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    Case 65A - Cab air conditioning

    Wow, it is a major deal to clean the evaporator on my NH TN70D. You have to remove the headliner in the cab, remove the heater core/evaporator/fan enclosure then split the enclosure to get to the evaporator. Just finished cleaning the coils and reinstalling the enclosure. What a pain in the A$$...
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    Cleaning Up Substantial Yard Debris

    I recently purchased a skeleton (rock) bucket with two grapple lids on it. I have been using this on my skid steer (with foamed tires) cleaning 20 years of trash off my property. I found that by pushing the skeleton bucket into the pile at ground level, I eliminated much of the degris that would...
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    Plate tamper for compacting 300m of driveway?

    I work as an inspector on water and sewer line projects also a few road projects here and there. The last project I was on, the contractor was using a plate compactor that was attached to a backhoe. It ran off the backhoe hydraulics. It was very effective in compacting the back fill in the 2'...
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    I bought a 2019 Polaris Ranger 570 full sized new a few years ago. Mostly just use it riding around sight seeing. Have used it some for fence repair and chasing cows on the 300 acre ranch that my SOL rents. This has been a solid unit that has given no trouble since I have had it. It will run a...
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    Best Pallet Fork Grapple?

    I bought a "The Thumb" more than 10 years ago and mounted it on a dedicated heavy duty pallet fork. I have used it on my skid loader for carrying large trees to light brush. Also it is great for demo work on old out buildings, barns and such. I once picked the entire roof off of a 8'X12' chicken...
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    Grapple style preference

    I finally got to try my new grapple yesterday evening. The grapple has been sitting in the yard for 2 weeks but my skid has been on another job and not available. Got the skid back home yesterday. This thing (the grapple) is awesome! I only picked up three scoops out of the trash pile before...
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    Grapple style preference

    I just purchased a new grapple. After much inner debate, I went with style 1 except that the bottom is a skeleton style rock bucket with 3" spacing between the tines. The grapple is a 66" with two lids that weighs right at 1000lb. Another thing I was looking for in a grapple was where the tine...
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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    Wow, have never seen a mast like that or a tail wheel on a skid steer either. Searched on Google and found a couple of videos. Very cool attachments. Tim
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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    4570man, $200 for all, don't know about the price of new rims. Ruffdog, I watched that same video. I think there may be some difference between a lawn mower tire and a skid steer tire. I watched a farmer's video where he cut his skid steer tires off with a chain saw. Tim
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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    Thanks all, doesn't seem like a job for the faint of heart. The tire dealer said that it would cost about $200 additional to have the old tires removed from the rims. After your responses and watching a few you tube videos I suspect that is a cheap $200 Tim
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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    I put new tires on my 2007 skid steer when I bought it in 2015. Now it is time to change the tires. Any suggestions on how to remove the old tires for the rims will be appreciated. Tim
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    Thank you all for your replies. I will call the manufacturer today and get clarification on the liquid propane issue. After reading your replies and talking to th Wheat Energy (propane) guy, I am inclined to believe that this generator was designed to run on vapor. Tim
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    Great review, thanks for posting. Looks like this was written in 2019, Now that you have had it for a few years, what do you think of the generator? Tim
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    This desire for a generator is prompted by an unusual weather event last year here in Texas. We had about 4 days of extreme cold (hovered around zero for much of the time), wet, snowy weather last winter. During this time, we were some of the lucky ones in that we only suffered rolling...
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    100 Gallon tank (80 gal fill, 336lb)
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    Hey all, I was gifted a new DuroMax XP10000EH dual fuel generator. I would like to run this on propane. There is a note on the box that says it requires liquid propane. I believe there is a regulator on the generator that you just hook a hose to. My question is do I need a special tank with a...
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    experiences with skid steer mulchers?

