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  1. J

    Finally needed service

    After 18 years, the L3410 hst needed new parts. The front [4x4] axle hubs started leaking. Apparently, this is a common occurance on the L series. The service guy said it's because people over work the FEL. Guilty as charged! It's picked up everything and anything. The seals were leaking, but...
  2. J

    Anybody else do "silly stuff" while tractoring?

    I've found myself doing the same "silly thing" when clearing snow with the backblade. I know it doesn't work, yet I seem to find myself doing it again and again ... arrrrgh. I can't seem to stop myself!! What is it? Well, picture running the tractor with the blade up, getting lined up to...
  3. J

    We won, we won! - Awwww crud, we won :(

    Ok, so my wife drags me to the home and garden show last Saturday. You have to understand that there is 30" of snow on the ground, ice has been on the roads for a couple weeks and the HIGH temps are single digits. Not feeling the whole "get ready for spring" thing, ya'know? Anyway, we go...
  4. J

    Repository of tractoring excuses

    Not that any of us would ever do something silly with a tractor that resulted in needing an excuse, but we may know "a freind" that might have messed up ;). Here's a "hypothetical situation" that never happened to me, ever, honest. :rolleyes: So let's say you are using the tractor w backblade...
  5. J

    Loader To top off the loader bucket or not? That is the question.

    Does anybody else's mind wander while operating their tractor, or is it just me? The last few times I've run the loader moving dirt for hours at a time, the old advice that you should never double dip the pile to get a full bucket has danced around. It's been posted here, and in odd places...
  6. J

    Was chewing the fat and heard....

    That there is a new federal law coming down the pipe that will require all tires 10 years old and older to be replaced. It seems like a crazy thing to mandate, but then it's supposed to be a federal law so crazy isn't a barrier! Is this in fact something they are thinking about or just rumor...
  7. J

    Is it really never a good idea to spend extra time to get a full bucket?

    We've probably all heard that it's never worth it to hit the pile a 2nd time to get that FEL bucket all the way full. As I was using it a lot recently, my mind turned to that old saw. Hmmmm. Here's an excel data set that I created. I set the assumption that the bucket was 10 cuft, the...
  8. J

    Backhoe Help Identifying backhoe buckets (lots of pictures)

    Hi, Really need some assistance! There are 2 backhoe buckets that I picked up at an auction hoping they would fit my machine. (Uh... nope) Here's some pictures of the buckets with a tape measure showing the size. The smaller bucket is very heavily built and feels like it's over 100#...
  9. J

    Needed a pole building -- quick (lots of pics)

    As the title says, needed a pole building quick for storage. Had issue with the pad. Nobody would call back. I'm still waiting for call backs from April! So, I had to bite the bullet and do it myself. Took a week of evenings and some long days. One side needed to come up 3 1/2 ft. Pad...
  10. J

    Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    If your kubota won't shut off -- your battery may be dead. The fuel shut off solenoid is battery actuated. It's normally open and needs the juice to shut off fuel flow.
  11. J

    How much does an old double row cultipacker weigh?

    Hi, I bought an old IH 8' double row pull type cultipacker today. It is still froze down hard to the ground, but will eventually thaw out (at least according to Al Gore). What do they weigh? I'm guessing well over 1000 pounds, but that's a guess. jb
  12. J

    Starting to get a bit "nippy"

    The thermometer outside the window is showing -30F. The woodstove in the basement is blazing. Ah .... global warming ... Hope all y'all keep good and bundled up! jb
  13. J

    Slight OT, but sadly funny

    I was grazing Craigslist today and found this ad for a tractor. I sure am glad that Wisconsin has good schools .....:rolleyes: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MM 5 starpuller all set up 16-9 coops weight bars bult moter puuls 5500 and up ok pant not great. selling...
  14. J

    Bottom of page Annoying SPAM flasher thingy

    What's with the new bottom spam flasher? "Crush mail" "You have been selected for Free" Please - I come here for the lack of that stuff. It will drive me away. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  15. J

    #1 Reason I love IR Cameras

    Some may recall that I have some issues with a land lease to an individual that turned out to be a guide. Sadly, there are other issues on my other patch of dirt. I have a neighbor that likes to sing. His favorite song is, "This land is my land" or at least he acts like my land is his land...
  16. J

    Land lease scam

    Hi, I have a "situation". I leased out some land to an individual for him to hunt, "maybe" a young hunter too. He stated he is very busy and may not hunt at all. I gave him a VERY low down price for the entire season bow, grouse and gun hunting. (In WI) The lease spells out what he can and...
  17. J

    Cheap Land smoother

    Hi, Had a dozer guy out and to help, I did the final smoothing. Used two 12' long I-beams chained together and then to a grab hook on the draw bar. Worked pretty slick. By changing the chain attachment points you can angle the I-beams and windrow rocks off to one side (sort of). I works...
  18. J

