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    Income Taxes: Turbo Tax - H&R Block - File Your Own?

    Well I'm on the fence to continue paying our tax guy $250 again for what is now a very simple return. I just did it by hand using the 1040 .pdf file and know what the results should be. I've always done my own but the past 20 years we have used her family friend tax guy and the bill was $340...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I could not find a SS calculator that I liked for age comparisons so I made my own for "Dick" ad "Jane". Most people will be in their late 70's before cumulative earnings even out when comparing SS at 62, 65, 67, and 70.
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Did a search and didn't find any recent threads so here we go...... At 58 with the Good Lord willing my retirement window is 4 to 7 years out. Job is steady albeit stressful at times and hoping I can just ride it out and be happy until it's time to pull the trigger. Finances are in order and...
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    Massey Ferguson GC1723E With NEW BH2720 Backhoe

    Sorry if this has been asked. Looks like there is a new backhoe model BH2720? Anyone have reviews vs. the CB65? Massey Ferguson GC1723E or GC1725M Sub-Compact Tractor With NEW BH272 Backhoe - YouTube
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    Tractor Sales In This Volatile Market

    What do you guys think? Will dealers soon be begging you to come buy and offer great deals on current inventory? OR Will dealers hold out for the better price being unsure when their inventory will be replenished? I think we can agree the economy is getting ready to take a hard hit, just...
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    Worksaver Electric Grapple

    I must say the switch and mount they offer for the loader joystick is about the tackiest I've seen.
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    How cool is this thing?!?!

    How about a Chevy Backhoe.... $10,500 - all original Chevy K 20 4 wheel drive brand new tires this week new brakes brand new clutch with warranty new re built motor matching paint new fluids everything works as she should got the original paperwork from day one build sheets...
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    Hey, piranha tooth bar people!

    Here's a mini grapple mounted on a GC at a dealership in SC.
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    SCUT with AG Tires Question

    YES. another AG vs R4 tire thread. I was comparing tires at the MF dealer recently and he had identical SCUTS with R4's and AG tires. I wish I would have looked at the brand a little more closely now. I know people say AG for best traction, but these AG tires did not look aggressive at all...
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    Compact Tractor Financing Comparison - Hopefully this helps someone

    Pretty good comparsion, I have attached a sheet I saved from an internet sales ad that sums it up for Massey with Agco financing, It's all a game isn't it? About 3 ways to buy a tractor looks like. DON'T be sold on the 0%, it's a gimmick and always will be. Obviously paying cash and finding the...
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    Used SCUT TLB Market: Massey and Kubota With Pricing

    Did this just for fun and I know it has been discussed here. Obviously most people are upside down on their 0% financing deals when trying to sell and the ones that are many years old have really high pricing. All the more reason to buy new. I would also think that most people that have $15-20k...
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    SCUT's with backhoes

    Heck here is another for sale for a BX, not sure what good it will do anyone without the subframe brackets......
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    SCUT's with backhoes

    And then there's this....what a price!
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    Test Drive Massey Ferguson GC1723E/GC1725M

    Great feedback, keep it coming. I stopped by my local dealer yesterday just kicking the tires, mainly to look at a used 2018 GC1710 TLB he had for sale for $13,900 with 188 hours on consignment, pic attached. Salesman and I talked before looking at the GC1725M's he had on the lot, basically...
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    Test Drive Massey Ferguson GC1723E/GC1725M

    Here is recent review for these models. Somewhat long and may not be useful to anyone but a non owner like me. Looks like the biggest complaint was steering and control levers are tight for a big man's comfort. So for the GC owners, what are your complaints with your units.... Thanks
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    2014 Review: Kubota BX25D vs. Massey GC1710 TLB's

    I was in the market back then but never made a purchase. This review material I created is 4.5 years old but may still be of use for someone today, I was unable to attach this PDF file back then. It may also create some discussion for what has changed on these models since 2014. I'm...
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    Price Check 2018 Emax20s with Equipment

    2018 Emax20s with Equipment $12,500 I glanced at this unit with only 30 hours at a dealer who is selling for someone who is moving. So what do you think of this deal? 2018 Emax20s with Equipment $12,500 - 4x4 tractor with loader, belly mower, bushhog, boxblade, and landscape rake
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    Many Thanks To This Forum- Out of the Market

    Earlier this year I was maybe in the market for a subcompact. Now I declare myself no longer in the market. This forum has been very helpful with a great bunch of people willing to share info here to help others. I want to say thanks for that. Some may remember this comparison I made myself and...
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    Craftsman Briggs 14.5 HP Engine Surging at Full Thottle

    Seems to be an age old problem but haven't fixed mine yet. Here is the story: 1. FIL's late 90's mower sitting for 3 years want to get it running to sell. 2. New gas then float stuck, hydrolocked, filled crankcase with gas, lots of smoke, and a heck of a mess. Spark plug looks good, have...
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    Massey Ferguson GC2410 / GC1710 TLB Owners

    I see..looks like they offer a grapple on the FEL...but not a BH unit...
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    Massey Ferguson GC Series FEL w/ self leveling 4 in 1 Bucket

    Available in Australia, how'd they get so lucky....
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    Test Post

    Okay then...let's just keep it goal is 100 posts.....
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    Ever Seen a Red Kubota?

