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    Hydrostatic quirk or total nonsense?

    Bear in mind that the "capacity" and lift ability are not always the same for a loader (bucket or forks). The geometry of the various angles of loader arms, bucket/forks position, and hydraulic cylinders means that there will be different lift ability based upon all of these angles, where the...
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    Thinking about purchasing a mini Excavator for the farm Part 2

    Also agreed, don't plan to rent it out. I live within my means to buy what I need, own it, take care of it, and share it only with my most very trusted friends. If you would think to allow another person to use your equipment, it would be because you know them so well, you truly trust them. In...
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    Ran out of diesel, need bleeding procedure

    Well, depending upon the model tractor/engine, you may be looking for several bleeding screws. I have found them on the upper casting of the fuel filter on Yanmar diesels. Open them, and allow the bubbles to flow out. If the fuel filter bowl is transparent, you'll see it fill back up. Run the...
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    Critique what went wrong.

    I had a 26" diameter maple fall in my forest. I cut it into 9 foot lengths. It's now a very nice table on my patio. The very first stage of that project several years ago was realizing that my mini excavator could not possibly lift it to load it on a trailer, and it was too heavy to skid back a...
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    Excavator v. Skid Steer for Hobby Farmer?

    A mini excavator does not "handle" stuff well, but for It's as good as you can get. Particularly for removing stumps, nothing can match it. If you can't pull it out, you can take your time, and dig it out. I bought a used John Deere 15 mini ex in 1998, and have put more than 3000 hours on it...
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    Loader hydraulic line--need quick help

    Yes, that most likely needs tightening. Before you do it, review safety around pressurized hydraulic lines, high pressure oil hitting you can cause miserable injury. The manual for your tractor will provide safety measures.
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    Chainsaw touched power line - guy died

    During training as a firefighter many decades back, a trainier from the local electric utility gave us a seminar on safety near wires. Included in this was a video, in which many actual deaths were captured (by news crews, I expect) which certainly did not make it to the public. It was...
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    Touch up paint

    I too have had very good success with original JD rattle cans, and even brush painting from cans (though, yes, spraying would yield better yet results). Here, in Canada, "Tremclad" brand paint is available in John Deere green (though not the yellow). It's about one third the price of the genuine...
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    Replacment alternator

    Just before you spend the money on a new alternator, be certain that the entire alternator circuit is working. That was the problem on my JD, which I found after I spent the money for a new regulator. For my experience, the wiring harness seems to be about the most trouble prone parts of...
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    Safety doesn't care if your forgetful

    Thanks cdaigle430 for the reminder, Probably all of us have made an omission like that, and a reminder is always a good idea - thanks. From a bad experience I had a few years ago, (nothing to do with farm machinery) I suggest a medical examination. Though the injuries I sustained did not...
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    Why no hydrostatic transmissions on larger tractors?

    I opine that the larger power, the more difficult it is to get the engine out through an HST to the wheels. I had a 14HP JD650, manual transmission. It had lots of umpf (for a small tractor), you could certainty stall it pushing or pulling too hard. I replaced it with a 25HP JD1025R. It does not...
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    Getting hay balers ready

    For my experience as a 27 year rural volunteer firefighter, it seems to me that getting a round bailer ready should include installing one good sized fire extinguisher on the bailer, a second on the tractor, and most importantly, assuring that you could uncouple the bailer from the tractor...
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    Can anyone link me to a definition of a "firm whack"?

    This was a topic of discussion soon after the 911 attacks, where we discussed amending the standards for cockpit doors. It was required that the doors be modified to be impenetrable by terrorists, but still accessible by rescue teams, should the pilots actually simply need to be rescued out of a...
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    "It's amazing what you can do when you don't know what you can't do."
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    What's wrong with Canadians?

    Maple Syrup tastes pretty good when it comes from sap you tapped in your own forest. Then one of the trees blows down in a big windstorm, and becomes (after some hauling, milling, gluing, routering and finishing), a harvest table! When I milled the log, I found one of my tapping holes!
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    What TV did you watch as a kid?

    The Thunderbirds Saturday morning, FBI Friday evening, Ironside, Perry Mason, and later in life, WKRP in Cincinnati! And some other shows, which were okay too....
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    BTW, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?

