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  1. Amvcane

    SSQA Snow Plow

    Quick question. I am running hoses for a Meyers plow mounted on a ssqa plate. The cylinders are single action. Do I need to fill the SA cylinders with fluid before hooking up? If I mount the plow, lift it up and dump the curl so the plow and cylinders are verticle with the connections up, will...
  2. Amvcane

    Screen half width and flashing adds

    iPad Pro iso 12.2. Using safari About 2days ago it started, the forum column is half width, small type, and the right side of the screen is a flashing ad. I am logged in and tried logging out and back in, no help. Shutting off Java stops it but you cannot see any images in the forum...
  3. Amvcane

    Backhoe KB2475 backhoe on CK35

    Just put the backhoe on to ready some holes before the apple trees arrive and the subframe to hoe was very sloppy, loose bolts. Tightened all bolts and it was still sloppy. It seems the upper left bolt in the pic egged out the hole some. Only explanation. It seems like the only solution I can...
  4. Amvcane

    CK 35 bolt on backhoe thumb

    I am looking to purchase a bolt on backhoe thumb for my CK35 with a KB2475 backhoe. In the research phase right now and was wondering what brands others have bought, along with some pros and cons, and estimated price. As usual, I will be using the thumb to pick-up and place rocks and also for...
  5. Amvcane

    300 series 3pt hitch question.

    I am in the process of buying a 3pt hitch for my 1983 JD 318. I have noticed that it is missing the small strap which connects from the rock shaft end lever down to the 3pt arm mount. Does any one know its purpose, is it actually needed? If needed does anyone have some dimensions of it so I can...
  6. Amvcane

    Snow Attachments Shulte 6200 3pt blower

    Just picked up a Schulte 6200 3pt snow blower for my CK 35 hst. It is 5'-2" wide circa 1999. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these blowers, pros, cons, modifications. Will be looking to install some sort of remote chute rotation, probably electric (old battery drill maybe)...
  7. Amvcane

    New Member

    Just bought a brand new Kioti ck35hst tlb and also a JD 318. Have been reading posts for months and am looking foward to weeding through some more. There is a wealth of knowledge within these forums and I am hoping to add to it.