    Chevy Truck trailer lights

    Hi, Was on the freeway yesterday and a buddy following pulls up and flashes a sign that my trailer lights are out. Pull over and diddle with the plug, no good. Go home and today got the fluke meter out. Checked the light fixture, bulb, trailer wires, plug, adaptor, truck plug, truck wires...
  19. J

    Dozer guy question

    Hi, I am getting some land cleared for wildlife food plots. Has 10+ year old hard maple, ash and oak stumps and now trees in the 1-6" range. Any larger trees 10" on up will be passed. A guy with a JD 700 has bid on it at 100/hour. Seems like a good deal to me. Sound good to you...
  20. J

    Backhoe hauling question

    Hi, Put the hoe on my trailer and it sort of takes over. The trailer is 18' long and that's about 4 foot too short. If I roll the hoe back and balance the load the bucket is off the deck. I was thinking that I can get a couple pieces of 6" channel 6-8' long and bolt them to the deck...
  21. J

    Trunion mount from ?

    Hi, I need to buy a trunion mount for a hydraulic cylinder. Who carries them? Cylinder tube is 5" od and 1 1/4" trunion studs. Thanks!
  22. J

    Mower belt troubles

    Hi, Mower is eating belts. Cub cadet 2185 with 48" deck. This spring it ate the belt from the engine to the deck. 5/8x110 inch. It was checked and to be expected. I put on a new belt -cha-ching! $40 bucks. Mowed for 2-3 hours and that belt got ate. Grrrr Found the pullies that...
  23. J

    I hate Drunk Punks!

    Friday night / Saturday morning, probably after bar closing some fool drunk punks decided to steal a 50 gal roll to the curb trash can and fling it at my mail box. Snapped the post in 1/2. They stopped and took the mangled mail box, probably for a souvenir. All I found was the trash can...
  24. J

    Increasing Engine performance Kaw Mule 3010

    Hi, Anyone have any links to web sites that have performance parts for the Kaw Mule 3010 gas? There doesn't seem to be that many out there (or I'm just too feeble in the search department!) Not looking to go 30 mph, just want more grunt! Thanks, jb
  25. J

    Cold Weather starting tips

    Hi, I got a Private Message today on what can be done to help a hard to start diesel tractor. After writting the reply, I thought, "Hey, this is probably something everyone is interested in!". Here it is - I removed the person's ID as they PM'ed me and so that "private" part is being...
  26. J

    How to regularly move 12,000 of equipment?

    Hi, thought I'd tap the brain trust and see what options people have to move a 12,000 piece of equipment around. 14' long 6' tall 70" wide and 12,000#. Options? Opinions? jb
  27. J

    FYI - Hydraulic Vee packing suppliers

    Hi, It's always a chore to find a good place to buy the stuff you need. For specialized things like hydraulic cylinder packing seals it can be real hard to find that perfect combination of the right parts at a good price with customer service. Thought I would share some of that information...
  28. J

    Looking over a Rayco 87L

    Hi, There is a Rayco 87L with rayco mulcher on it ('04) for sale relatively close. What are the items to look for and look out for when checking one over? I don't have much exp with tracked equipment, is there a wear guide for that one somewhere or does someone have measurements? (Steel...
  29. J

    Mulching Insurance

    Hi, I was kicking around getting a small used mulcher and using it in my "spare time" to open up food plots for hunters. We have a fair amount of out of town land owners and while it won't be enough for a full time gig, it may help to pay for itself. What sort of coverages, limits and costs...
  30. J

    Thoughts on the old Hydro-Ax 520

    Hi, Was looking at an old Hydro-Ax 520 with the 8' single spindle brush mower. Don't know much about these units, can't seem to find specs on line. What are folks thought and feelings about them? Power, reliability, parts support, performance, maintenance? This unit is in fairly decent...
  31. J

    Silly question

    Ok, I saw the picture of the new Mahindra on the home page of this site and see that it has a metal strap welded in to the inside bottom of the FEL bucket. I can't figure out what the heck that is supposed to do! It is probably obvious to everyone else, but for someone as slow and dumb as i...
  32. J

    Stupid question (sorry!)

    Hi, Edited - Oops, I'm even slower and dumber than prevously thought. Man,that hurts! Thanks anyway! jb Will repost where it aught to be. Still stings learning just how slow I really am....
  33. J

    Toyo Commercial M55 Tires

    Anyone use the Toyo M55s on a heavy diesel truck? Looking for feedback. Tired of tires only giving 20-25k miles with rotations at 5k. Size of desire is LT 255/85R16 Thanks, jb
  34. J

    Better tires for Mule 3010 4x4

    Hi, Here are a few pictures of the mule with new rear tires on stock rims. By the way, Walmart super centers will mount ATV tires for $5 each. A deal. These are Interco Swamp Lite's in size 25x11-10. That is tire code for 25" OD, 11" section width and 10 inch rims. They are mounted on the...
  35. J

    Food plot brings them in!

