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    Hesston baler

    good price for this small baler ?
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    WR 20 hay rake

    looking at a WR 20 8 wheel hay rake. Seems to be in pretty good condition. $1300.00 Pros/cons Thanks
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    what brand

    what brand welding rods do you use and why ? I mostly burn 6011 here at the farm because most things are rusty,painted,or dirty. I have found no difference in any of the brands Forney, hobart, Lincoln, etc,. So I usually just buy what's on sale at the time I just picked up a 10# box of forney...
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    who owns owns one ? Brand ?
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    Just wondering if all mitsubishi Rattle ? Neighbor just bought a new Mahindra tractor 35 hp. I went up to see it. He cranked it and that engine rattled louder than my 07 cummins. I had an old yanmar 3 cl. that I thought was loud, but this engine is louder that my old yanmar ! This engine is a...
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    long time Kubota dealer

    Local Kubota dealer had been the family business for 70 years sold out recently. It will remain a Kubota dealership just different owner. I knew the original owner. It was passed down to his son. Then to the grandson Grandson isn't that old.. I guess he just got tired of the tractor business...
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    Primeweld cut 60 plasma cutter

    Purchased this last Friday. Should be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait to try it out ! Watched many videos on U Tube of people using this machine before I bought it
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    Hydraulic Fitting

    anyone here ever seen a push fit (almost like a shark bite) hydraulic fitting ?
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    Thoughts on primeweld cut 60 plasma cutter

    Any owners of this brand ? Opinions ?
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    acetylene regulator

    anyone have a good online source for a small regulator ? I believe they call it a B tank regulator for the small HVAC type tanks. Not The Large Tanks
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    Beavers !!!!!!!!

    Anyone here have trouble with beavers ? If so, how/ what did you do to keep them at bay ?
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    Is this a new format, or is my computer screwed up ? It appears only different on this site !
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    Takeuchi TB230

    Anyone own one, or this brand ? Opinions good /bad on this brand machine
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    What's the most you have spent ($$$$) (one visit) at the vet for your pet ?
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    Robot Vacuum

    Just wanted to point out in this day and time, there is still excellent customer service out there. I bought an EUFY Robot vacuum about a year ago. I believe it had a 6 mo warranty. Last week one of the little brushes begin to stop spinning at times. I inspected it and determined that a gear ...
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    Off Road Diesel

    What does it cost per gallon in your area ? I filled up a couple weeks ago and was charged $1.40 per gallon.
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    new model yanmar

    Any of you guys seen this new offering from yanmar ? Solis: A New Tractor Brand Distributed by Yanmar We Couldn’t Fit Anywhere | Compact Equipment
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    Are there not many McCormiclk owners, or are they just not on this site ? :confused3:
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    Battery Life

    How long have you have had an automotive battery last ? Reason I ask is, The original toyota battery in my son's 2007 Toyota Tundra just stopped working today ! I have never had a battery last more than 5 yrs
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    I can't believe they did it !

    I really can't ! Someone climbed my fence, walked 350ft, in total darkness (between 11:00pm - 5:30 am) got into my vehicle this past sat night. I usually leave my vehicles unlocked because I have fence around my property and gated drive. I can't believe they would risk their life for no more...
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    I bought it !

    been looking for some time now. I finally bought this beast yesterday CX105 I bought used . Didn't want the issues that come with these emissions tractors
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    DPF/ DEF/ electronic fuel injection, etc

    What's a guy to do ? Just pick your poison I guess. cause there will be issues. Been looking for an local older non emissions tractor. They are difficult to come by
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    McCormick cx105

    Any McCormick CX105 owners here ? Looking to purchase one
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    DPF /DEF

    Was at the Case dealer the other day looking for a cab tractor. Looked at a 75 HP Case cab tractor. Dealer told me they are meeting emissions without DPF,or DEF. So, appears there is another brand that meets EPA specs other than Mahindra that doesn't require DPF/DEF
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    been here a long time

    Been here a while... I sold the Yanmar today I wish you all the very best as you go forward with what ever you do.
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    100 HP ytractors

    I'm kicking around the idea of a 100 HP cab tractor. There appears to be many new / used ones of every brand on the market with very low hours. My worriers are, with all these tractors on the market being fairly new /low hour tractors, why are people selling them ? Are the owners having too...
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    Anyone tried this ?

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    New Tool / Toy

    My new EA grapple at work !
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    Got it done !