    7500 hours in 80 general aviation types since 1976. It is both my hobby, and more now, how I pay for my real hobby - tractor, UTV and excavator! I look forward to the day when tractor, UTV and excavator are my primary hobby, and flying is a happy memory - not quite there yet... Not to minimize...
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    My "no" along with everyone else's. And I'll add one thought, for those who are compelled to loan out such equipment (like you just cannot say no to a family member type situation). Replace the correct shear bolt with a brass bolt of the same size (you can buy at Home Depot). Any kind of abuse...
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    John Deere 750 value

    I owned a 650 for 25 years and loved it. If your 750 (4WD?) were sitting in my driveway, I'd give you $5000 easy, more if it were in good shape. $7500 is a good starting point, and maybe be negotiated down a bit, if you agree that the condition isn't perfect. Tires and cylinder seals are not a...
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    Suggestions for light weight pallet forks

    I have the quick attach pallet forks for my JD1025R, and I'm very happy with them. One little trick for lifting the occasional "just a little too heavy" load (and making sure you use ballast) is to consider taking the forks off the frame to save the weight of the forks themselves, if you can...
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    I had a Black and Decker 18V cordless - Meh... Chain speed too slow, snagged. My son n law bought a 12" Stihl, it worked okay, but unusually small chain. I bought a Husqvarna 14", and I'm very happy with it. I have yet to run the battery flat in light use. Among the many things I like, if it's...
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    DIY forks

    Be careful with home made forks, you can put loads into the bucket for which it was not designed. Two risks: Worst, the attachment breaks unexpectedly, and drops your load and maybe recoils the loader/tractor. Or, you just bend the bucket. I have the proper JD dealer purchased forks for my...
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    Axel Seal Leak

    I have changed such a seal on my 4WD John Deere. It was not too difficult. I would not waste effort with "little fixes", you'll spend more time later fusing over it, than wishing you'd replaced the seal in the first place.
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    Advice On How To Straighten Gearbox. Deck Mounting Point Bent Slightly.

    Yup, don't pull on the gearbox! Remove it. It may be a fight to return the deck, it has stretched now, and won't want to sit flat ever again. You might hammer it closer, and sure, do that. Do it cold, heating it will not help you enough to be worth it, 'cause it's never going to be perfect...
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    Flail Mowers

    I've had both behind an 18HP tractor. They both did what they were supposed to, but the rotary mower ended up being better suited to my needs. One thing to consider if you're starting and stopping often, depending upon the type of transmission your tractor and PTO have, they may be a delayed...
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    Kioti Broken in Half

    In defense of the tractor, it was being winched by the crane, and the crane jerked it, which broke it.
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    Broken hose, lift stuck in air

    For my similar experience with fire trucks, it requires hydraulic pressure to be applied to lower the boom, so if you have a loss of pressure, it doesn't drop the boom uncontrollably - the boom must be powered down, even though it would settle by gravity. This is an extra valve in the boom...
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    Bucket forks

    This. I have a 1025R with the correct quick attach forks, and am very happy with them. And.... If you compromise with clamp on bucket forks, you have to deduct the weight of the bucket [you're still lifting] from the load the forks can lift.
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    Cool Or Creepy Things Found In The Bush Or On Your Property

    While out for a walk yesterday, I happened across a deflated helium balloon. Not terribly unusual, but it is the twelfth I have found on my 100 aces in the last 30 years. One of the first I found bore a promotional message from a radio station in Toledo, Ohio, 300 miles southwest of here!
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    New Tractor: Three Point Hitch Came Apart (see pictures)

    Fair enough. A trouble free, very low cost solution is to forgo the adjustable lift link, and replace it with a second fixed link if you don't need to adjust the angle of the three point accessory. Sure, the turnbuckle is a simple, low cost solution to the possible need to adjust the angle, it's...
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    New Tractor: Three Point Hitch Came Apart (see pictures)

    All turnbuckles work the same way, and all are vulnerable to coming undone if not locked. It is very low operator burden to check that they're suitably locked, as compared to a potentially complex and expensive mechanism to lock them. I have often found that complex and expensive locking...
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    New Tractor: Three Point Hitch Came Apart (see pictures)

    This topic has a combination of dealer prep, and operator check, in this case, they were both missed. Low criticality, but a message none the less. Yes, the dealer should have checked the three point lift arm turnbuckle, and it's a worthwhile operator check too. There are many fasteners which...
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    John Deere 855 Loader??

