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    Oil & Fuel Damaged fuel line on MF2410

    MF in RED I spent a little more time on your attachments and realize now that the line is about 32 inches long and actually goes to the fuel pump, hidden somewhere under the floor panel. I will buy some 1/4 inch line and wait for a nice day to do the replacement. Once again, thanks for the...
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    Oil & Fuel Damaged fuel line on MF2410

    J MF in RED. I have a leak in exactly the same spot on my GC2610. I just shortened the line to continue working, but would like to replace the entire line. Do you remember the length of the line? Does it go back to the tank, or the fuel filter? Your pictures are great, made it easy to...
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    Backhoe Massey gc 2610 with CB05 backhoe, hydraulic issue?

    Hello all. Massey GC 2610 with cb05 Backhoe. Was using the backhoe recently, this morning took it off to use the loader and trailer for some dirt moving. Went to hook it back up this afternoon and it seems like the hydraulic cylinders will extend but not contract, if that makes any sense. I...
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    Massey Ferguson GC-2610 winter tachometer

    My GC 2610 has been a fine overall performer. However the tachometer has the typical cold weather screeching, to the point that I disconnect it for the colder weather. AutoMeter makes a diesel tachometer that has a probe that straps onto the alternator, and somehow picks up enough signal to...
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    Mowing GC 2610 mid mount mower blades

    I have a GC 2610 with an MF 2325 mid mount mower. The deck is a standard 60 inch deck. I am hoping to find aftermarket replacement blades, preferably mulching type. I have searched threads and can only find a 2 or 3 year old reference to Oregon blades (Oregon 91-584 with a 02-452 (3/4" X 1")...
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    Tachometer problems in cold weather

    Hello all. I have a GC 2610, approximately 450 hours. Have owned it since Spring 2013. Tachometer worked flawlessly in the spring and summer months. First cold day this fall, it acted up and the rpm's indicated over 3000, even when barely above an idle. Shut it down, and it worked fine...
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    Muratori RotoTiller GL-4 or GL-5, and grease

    I have recently purchased a used Muratori roto tiller. The manual calls for Esso Gear Oil EP 320 or AGIP ROTRA MP 85W/140. Does anyone know if these gear oils would be GL-4 or GL-5? I wouldn't want to use GL-5 if the gearbox had some of the metal components that GL-5 would be tough on. On the...
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    Mowing MF2325 Gear Oil

    Hi All. I recently purchased a GC 2610 with 60 inch mower. I don't have the manual and need to add some gear oil to the mower gearbox. The mower is a MF 2325 with 60 inch deck, and I assume it takes GL-4 gear oil likely 80W, but would like to be sure before I add. Thanks
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    New Member From Canada

    Hello all. Just purchased (2 weeks ago) Massey GC 2610 TLB (400 hours), MMM and Muratori Rototiller. Have been watching the reviews and issues related to the tractors and feel confident that this group and knowledge base will take me through many years of SCUT ownership. I have 2 acres with...
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    Mowing Just Purchased used GC 2610 TLB

    Hello all. Just purchased a 2610 TLB (400 hours) with 60 inch MMM and Muratori roto tiller. Have dug out some stumps, and done a little leveling. Have had the BH on and off a couple of times, but have not used the MMM or roto tiller yet. I am pleased with the SCUT, but have some reservations...