great lake boats, a good video

    Awesome thread. Does anyone have any video of a ship called the MANITOULIN ?
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    Groan part quatre

    It,s a 5 minute walk from my house to the pub. It,s a 35 minute walk from the pub, back to my house. The difference, is staggering.
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    Avenger, if I were your neighbor, I would never ask to borrow your stuff, but would gladly pay you whatever you wanted to do the job I needed done. It,s been an interesting thread, and glad to see that even though you had to go and pick up your own implement, it wasn,t damaged. Cheers
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    Found Kubota Bolt

    Packing frame material bolt ?
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    Ha, ha, he,s probably out making some extra cash with your borrowed tiller. I would not have loaned it out to him in the first place. After insulting you buy saying your prices are to high, I would of wished him well, and consider it a cheap lesson in who to never help or talk to again. The...
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    Front Tire Wear

    It,s not hard to reverse the tires. I took mine to a regular repair garage and he did switch them both in about 20 minutes for 20 bucks.I wore mine out doing sharp turns on pavement while cutting my lawn at a 45 degree angle.
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    Can you believe this story?

    Lawyers become judges. Anyone see a problem here ? LOL
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    Can you believe this story?

    Kinda pathetic what lawyers will do, to make a living. Yup, they are lower on the totem pole than a used car salesman. LOL
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    Business Ethics In The Tractor Industry

    Hey number15, can you give some examples of losing business by being ethical ?
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    Concrete Floor Leveling Question

    Richard, not trying to be harsh, but where were you when your wife was detailing all the info that she wanted to the contractors ? What percentage of women know anything about construction, and clearly expressing their thoughts to tradespeople ? As far as a solution to fix the problem you now...
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    Business Ethics In The Tractor Industry

    Here,s my take on this, it doesn,t matter if it is a tractor dealer, truck dealer, car dealer, or trailer dealer, most salesman are as low as a snakes belly in the grass, and would rob their own mother blind, if they are allowed to. When buying, do your homework, and go in, as prepared as you...
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    Mahindra dies after turning it on its side

    Have you checked the condition of your battery ? Does it still have fluid in it ? Take it out of the tractor, and do a load test on it, after giving it a full fluid check, and charge.
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    Mahindra dies after turning it on its side

    Just another thought, not knowing what type of battery you have, is there any chance all the acid drained out while the tractor was on its side, damaging the battery ?
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    Mahindra dies after turning it on its side

    I don,t know much about your specific tractor, but before trying to turn it over again, remove the injectors, or spark plugs, cause it might be you have fuel or oil above the top of the pistons, and you cannot compress that, so your engine will not turn over. Hopefully you didn,t bend any rods...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I personally know one person in Ontario, Canada, who was caught via satellite image scanning between certain dates, given 30 days to move a large mobile home that was set up on a property without the proper permits, or they would he heavily fined. It got moved very quickly, to avoid a lot of...
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    BX2360 front mount snow blower

    Welcome to the site. There was one listed on here a few days ago, at a great price. I believe it was titled Kubota BX2750D snowblower for sale. For sure, that one, which is totally complete, will fit, and is an excellent price. Not sure where you are located, but that one is an excellent buy...
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    Realistic value

    To the OP, if you are planning on trading it in, the difference you have to write the cheque for is the ONLY thing that matters. If you are happy with that amount, go for it, if not, see what you can buy the new one for, out the door, all costs included, without your trade-in. Then decide if you...
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    Kubota BX2750D Snowblower for sale

    Welcome to the site. That,s a great deal for someone that needs one.
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    It would be nice to see that removed from the box, and spread out, to see a complete picture of what it looks like.
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    Kioti rocker switches

    What am I missing ? Why not get them from your dealer ?
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    Snowblower problem

    If you want to check if the shaft that controls the side of your blower is turning, carefully engage the snowblower, and look at the end of the shaft on the outside of the side that is not picking up the snow. That should confirm if it is a shear pin issue, or a gearbox issue.
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    John Deere 955 lost steering and hydraulics at the same time

    Hope the squeeling wasn,t a metal to metal squeel. Any belt driven stuff that might of somehow got jambed ?
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    Kubota RTV Cabin Blower not Working

    Check the size of the inline fuse, once you remove it, and use the same size, in the new fuse holder.
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    Trailers, what a difference a year makes.