    I was out checking the food plots in the back yard today and found this hanging out. I know things come a long ways to eat, but from New Zealand? jb
  36. J

    USDOT number - What it means?

    Hi, I have been looking over the CDL requirements and think they are understandable. BUT, now a requirement for USDOT number has hit the radar screen. It appears that if a vehicle, load, fluids, driver + trailer and load actual weight are 10,001 pounds or greater and the use of the vehicle...
  37. J

    Disc on sale - good deal?

    Hi, Local farm store has a square tube 6 1/5 ft double disc on sale for $750. Notched front discs. King Kutter Incorporated Sound good? jb
  38. J

    I hate's Meeces to Pieces! (Slightly OT)

    My truck's fuel gauge quite working. Conventional wisdom says its the sender. Checking with some experts (includig "workallthetime"), I came to the conclusion that is the failure. Ordered up a unit from ebay (used but good) for about 1/6th the price of new. Pulled the bed of the truck (8 bed...
  39. J

    Broke bolt dilemma -- HELP!

    Hi, Found a bolt on the ground. The end shows it snapped off flush with just little tab sticking up. The blue paint told that it came from the Ford tractor and a search found that it is one of the two bolts that hold the engine to the engine cradle. Bolt goes in to the front of the...
  40. J

    And you thought modern attachments were unsafe?

    eBay: Tractor 3 point large brush tree saw Ford Kubota Deere (item 160130991552 end time Jun-30-07 19:49:21 PDT) Look at that escapee from a drive in horror movie!!! JB P.S - I have no connection to the seller or the item. Just saw how it looked and thought to share.
  41. J

    Cheap parts machine..... (long story w pics)

    Hi, I may have mentioned that there was a "cheap" tractor loader hoe just like my old ford for sale. Well, the price was too good to pass up ($1000). Had it delivered on a back haul for way cheap. In the low res ad picture it looked pretty dern shabby. No hood, lots of rust and had a known...
  42. J

    Making hard line - fittings needed

    Hi, I need to make some hard lines up. I can bend the lines up, but need to weld, braze, silver solder fittings on. 3/4 line going to a 1/2 Oring boss or 37 JIC. Anyone have a source ? Thanks, jb
  43. J

    I want a Clean Mower Deck!

    Have you ever thought that, "I want a clean mower deck!", but like me you're too busy (or really like me and too lazy!) to go out and drop the deck and do it? Well, Being both lazy and inventive I decided there had to be a better way to clean out the grass build up from under the deck. A...
  44. J

    Making a trailer

    Hi, A buddy has an old panel delivery van. The body was all aluminum sheet and that has been delivered to the recycler. What is left is a steel frame and dual wheel single axle that is probably 12k rating. The van was 16 or 18,000 pounds. We were thinking about turning it into a dump...
  45. J

    What to do with a big blue tank ....

    ... or "You might be a red neck if" Well, I was given a big blue tank from and industrial water system. It was used to buffer pressure fluctuations and is the same type that is used on well systems. Those of us with wells know what I mean. Here's a picture of it. It's 24 inches across and...
  46. J

    I hate's meeces to pieces!

    I have been sand blasting my backhoe over the past week or so. Blast a bit, needle scale a bit, wire brush a bit, blast a bit. The blaster has been working sporadically. It would clog up and have to take the nozzle apart and clean it out. Well, it started working worse and worse. Just...
  47. J

    Big Lie....

    I bought a new Harbor Freight needle scaler. Pretty neat tool. The hardened steel 3 mm diameter needles are smacked and whacked by the tool and they do a real nice job getting off old paint, rust, pounding welds, knocking out weld slag and such. If you don't have one, it's a decent way to...
  48. J

    It's harder than it looks

    Ok, I have been redoing the compressed air lines in my shop. Used PVC (I know!) as a temporary solution, 15 years ago. The lines finally blew apart -- literally. Left a giant cloud of mist and a lot of platic chunks. So, I went to the permanent solution, black iron. Everything was going...
  49. J

    Ice Age - The Meltdown....

    I used the old Ford backhoe to scratch a little hole in the ground last fall. Silly water filled it in before I could finish. Then fall and winter came. Now spring is in the air. Temps have been soaring lately, in fact water has been spotted in it's rare molten form! I wanted to see how...
  50. J

    Cultipacker suggestions?

    Hi, Am looking to get a cultipacker in the 6' - 7' range. Any suggestions on models and prices? Thanks, jb