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    Kioti parking brake failure...has this happened to you?

    3,000 hrs. on CK27 no sign of wear. 400 hrs. on 2610 no sign of wear.
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    Cool Nature Photos

    They are beautiful possibly Day Lily's, Tiger Lilly's here do have spots like Fuddy mentioned.
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    DIY cab made a frame for the front and had a place that does boat tops and car interiors ( seats) make the top for me $1,200.
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    CK3510SE HST shifting issue

    In 31 yrs. of owning a 4wd tractor logging thousands of hrs. I doubt if I've ever had them out of 4wd more them 10 or 15 mins. altogether and that's when I drove on blacktop a short distance a couple times. No point in owning a 4wd if your scared to use it .
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    CK3510SE HST shifting issue

    Robin , I've not had my tractors out of 4wd except for 2 or 3 times they drove on pavement. Driving on steep hills in 2 wheel drive is foolish and dangerous. I put 6,000 hrs. on my first tractor 3,000 on the sec. and 700 on my present one. Nothing has ever failed because of it.
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    CK3510SE HST shifting issue

    I never use the clutch just press on the brake so the tractor doesn't move and if it doesn't shift turn the steering wheel back and forth a bit and it that doesn't work move the tractor a few inches. Some one here years ago mentioned moving the steering wheel so before I poo pooed I tried it out...
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    Welding to repair snow blade wear bar.

    That is actually a grader. For snow plowing just weld on a new cutting edge the whole length.
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    Hydrostatic transmission pedals sticking

    Had an appointment and took my tractor in this morning and wouldn't you know it as of 2 days ago the trans started working exactly like it should. The mechanic (who knows Kioti tractors inside out) showed me and went threw the factory repair manual with me every component and oil flow from the...
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    Potential power increase for CK2610?

    It may be wise to follow advice from a professional . I would not follow any advice from that fella.
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    Hydrostatic transmission pedals sticking

    My 2610 with only 350 hrs. is now doing it , I can take my foot off the pedal and it will travel up to 100'. I've lubed it , tightened the spring and checked with the repair manual every thing is within spec. so I also think it's a transmission flaw. I'll be seeing a very good Kioti mechanic...
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    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    I wouldn't consider running my tractor without LOADED back tires. 1st tractor 20+ yrs. with sodium chloride never a problem . Bought a new tractor nothing in tires used it for for 1 wk. to dangerous. Found where I could get the tires loaded with beat juice and had them filled . Safer on hill...
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    kioti quit

    Check that it's getting fuel, no smoke when turning over may be an indication. Does relay for fuel solenoid Click when you turn the key on?
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    Kubota B2630 flipped on the left side

    Check and wash around battery.
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    Pulled fitting

    I did that with a loader fitting and was able to fix it by buying a new fitting with pipe thread ( instead of metric ) put some Teflon in it which worked with no leaks for a few yrs. until I traded in the tractor.
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    Loaded tires with TL 90.

    I see no reason .
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    Loader Quick Attach leaking

    Replace the 0 ring in it.
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    Cool Nature Photos

    Not often I get to see baby bears here plenty of 2 yr. old's and older.
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    Gluing PVC Pipe under water/ Pond overflow

    I put T's on the end of the over flow pipes and take the water 4 or 5" below the surface that way it doesn't get plugged with anything floating on the surface. Never glued one and never had any come off, you can't even pull them off.
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    Gluing PVC Pipe under water/ Pond overflow

    You don't need to glue it just stick it on.
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    3pt wont move and tractor wont run without loader attached

    Connect them or like posted the pump will be damaged.
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    Case DX29, hydraulics stopped working

    Unless you changed the transmission oil the 3 point shouldn't have been effected.
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    Another fatal tractor rollover

    I don't see any Rops .
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    3pt wont move and tractor wont run without loader attached

    Remote hydraulics in neutral position ?
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    What Is Wrong With People Who Don't Trim Their Zipties?