    I bought the 60A loader for my JD650 brand new 25 years ago. It was an okay loader, but could have been better. It was no rigid to the chassis of the tractor, as it was removable. The fit of the columns into the receiver pockets was sloppy enough that the whole loader would wiggle. The columns...
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    i fell bad, dislocated LEFT shoulder ... completely immobilized, probably months

    Yeah, appreciate your good health, whatever it is! If you're reading here, you have at least some! I spent some time in hospital after an accident 4 1/2 years ago. Though I felt pretty bad with the injuries I'd suffered, I know there were other patients in there with more serious medical...
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    Rear facing snow blower question

    John Deere, converted from front mount, to rear three point for new JD tractor. It works excellently. It has skid shoes, and I have adjusted them so the cutting edge of the blower is 1" off the driveway.
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    Snowblower problem

    Shearing snowblower shearbolts is how you get a low cost lesson in what you should not be trying to do with it! As said, the fact that you sheared, does not mean the two sheared halves dropped out - it's a winter works IQ test! Snowblower gearboxes are at least expensive to repair, at worst, not...
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    Why does my John Deere X739 Flash a Yellow Exclamation Mark?

    My diesel X740 would shut off the PTO when it overheated, self protection, I expect.
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    2520 Power Beyond

    For my JD650 back in the day, no power beyond kit was offered. I designed my own, and it "worked"*. When I found the incompatibility, I was able to correct it with a valve change. *I had intended to use the power beyond to run a three point log splitter, so I used a log splitter valve. It worked...
  39. J

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    It's nice when you can do that! In Reykjavik Iceland, most of the city's streets are heated. I have a photo somewhere, but can't find it. There are lots on line showing this. I doubt that they ever clear snow in the city!
  40. J

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    Perfect! Surfing the web in your warm cab, while you blow snow!
  41. J

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Can you install the three point mounted generator on the tractor to recharge the car?
  42. J

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    Alaska is great, I've been a few times, even in winter! An advantage of a 3 point blower is that if you need to move a pile, you can blow off the top at the high lift setting first, then take a second, and maybe third run at it. A hydrostatic transmission makes all the difference, as you can...
  43. J

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    With a decent blower, and full engine speed, expect to throw snow 15-20 feet up, and 30-40 feet away at best. Slush will not go as far. If you've blown slush, may sure to run the blower dry, shut off the engine, then clean out the blower, so it does not freeze up for next time. I used to make...
  44. J

    Price vs Quality for PTO Driven Snowblowers

    I have been very happy with Bercomac. I find a variation of snowblower quality to be the gauge of metal used in construction, and quality of driveline parts. It's worth spending the extra for quality, to not have to drive a failed snowblower back down a half cleared driveway to fix it in the...
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    Questions about building a gateway entry arch thing

    If you are planting large poles in a part of the country where the ground could freeze for weeks on end (more than just a few frosts), bury at least 2" thick foam insulation tight around the poles, to about two feet radius out. Bury it 2"-3" below ground at the post, sloping away so any water...
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    Buddy seat help

    And our free societies allow us to do this with private equipment - 'doesn't make it a good idea. Yes, I'm critical of this idea, unless the second seat is an approved installation. I say this as a person who approves seat installations in airplanes as a part of my living, and, as a retired...
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    Buddy seat help

    In the last two years, two youngsters in my township (9000 people) have gone under tractors for not being safely seated in the operator's seat. One lost his life, the other his legs. I worry that both operators thought it was safe up to the moment that they realied that it was horribly unsafe. I...
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    Can someone explain to me why supersonic business flight didn't work out?

    For supersonic flight, sadly, yes. I too work in aviation development, and own an airplane. I have a love for aviation, and appreciation for those who innovate. However, with my work with several climate research agencies (who are using airplanes to record the effects of climate change), I know...
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    Need to change input/output shaft direction

    The blower fan should probably be turning more like 1000-1200RPM if the fan diameter is around 16", which is common for small ones. Only less than 1000 RPM if the fan is bigger than 20" diameter. Durst are a gearbox manufacturer, but what you're looking for is odd. The gearbox must have an idler...
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    Need John deere 755 mfwd front gears

    Generally for this type of application, I would say yes, unless the service manual says not to. Make sure that the older one is free of any damage or pitting. When the front axle is off the ground, the wheels spin very nicely through the drive train, so you can feel how the gears are meshing.