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  1. Sarge50

    Rat and Pest (Mice) control in enclosed Structure

    Just wondering if anyone has used Carbon Monoxide poisoning to get rid of pests in an enclosed structure. I have a 20x20 enclosed garage with a concrete floor, roll-up door on the south 40 of my property that is used to store supplies, Lawn mowers, etc, and other stuff that I do not want rodents...
  2. Sarge50

    Land Plane/Leveler

    Just bought a 60-inch land plane today from the manufacturer here in Northern Alabama. Not sure if I can say the name since they are not a sponsor, (Lowery) but it is American-made. Not sure about the steel. Anyway, it is awesome. Pics to follow if allowed. Offloaded from my Ram 2500 using my...
  3. Sarge50

    The ultimate Build it Yourselfer!

    If you are into metal fabrication and building your own projects I highly recommend you check out this YouTube channel. He is a retired Nuclear Engineer who has made a few great projects from Old, (PRE MTD Cub Hydro units) Project including a Mini Motor Grader, Mini 6 wheel dump, and now he is...
  4. Sarge50

    What happened to this poor thing!!!

    While perusing sold auction prices for Cub/Yanmars ran across this listing. Sold back on Nov 2021 for $3300 then again in Mar 2022 for $3990.00. The tractor is broken at the rear of the Transmission. Trying to figure out what could have caused this? Fell off a trailer? Can't see overloading the...
  5. Sarge50

    CUT Tractor attachment rental business

    Thinking about starting a 3 point scut/cut 3 point attachment rental business. Small at first then go from there. I see a need, but none of the local Rental Shops offer small tractor implements. Anybody have experience in trying to rent a 3 point implement for a SCUT or CUT?