    I have never used a mulcher. I do believe they have their place in the land clearing world and I would like to try one sometime should the opportunity arise. However, I do quite a bit of grubbing work with my skid steer. I use a sheeps foot grubber on my machine and can take out a large mesquite...
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    Hydraulic auger problem

    If you have a spare rear remote, check and see what the flow through that is. If it is higher than what is available at the front, plumb from the rear remote to the front. Better yet, hook that auger to the back hoe arm and run it that way.
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    Hydraulic auger problem

    I run a auger quite a bit on my skid steer digging fence post holes, piers for foundations and up to 36" by 11' piers for setting light poles. Occasionally I run the auger at low speed so I can feel for any obstructions I may be about to drill through (yes, I always call 811). In my area we have...
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    Help me pick a mower

    Good tip Willy, thanks! Tim
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    Help me pick a mower

    In 2007 I bought a 50" Troybuilt ZT from Lowes. priced at $2600 end of season and a safety switch that they replaced, I was out the door for $1975. Just replaced the spindles and blades this year and some sheet metal on the deck to the tune of about $500.00. Other than tires, a belt and...
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    OVER TIRES TRACKS questions hands on experience ???

    I had a NH LX565 for several years that I bought a set McLaren OTT tracks for. I would install them or remove them as needed, took maybe 45 min to an hour. I was very impressed with them. At the time I was using them in muddy and sandy conditions. They worked very well in both situations...
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    Need advice on 30 -40hp tractor purchase

    I had a Rhino 950 that I used behind my TN70D tractor. I used it to cover power line ditches. It was a wonderful, versatile blade, very stout. Mine was set up to control all functions from inside the cab. I can see it being very effective as a snow clearing tool. Tim
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    OT sort of Changing engines on a wheelbarrow compressor

    Wow, ran across this old thread so I thought I would update anyone interested. The predator engine is doing well. I don't use it much so after a few months of non use, I usually have to hit it with a dose of starting fluid (had to do the same for the Honda after it got some age on it too). All...
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    Did you build or buy your tractor shed/garage

    I too bought a conex to store my tractors in. I have a NH TN70D cabbed tractor and a skid loader and a bad rodent problem. I elected to buy a 40' High Cube container with doors on both ends. As containers go, it was kind of expensive at around $5,500 delivered. In order to get the double door...
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    5' or 6' skid steer mounted brush buster?

    Thanks for the replies guys Tim
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    5' or 6' skid steer mounted brush buster?

    Good morning all, I am about to acquire a brush buster (generic term) for my skid steer. This will not be a super heavy duty machine, more for knocking down brush than trees. My skid steer is a NH L190 with an enclosed cab. I have rented these units before including the monster ones so I have...
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    Modifying a tandem disk

    Thanks guys, Actually, I would still prefer to narrow the entire plow to 10' overall width. Mostly to make it easier to go through narrower gates and also to make it easier to road the tractor and plow (not so much hanging out on either side). This plow will be used mostly for food plots and...
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    Modifying a tandem disk

    Huh, I had in mind to reduce the width of the entire plow but I may not need to.
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    Modifying a tandem disk

    Anyone had any experience changing the width of a Tandem Disk? I would like to narrow a 12' or 14' Tandem down to 10'. An 8' is too small and I may have trouble pulling a 12'. I found an old 10' that someone wanted $3500 for, felt like that was more than I wanted to pay for an old disk. Ran...
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    Hey all, New to the snow plowing forum. I live in West Texas so snow is rarely a problem here. Except today. Snowed all day yesterday, got about 6" of snow. Normally we get 1"-2" of snow per year usually in one snow event if it snows at all. This year we have two snow events within a week of...
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    Need recommendations for a hydraulic motor for a shredder/brush cutter conversion

    Hi All, I have acquired an older 5' Modern 3 pt shredder that I want to convert for use as a light duty brush cutter on my skid steer. My problem is finding the right hydraulic motor to use. My skid steer is a New Holland L190 (early model). The specifications say that the Hydraulic flow on...
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    disk chisel?

    Anybody ever see or better yet use a Disk Chisel? Saw one on craigs list a while ago. 10' wide, one row of pans in the front and 8 chisel points behind. Nice solid looking plow. I don't think its going to take the place of a chisel and a tandem, what do y'all think? Tim
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    NH L190 water pump removal

    Hi all, I have a 2007 NH L190 Skid steer that needs a new water pump. Does anyone know if the water pump can be removed from the side of the machine or does one have to remove the radiator and oil cooler and get at it from the rear? Thanks in advance, Tim
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    Grading Using the 3 point hitch in an unconventional manner

    Hey all, I have a NH TN70D. The lower arms on the three point telescope to make hooking it up easier. Also the right arm can be lowered or raised independently of the other via a screw adjustment. I want to use my 6' Rhino box blade to crown a dirt ranch road. I am thinking about hooking up...
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    Build/buy a skid steer brush cutter or cobble one up from an old brush hog?