    After cutting the tie melt the end with a match or lighter and it will be perfectly smooth.
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    mahindra 3325 running away

    Sounds like the fuel rod in the injector pump may be stuck . I'm just repeating my experience there may be other factors involved.
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Nice job on your building , looks great !!!
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I wasn't able to roll this 18' log without the help of a come-along. Filling an order for 2x10 & 2x8 longer than I preferer to saw.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I try and carry them or trailer them ,if they end up getting gravel or mud I bark them . This is a good way to destroy the front bearings and seals so I don't carry large ones far any more.
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    Quick question and favor from anyone owning a KIOTI CK2610.

    You'll need to cut 2 -1/2" knotchs where the rops are. Mines
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    Quick question and favor from anyone owning a KIOTI CK2610.

    When folded it will go threw a very low dr.
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    Cool Nature Photos

    Not sure about the first one but I think the second one is a wolf spider web.
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    Gotta love a geyser

    I've only ever bought double braid . Only single braid I've seen was on a Bhoe I bought where they had replace the stabilizer hose with it and it blew with no visible cracks or wear.
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    Hydrostatic transmission pedals sticking

    The pedal stuck down on my CK27 a few yrs. ago on a very steep hill in 1st gear with the engine wide open and I flipped over backwards . Under those conditions the trans pressure didn't let go when I kicked the pedal to get it out of gear.
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    Hydrostatic transmission pedals sticking

    Check the linkage for wear and you can take the cylinder apart and clean it up & lube it. You may also be able to step up the tension on the spring in the cylinder. I got the specs to work on my last Kioti on line.
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    Logging winch design

    A wireless remote is very handy . I don't have to go back and forth to the tractor to reset the choker to put a roll on the log .
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    Logging winch design

    I've skidded hundreds of trees with my home made outfit and only a 4000 # 12V winch not real fast but adequate . I think you'd be happy to have a fairlead for the cable , depending on your terrain . Can't find a good pick of mine but you can see the fairlead as I'm skidding trees from above...
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    Cool Nature Photos

    Telling me I'm close enough.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Log length should be okay Dodgeman but I'd for sure raise them off the ground. I've bucked up a few cords and just left them in a pile for a yr. On dry ground before splitting. Logs for the mill often sit a yr. or to , I have them piled a ft or so off the ground.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Not so sure a filter will help much about old gas. Sta-bil or seafoam or ? are the only thing I've found helps. It's the residue ethanol gas createds when it sits to long that plugs the tiny ports.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I had a generator sit a yr. with ethanol gas in it and it would only run with the choke on . I used carb cleaner, sea foam took it off and clean it all twice with no luck. Finally I took it off and used a very fine wire to poke threw every small hole in the carb that did the trick. Runs like a...
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    Rpm's and long downhill runs

    I've had a HST tractor since 1991 and don't know if it's right or wrong but I've always ran them from 1800 to PTO RPM depending on circumstances.
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    How are my turf tires going to handle this job?

    Bill that was only a short stretch of a mile or so of trail that was dry. I have a long steep driveway as long as it's cold I can plow going up as well a down with no chains. Unfortunately there's always wet snow falls and times when it's glare ice so I use rear chains with cross links every...
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    How are my turf tires going to handle this job?

    Took this pick a few wks. ago fairly steep climb with loaded turf tires but no counter weight. When it's wet gumbo clay you keep the tractor in the garage.
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    How are my turf tires going to handle this job?

    Your tires will be fine .
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    Front axle Oil

    I've been using trans oil in the front axle for six yrs. now since the dealer told me it was fine. Since using it I've never had to replace a front seal or bearing which I had been doing every few yrs. when using gear oil. For one thing you'll certainly get better lubrication in the winter time .
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    Extra Step

    I made this one as well as one for my last 2 tractors , but would have bought one if there was one that would fit for less than $100.
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    Rerouting exhaust

    The flex tubing is sold in most auto parts stores.
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    Setting Park break

    Living on a mt. side and needing to use the break every time I stopped I came up with this idea. It worked perfectly for 6 yrs. on my CK27 and now I've done the same mod on my 2610 Kioti .
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    Rerouting exhaust

    This is how I eliminated breathing exhaust and having it blow up dust in my face. The piece of trim above the step I installed to keep the floor mat in place because I kept hooking it & pulling it up with my toe.