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    Gate Help!

    U could easily weave a vinyl mesh (like a lawn chair) which would be light weight and many colors to choose from.
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    Did u put them through a chronograph? I ask cause I’m working up a load and curious about how others do subsonics.
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    Male Half of the snowblower driveline stuck on PTO spline

    U can also try a fifteen minute soak with Naval Jelly (phosphoric acid). This will tend to dissolve rust and increase clearance between the male/female spline.
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    Yellow Jackets under deck enclosed by ceiling.

    I use Tempo dust.
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    Oil Back Ordered

    I bought some off Amazon in 2019 for $38/gallon. Now I see they are charging $43/gallon (but back ordered). I looked at MSC and they want $82/gallon! Is that right?
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    First tractor

    That was a grueling trip!
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    What's Your Favorite Sandwich...???

    Soft shell crab sandwich especially from lower Maryland.
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    Pillow Shopping

    I use the brand “coop home goods”. They provide additional fill with there pillows so that u can make the pillow as soft or firm as u like.
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    backhoe repair

    Could be done with a shouldered bushing. But if u want it done the “right” way, I would weld a bushing in to eliminate maximum pin slop.
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    Just checked Consumer Reports and they say the best for the following: Solid (opaque) stain: Behr Premium Semi-Transparent : Olympic Elite Advanced Clear Sealer: Thompsons or Behr Premium (Tied)
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    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    Another option is to switch over to calcium sulfonate based grease which is quickly taking the place of polyurea.
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    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    If you can find it, Mobil polyrex ep2 is also polyurea based and green and would be a very good substitute. I would have no qualms mixing these.
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    After looking for a few months I finally found some small rifle primers… felt like I won the lottery!
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    Congratulations!!! [emoji313]
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    Looking for a 3rd function solenoid valve recommendation.

    I used an Eaton-Vickers valve that I bought from Surplus Center.
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    Which 3rd Function Kit to buy for Kioti DK6010SE?

    If you search this forum you will find all of the information you need to install your own from components purchased either online or at a local hydraulics store.
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    Elastic bandages by the foot?

    My mistake, I bought some on Amazon for my wife’s broken foot a week ago. I just now looked at the box which gives the “stretched” length at 15 feet. Sorry for getting your hopes up.
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    Elastic bandages by the foot?

    An ankle brace might be a better option. They are made with several levels of stabilization. But if u have already tried that, Amazon has longer lengths of Ace wrap that can be cut to size. Or join two shorter lengths with the hook and loop ends?
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    How do I figure out the hydraulic flow to my front end loader attachments?

    9.62 gpm is what will be available at the max rated rpm.
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    So many "advice givers" want us to declutter.

    I’m afflicted with the same disease. I gave up hope long ago for the cure. Every time I try to throw some loose fasteners or extra parts that came with some kit in the trash I get a sick feeling in my gut that is worse than the frustration I feel when my parts drawers won’t close because I...
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    Kubota L3710 Pitman Arm

    There is a new alloy for cast called Jupiter Mig that’s supposed be really nice. See YouTube video above. Bear in mind that the person in the video is an accomplished welder. If u don’t do MIG, they also have several varieties of stick rod in the Jupiter family. Just Google “Rockmount Jupiter”
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    Hydraulics Piping Questions

    I’d be tempted to replace the entire hard line with a hose.
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    Hydraulics Piping Questions

    As long as you use a hose and couplings rated for the pressure, flow, and temperature of the pump it should suffice. I saw a spec sheet online that listed the tym 603 hydraulic pressure at 2000 psi. If I was experimenting with installing a hose I would start out with a braided hose rated at...
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    Is a power rake the same thing as a Harley rake and is this better than a root grapple + landscape rake?

    Do u mind saying what brand power rake u have and how has it performed as far has durability?
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    H&R Sportsman top break
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    Wrap some scotch brite around a piece of closet hanging dowel to clean the barrel as much as possible Pour some 80 weight gear oil down the barrel and let it soak past the ball. The oil will help seal between the ball and barrel. Then use air again but be careful that ball may come out in a...
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    Possum or raccoon
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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    I agree that property taxes should be eliminated and replaced with a consumer tax. Also school administrative positions should be cut by 60% and school budgets reduced accordingly. The amount of money wasted in our public schools is a crime in itself. The time I’ve spent tutoring my 16 year...
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    Check out Hickok45’s video on YouTube. He does pretty thorough reviews.
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    First Time Owner - Transport Cart Question

    I misunderstood, I thought you wanted to hook up a cart. Like Diggin it said; the tractor supply county line carryall is roughly $250 and I don’t think u would save much money trying to fabricate one given the cost of steel and welding rod. I have one and find it very useful. And yes the...
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    First Time Owner - Transport Cart Question

    I’m not familiar with this particular tractor; but doesn’t it have a drawbar?
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    McNaught vs Lock N Lube Coupler

    Macnaught not Mcnaught. Hopefully our Irish and Scottish kin don’t get too upset [emoji4].
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    In these cases where the perpetrator’s identity is 100% certain; I sincerely believe that a public hanging is a just outcome.
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    Need help, Ford 3000 won't start

    If you have a generator regulator take the B terminal wires off the regulator and connect them together (thus bypassing the regulator) and then try and start with the key if it starts right up your generator regulator has an internal fault.
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    Boy has this been a Major project !!

    Hydrogen Peroxide works well on all biological material. DO NOT MIX peroxide and bleach as pure oxygen is produced and an explosion could result. If you can get to the condenser coil and vacuum away the lint and dust that build up over time; this material may have absorbed odor. Wear gloves if...
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    Need Help ID this Nut & Bolt

    3F is Fontana Luigi
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    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    $7.39 for a 5 lb whole chicken
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    What To Use For Front Shields ON Brush Hogs?

    I use the tire treads shedded from semi-trailers I find on the side of the road. I cut them to size with a portaband saw and mount them with bailing wire.
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    Dk40hst se joystick broken

    That’s not aggressive, that’s brilliant!!!
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    Help with ignition wires!

    I’m not saying that this diagram is correct but see if it makes sense by following your wire’s. It comes from a switch for sale on Amazon
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    Replacement Siding for Detached 2 Car Garage/Workshop

    I’m a fan a James Hardie products.
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    How often should you grease a tractor for light duty?

    I am a very light user and I grease every three months to avoid the aforementioned drying of the grease. The exception to my normal schedule is the backhoe which I grease every time I use it in addition to every three months.
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    Bucket/boom cylinder packing

    I’ve put pins in the hole and then an air hammer against the pin
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    5105 engine surging

    Have u checked the air filter?
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    Repair of wallowed out rear wheel disk bolt holes

    Go to a local machine shop. They can build up the holes with TIG weld and then re-drill the bolt hole pattern on a mill.
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    For anyone interested; the Caldwell Ballistic Chronograph app is now available again on the Apple App Store.
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    High tensile fence crimp sleeves

    I’ve never had an aluminum crimp fail. I have had hogs run through fence lines and break the wire but the crimps always hold.
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    Statistics help please

    She paid for two months at $15/month. We had no problem ending the subscription.
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    I just bought a 300 blackout upper and I’m going to start building up loads. I’m only doing subsonic. Does anybody have some loads they would care to share?