    Hey Guys, I need a front mounted mower for my skid steer. I don't need one often enough to spend $2500 - $4500 to buy one. A few years ago, I drew one up that I figured would cost me around $1500 - $2000 in materials plus labor. Still a large investment in time and materials for no more than I...
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    Absolutely new to haying, need some advise

    Actually, my son in law and grandson want to try haying. They have a 60 acre field and a 18 acre field available to them for this grand experiment. They are going to have to acquire some equipment to get started. I was wondering if anyone uses a shredder (rotary cutter) for cutting hay. I have...
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    Mowing Tractor mowing/shredding/bush hogging sub forum

    Muhammed, as it is about time for the grass and brush to start growing again at least here in West Texas, I would like to (once again) propose that you create a sub forum under the Tractor Projects and Tasks for Tractor Mowing/ Shredding. There are a large number of posts that are scattered...
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    New shoes for my tractor

    I finally bit the bullet and bought new tires for my TN70D. At 15 years in I replaced the front tires (Titan) with some Deestone tires. I was hoping the Deestones would get me through until I needed to replace the rears. They didn't. So, at 18 years I replaced the Titans (original on the...
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    Hydraulic wheel motor repair

    I have a New Holland L190 skid loader that I think one of the wheel motors is leaking badly. Is it possible to repair one of these motors at home?
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    Question about tandem disk plows

    Hey all, I have been eyeballing tandem disks for awhile now, looking to buy. I am looking for a used 8' to 10' drag type disk. I have noticed that some of them have a smaller disk on the outside. What is the reason for this? Tim
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    Loader When you are working on a tractor, which is the right side and which is the left side

    Had to remove the lower hyd cylinders for service the other day. Today I was re installing them and realized that the yoke that the lower pin attaches to is marked R and L. Ok, is this as if you were sitting in the tractor seat looking forward or standing in front of the tractor looking towards...
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    Odes Utv

    Hey guys, anyone have thoughts or experience with Odes utv's? Good, bad or ugly? I have looked and am thinking about the 800cc Dominator.
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    OT sort of Changing engines on a wheelbarrow compressor

    I have a Ingersol Rand wheelbarrow compressor with a 5.5HP Honda GX160 engine on it. The Honda is shot. I am considering installing a Predator 6.5hp engine from Harbor Freight in its place. Why would I do such a thing you might ask? $345.00 plus shipping and tax for the Honda motor vs $115 for...
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    Traction TN70D stuck in 4WD

    Hey all, I have a 2000 model TN70D that I bought new. The tractor is stuck in 4WD. Best I can tell, the 4WD mode is actuated hydraulically. It is my understanding that if this solenoid fails, the tractor goes into 4WD. I have found what I thought was the solenoid on the right side of the...
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    NH TN70D stuck in 4WD

    I was mowing a few weeks ago with my New Holland TN70D tractor. As usual I was mowing in two wheel drive which I normally do unless conditions warrant otherwise. I was just about finished when I noticed that the 4WD indicator was lit. I determined that indeed the tractor was in 4WD. I tried...
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    How do i remove the cab roof on my NH TN70D?

    Hey guys, I am having trouble with my air conditioning on my 2000 New Holland TN70D tractor. The fan is not blowing much air. I think the evaporator is either clogged up or a piece of insulation has fallen down between the fan and the evaporator. This problem has just recently cropped up, not...
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    Hey guys, need a little estimating help

    All good ideas guys. Mowing is out as the owner specified that he wanted all vegetation scraped off of the surface. Letting the piles sit for a while and dry out (thereby reducing volume) may be a viable option. I am now thinking that my best bet is to windrow the debris. Then I can get a...
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    Hey guys, need a little estimating help

    I am bidding a land clearing job out in far West Texas. The owner wants 8 acres cleared of a low scrub brush and the brush hauled off. My plan is to use the dozer blade on my skid steer to scrape up the brush into piles and then use a grapple rake to shake out as much dirt as possible and load...