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    Loading hay = round bales

    22 foot deck over trailer is absolutely the best investment we made for hauling 4x5 bale's. 8 on the bottom and three centered on next row up (six if you are brave). Tilt bed hauls tractor and skid steer too. Super handy for building materials or any palleted material to forklift on and off...
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    Branson 6530C still having AC issues

    Seconding that the evaporator is freezing up. Automotive usually has a sensor near or on the evaporator to cycle compressor when plenum gets too cold. One way to know for sure is to turn off compressor, leave fan on high for 15 minutes, then turn compressor back on. It should thaw with outside...
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    Burned Up Trailer Wiring

    12 volt charge wire is generally only hot when ignition is on.
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    Glow plugs

    Not sure for your brand but with most tractors left is a manual position to command glow plugs on. Right is engine temp sensor driven cycle. If engine or outside temp is warm your indicator may not come on as preheat is not needed per sensors.
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    Buying Kioti HST 40hp for the farm-Advice?

    40 hp might be a little light for haying and round baling? We did it with a manual transmission and it struggled on grades with full 4x5 baler. Added a 57 hp utility weight tractor and what a difference both cutting and baling.
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    How many brands does your dealer sale?

    New Holland ag and industrial, Massey, Case, Vermeer, Cub cadet lawn. Excellent service in all their brands.
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    Yoke removal from post hole digger gearbox.

    Looks like set screw only no snap ring? Penetrating oil, heat and maybe a puller with gentle force?
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    Boomer47 front tires locked up

    Turning it by hand it may be normal to see reverse rotation just like a vehicle. When you turn the wheels does the front driveshaft turn freely with 4wd off? Possible frozen ujoint causing your binding?
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    Boomer47 front tires locked up

    There are driven gears on each side if it's a drop axle design. Drain plugs on each side should be magnetic. Check for shrapnel there first. Bils TYM broke one of the drop shafts and it did the same thing. Fairly easy fix with no special tools other than snap ring pliers.
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    Boomer47 front tires locked up

    Disengage front axle, use loader to lift front wheels off the ground. Try to rotate each front wheel by hand. If something is binding in front axle you will be able to tell without further damage.
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    Best truck under $10k?

    It's a thing for many model years starting around 2007 in some models. Older system wiped out the cam and lifters when it failed newer system causes big time oil consumption.
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    Best truck under $10k?
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    What are you OCD about?

    Nothing goes on the dash of the truck, cups only in the cupholder, exit vehicle with your trash. Countertop is for preparing food not storing stuff on. Push your chair in when you leave the table. Bench in mudroom is to sit on to put your shoes on your feet. Don't stack purses and junk on it.
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Here's a picture of install
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Blaze King catalytic here installed as a hearth stove. Very happy with heat output and burns all night on low damper setting.
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    LSxr4040 cab tractor modifications

    So sorry to hear about Barry, condolences to you and his family. Good friends like you are hard to find!
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    So many "advice givers" want us to declutter.

    My rural neighbors call me the Sunday hardware store for bolts, plumbing fittings and odds and ends on a weekend.
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    Paint for tractor

    If there is a piece of metal the color you are seeking that can be removed....most auto body or paint stores have a color spectrometer for color matching. Fuel door works for cars and trucks.
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    Overcharging TC-40

    If it has an external voltage regulator try replacing that first?
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    Heat Pump Startup Makes The Lights Flicker,,, Is That OK??

    200 amp service here house built in 2000. Our 5 year old screw type 18 seer heat pump slightly dims our led bulbs on startup. I would not worry about it.
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    Hustler X-One

    Bought my Hustler FasTrack 54 back in 2005. At that time Honda was the premium engine. Belts, blades, and front tires have been only repairs. Built like a tank, especially compared to most newer zero turns. That's why I have kept it this long!
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    Buying Advice First Tractor

    Most people here have probably refurbished an older tractor I personally owned two in my youth. Tires are expensive, parts can be a challenge and when you are done you have an old tractor with slow hydraulics that needs to be fixed everytime you use it. After trying that twice I bought a brand...
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    Trailer surge brake bleeding

    Anti-lock brake hydraulic control unit _1500.00, quart of dot 4 synthetic brake fluid 10.00. Simple math to me. Gravity bleed brake calipers at every brake service.
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    Hesston 5510 won't open

    After cycling it with rebuilt cylinders and new lines you checked hydraulic fluid level in tractor right? Possibly low from sharing fluid with empty lines and cylinders on baler?
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Be aware if you do a Roth conversion you can't touch the money for five years after the conversion.
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    Need older tractor recommendations for round baling.

    50-60 hp minimum. Some older tractors don't have sufficient hydraulics to lift v-rakes or baler door. Neighbor had a Farmall 60 and I had to run his rake and baler for him. Farmall didn't have enough flow for newer equipment.
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    New Tractor Problems

    To eliminate hydrolock from the equation you can put a breaker bar and socket on crank pulley and make sure engine turns over evenly by hand.
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    Amazon Stuff That Doesn't Suck

    Amazon basics flannel shirts are soft and comfy. Reasonable priced too.
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    Any recommendations for battery self powered mower that can deal with centipede grass?