    You'll see one here: Kubota Tractor with Canopy and Rough Cutter
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    Cool BX25 Youtube

    Is this guy on here? Cool flick......
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    Test Post

    Test fopr pdf
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    Massey Ferguson GC2410 / GC1710 TLB Owners

    I am looking for reviews from owners of the GC2410 and the newer GC1710 series SCUT's and want to know how it has served you as far as service needs since you bought it. If you don't have a backhoe unit that is fine, still looking for info on the base unit. Tell what you like, don't like...
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    SCUT: Massey / Iseki vs. Kubota / Kubota

    I have to ride past a MF dealership on the way to look at Kubotas where I am comparing the GC1710 to a BX25D. Has anyone looked at both of these in person before buying and did anyone go with the MF? I have now ridden both at the dealerships. In my mind Kubota is king for SCUT's but this Massey...
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    BX25 Quality Issues

    Looking at BX25D at the dealer yesterday and noticed a bad 12-18" of weld on the backhoe. My flip phone pics will not do it justice and if it had a good coat of paint on it it wouldn't be noticed, weld located to the bottom side of the large Kubota decal. My past job experience tells me most...
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    Deer Stand in Transmission Tower

    Found by the power company during flight surveillance, this guy was crazy!
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    BX25 Thumb vs. Grapple

    BX25 Backhoe Thumb vs. Loader Grapple I know the grapple is much more versatile for it's designed used, but how easy is it to pick-up and drive with a small or large log with the BH thumb? What is the BH thumb's best use? Thanks
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    Price Check BX25D Demo

    Price for this unit is $16250 with financing as advertised. Seems like a new unit with 0% for 60 months may be a better deal than this one? Kubota BX25D Demo unit | Johnson Equipment Company
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    Identify these Loader Mounting Plates - Kubota?

    I bought these last year at an auction in a lot of steel and these were included in the pile. I think they sold a couple of Kubotas as well but not sure. Can anyone identify them?
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    Utility Trailer Build - Finally

    Working on the lights and running conduit, I have several sticks of 5/8 steel tubing not good for much else. Making tail light boxes and fitting up what lights I already have. Installed some of the conduit on top and will notch the wood to fit over it. Also working on some type of ramp...
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    Utility Trailer Build - Finally

    Here are the fenders and the ramps going together. Made a slide in storage bracket behind the axle for the ramps. Ramps are a little heavy, but I used what I had. Also saved $30 by ordering fenders w/o the backs.
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    Utility Trailer Build - Finally

    After 30 years of collecting and procrastinating, decided to go ahead and build me a 6 x 14 utility trailer for general use. Most everything I already have and been gatherting scrap steel since before I went to welding school in 1982. Note that this is not cost effective for the price of...
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    Buying Used then Adding MMM and BH

    Pretty sure this is not practical, so tell me again anyway. Say I find a good used B or BX with a FEL but want a 60" MMM and a BH. Examples: 2012 Kubota 2920 tractor Kubota BX2660 Just not $$$$ practical to add these attachments later compared to buying new and need to finance, is it? Thanks
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    BX R4 Tires - CL Ad

    This seems like a good deal, is it? What would this cost new from the dealer? Kubota Bar Tires Model BX
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    BX Series 4 in Bucket - CL Ad

    Anyone familiar with this 4 in one bucket? Dealer says it's not worth putting it on the smaller BX series tractor when I asked about factory installed hydraulics for FEL 3rd function options. KUBOTA BX2350 W/ 4 IN 1 BUCKET
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    Size of Trailer Needed for BX Series

    What minimum size trailer is needed to haul a BX series with BH and FEL ?
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    Why Can't I Edit My First Post Anymore

    Wanted to keep all this info in the same post but can no longer edit it, why?
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    My Dealership Visits with Pricing

    I will update as I get price quotes from the dealers and let me know what ya think. I have Kubota, NH, MF, and 2 JD dealers near by. These prices are out the door. Can you haggle these prices same as a car dealer? Has anyone gotten different quotes from like mfg dealers? Today was Kubota...
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    New Guy Window Shopping for a Compact

    Hello, new to the forum and looking for a compact 4wd leaning towards Kubota right now. Ignorant to all of them and will be a big step up from my 20 year old Statesman! Combing CL and looking and what things cost. Looking for 20-30 hp range with mid mower and loader in either Kubota, JD, or NH...