    Supply and demand, plus lots of crazy stupid people, that gotta have, whatever pops into their head, that particular day, right now, regardless of the cost. Even the vehicle manufacturers are warning their own dealers that stupid mark-ups will not be tolerated, and the dealerships doing that...
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    Kubota B8200D -- am I giving it away?

    Since you both know it is definitely worth more than 3500, especially now that you both know everything is working, see if he would consider coming up to 5K. That way you are only losing roughly 2K on it for all the time you have owned it. The buyer would still be getting a very good deal at...
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    Kubota B8200D -- am I giving it away?

    Decide on how much you need to get for your tractor to keep your wife happy, and call the guy as soon as you can, and explain to him that there was a mis-understanding on the pricing. Who paid for the parts required for the fluid changes ? There is a reason I buy stuff, as is, where is, and...
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    Got wind turbine blades? Build bridges.

    Government regulations should state that if the manufacturer cann,t come up with a safe way to re-cycle the product they make, then it should not be allowed, by law, to manufacture them.
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    Any Experience with Bringing a Vehicle from Canada into the US

    Give us more details on the exact vehicle. Year, make, model, mileage, and a couple of recent pictures. I would advertise it in Ontario, Canada, sell it as is to someone from there, and then basically all you would need is a bill of sale, which is part of the sellers package, and the signed...
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    Must Tractor ROPS Be So High?

    Yup, between the rops height of a BX2360, fixed height, and a BX2370, foldable, there has got to be 9-12 " difference. And the rops from a BX2360, will fit perfectly on a BX2370. I doubt if mankind grew that extra height between the time Kubota switched rops on one model to another.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    What is he cost of an average battery replacement, and what do they do to safely dispose the old battery packs ? Whose responsibility is it ? I think it should be the guys that produce them. I,ve seen prices of around 22 thousand dollars, and guys have crushed their cars instead of paying that...
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    Help. My mom made a huge mistake on FB

    Personally, I would have a real hard time trusting or believing anyone on the end of a phone line from India. I would be doing all the contacting of the various companies required myself, to know to was actually done. It appears to me that a lot of these scams originate in India.
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    Rolled the rtv 900

    Why didn,t you hook the tow strap on the uphill side of the RTV, and pull it in that direction, to get it to roll back over onto all 4 tires ? Or did your drunken buddy hook it up that way ?
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    Block heater in B2650

    Look for the attached wound up electrical cord, and follow it back, I would assume, to the side of the engine block.
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    Groan thread closed..Why?

    The big boy and big girl pants are going on sale beginning January 32nd. Time for some folks to get sized up, and order a pair, or two. How did we get to this stage, where, there is a least someone, somewhere, that is getting offended about something, at least once per second. Toughen up folks...
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    Cub Cadet 7272 barn find

    Hi Ken, tell us more of the story. Are you a friend buying it, or does it belong to a relative ? From what I can see in the picture, it looks to be in good shape. I would love to work on a challenge like that.
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    B7300 cranks hard when hot.

    It may sound odd, but check both ends of your positive and negative battery connections. Take them completely off at both ends, and clean them up real good. Also, clean up both posts on the battery.
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    Moving a "modular building"

    I would think it was assembled by joining the 2 sections together in the middle, so it should be easy to get it apart again. I would ask the seller if he knows who delivered it to him initially, and see if you could get in touch with them. I have an Amish shed, and it was put together with...
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    Big Cars are killing Americans

    Well, I have noticed that most young ones walking on sidewalks, and crossing at crosswalks, don,t even have the brainpower to lift their heads for a moment to actually check out where they are at, in regards to their surroundings. Maybe there should be a law for pedestrians stating that they...
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    Bought a axe to my self as Jule present

    Awesome, I found out a long time ago, the best gifts one can receive, are the ones that are bought for themselves.
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    Groan 3; the Sequel

    Kind of amazing, and very sad, what stupid things people do for attention these days.
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    RTV ROPS - beware

    A question for the OP. Is the vehicle insured ?
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    Can't disconect my Quick Conect Coupler Loader 1520

    Do you have float positions on your controller ? If so, with the tractor off, make sure you move the joystick to both float positions several times, make sure you get past the detents, and then try to remove the cables once again.
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    Device for checking 7 blade trailer lights WITHOUT vehicle - anyone know of one?

    Lou, those test the vehicle side, I believe the OP is looking for something to test the trailer side. I made up a plug that fits the trailer side, and with the proper diagram, a couple of test leads and a good 12 volt battery, have been able to fix the wiring on several trailers with it. If I...