    Haven't pulled the trigger on the harbor freight atlas 80v mower yet, but have the chainsaw, trimmer, pole saw and leaf blower. Very happy with all so far. Mower is next, it holds two 80v batteries for extended run time. Chainsaw is as good as gas, blower is better than gas. Pole saw can be shut...
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    LS XR4155 absolutely no power

    Did you try loosening the fuel tank cap to see if it affects power? Possible fuel tank can't breathe?
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I'm sure the people that have worked on your minivan have done it but sure sounds like a bad engine or body ground is first thing I would look for. It must be either that or wiring harness fault if failure can be attributed to vibration caused by bumps?
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I agree that high school ed should require life skill credits like shop, home ec, and personal finance. Those are skills kids could use the rest of their lives to eat, repair things themselves, and be financially independent. Remember when the goal of patenting was to make your kids not need you?
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    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    Went to 4 stores yesterday trying to find 5w40 Diesel oil in any brand for spring oil change. Had given up looking for T6, Blaine's website said they had 2 gal jugs in stock of their house brand. Every diesel oil shelf completely empty. So after two months of trying to find 5w40 I decided to...
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    Anybody Have Auto Owner's Insurance?

    Auto Owners here for home, autos, and business. Rates actually went down this year. $2500 deduct on home, $1000/500 on collision/comp, $2500 on business. Great rates and a good company. Progressive on boats and 4 wheeler very reasonable and agreed value policy.
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    Oil question

    Latest diesel oil spec is CJ or CK and they are backwards compatible to cc/cd spec. You didn't mention the spec or weight of the oil you used?
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    Atlas 80v 18" from harbor freight. Had it about a year now. Also have Atlas 40v pole saw that uses same batteries. Chainsaw is a beast, one battery equal to 2-3 tanks of gas. Super quiet too. Atlas leaf blower is next on my list.
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    Dealer What Makes a Great Dealer

    In our business we treat every customer as a guest in our home. Clean restrooms, clean office, return phone calls, text and emails same day or within 24 hours. First hour every Monday is contacting website inquiries from the weekend web traffic. It's really basic treat them as you would want to...
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    Massey Ferguson 231 battery draw

    12.9v running charge rate is just above battery voltage of 12.6. Typically a healthy charging system puts out 14-14.2 volts. You can disconnect your alternator during draw test to see if draw goes away. I'm suspecting your alternator or voltage regulator is the draw based on low running charge rate.
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    Anyone use a HF plate compactor?

    Harbor freight orange one here I've used for 10 years. Compacted 40x60 barn building site and crushed rock floor inside it. Great for compacting driveway after new gravel, no more washouts. Strap a piece of carpet an plate and level pavers perfectly. One of my favorite hf purchases next to their...
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    What to do about a rusty frame?

    Up North in the salt belt rusty frame means something different. 2004 models you can see through the frame, shackle supports rusted off with spring penetrating bed, fuel tanks held up with ratchet straps because nothing left of frame member supporting tank straps. That's frame rust!
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    RK25 Hour Meter question solved

    Did you happen to leave your key turned on?
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    Snow blower purchase

    Electric start for her, auto turn steering, and add polyethylene skids sloped front to back to avoid digging gravel or dirt. Put a 2x4 flat under blower to adjust the blower for the first few clearings until your base freezes. Later a 1/2 inch plywood scrap. That will help prevent rock throwing...
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    This is my last post on TBN

    Sharing knowledge about tractors, hobby farming and country living is why I joined and have stayed in this group. Very sorry to lose a member with lots of skill and experience. The last few years I've noticed a lot less tolerance of rookies asking basic questions about our lifestyle and care of...
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    5th wheel or gooseneck

    His 2021 450 has the dual in-bed hitch prep from the factory that accepts 2 5/16 ball or drop in 5th wheel hitch. Very likely has rear camera on back of cab from factory as well. If not iBall camera kit would solve seeing the ball. He's asking which hitch to drop in his bed to tow rv. If it was...
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    DEF Use & Problems ?

    Sure it's not DPF diesel particulate filter/catalyst system? Usually DEF exhaust fluid is used in higher horsepower ag equipment in addition to dpf?
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    Gelled up the filter on the GC...quick fix and back running

    I also like to blend my own so I know for a fact I'm treated 50/50 and won't have to tarp and fun. 50% #1 off road, 50% #2 off road plus antigel of your choice. Beats fighting with poor fuel at below zero.
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    Leaking Radiator Fluid

    When you remove the starter to replace the blown out frost plug you have two choices...replace the plug with an engine block heater of the same size, or install a new frost plug. Have some liquid brush on Teflon pipe sealer and coat the outside surface of frost plug it will ease installation. A...
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    Bad alternator? (4110) Based on this description it's internal regulator. If you are reading battery voltage when running it's time for a new alternator.
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    No Rotella T6

    Asked our oil supplier at work about T6, he said no problem for drums...pails, gallons and quarts are not available from shell for most products right now.