    Got finished with this project today. :dance1: Will be nice to see how it actually performs
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    Amazed !

    After visiting my son in Arkansas and seeing all the farming that goes on there, I'm amazed at the size and brand of the tractors those farmers use . You don't see any Kubota's, Kioti's, Ls's, TYM's, Yanmar's, etc, plowing the fields. Guess they just don't build a tractor big enough, or tough...
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    Been thinking about getting into the cattle business. It would be small (10-15) cows. I have no knowledge of the business, or what to do. So it would be a learning process. Just thought I would try to make a little money, and have some help with the grass. I just don't know if there is any...
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    For all of you out there that are considering a new HVAC system VRF SYSTEM MARKET[/URL] IS EXPECTED TO GROW AT A CAGR OF 12.43% BETWEEN 2017 AND 2023. IT IS PROJECTED TO BE WORTH USD 22.79 BILLION BY 2023.[/h]The rapid growth of the VRF system market can be attributed to various factors such...
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    Lowe's closing 50 stores !

    Under performing stores will be closed in the U.S. and Canada Lowe's is closing 51 stores in the US and Canada - CNN
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    Battery issues

    Today while running the disc for a food plot my battery suddenly exploded ! This is the second time I've had a battery explode in this yanmar. Anyone else had the issue with exploding batteries ?
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    what is this ?

    Looks like an old axle housing out of something
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    yanmar for sale

    If any one is close to Al. that needs a tractor ? This seems like a very good deal 212 YANMAR EX32 4BY4 LIKE NEW 4 hrs - Garden - Pelham, Alabama - Marketplace | Facebook Wish I didn't already have two tractors. I would buy it !
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    I guess it was just time

    Had to order a new seat for my yanmar today. The plastic bottom busted out and it just flops around
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    multi function inverter welders

    I have been on the search for a multi function inverter welder Anyone have a multi function inverter welder that will burn a 6010 & 6011 rod ? All the ones I have looked at state no 6010, or 6011
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    Anybody need a Yanmar ?

    TWO Yanmar tractors YM15 and YM2 - Garden - Morris, Alabama - Marketplace | Facebook
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    Broken Koyker Loader

    Anyone else have a Koyker where the metal has broken away at the pins. Wish I had taken a picture before I made the repairs. I may be able get a pic of the repaired area tomorrow and get it posted The metal was broken away from where the from where the bushing (that the pin goes through) is...
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    Comments (good,or bad) on the Eastwood Tig 200 ac/dc welder ? I know it's chinese, as most of these welders in this price range are. It does seems to have a good warranty. I wouldn't be using it for production welding. just for things around the farm from time to time For $741.00 I can weld...
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    Neighbors and their many running wild dogs

    I have had it with my neighbor's dogs. He has about 10 that just roam the area. I have talked to him about his dogs coming to my pace to do their business. Now, I have caught them at my chicken pen trying to get into the pen. About 5 of them digging and running my chickens from one side of the...
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    yanmar 2000D

    yanmar 2d 4x4 tractor front end loader - Garden - Wilsonville, Alabama - Marketplace | Facebook Odd looking bucket on this loader....Anyone recognize the loader / manufacture ?
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    yanmar 1500

    yanmar ym 15 diesel tractor will turn over but will not crank comes with box blade bush hog tiller - Garden - Double Springs, Alabama - Marketplace | Facebook Someone thought it was a good buy. Never seen so many yanmar for sale around the area before
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    Yanmar RC12 Tiller - Garden - Bessemer, Alabama - Marketplace | Facebook
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    yanmar 240D

    local add Yanmar YM24D 4X4 with loader - Sports & Outdoors - Gardendale, Alabama - Marketplace | Facebook
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    Mini Excavator ,or Small Backhoe

    I'm looking to buy either a small backhoe ,or small mini excavator to use around the farm. I'm leaning toward a mini ex. Pros of mini ex: more powerful hydraulics , can lift more, spin 360 deg., can add thumb as it is plumbed with aux hydraulics cons; only moves at a snail's pace about 3 mph...
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    Tooth Bar

    A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a tooth bar from Titan Attachments. I have been out of town for the holidays. Got back in today and installed the tooth bar. The tooth bar is a little longer than the inside of my Kubota 72 inch bucket. But, that's the only one they offer. So, I had to cut...
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    first time I have used this function since I've had the tractor. It was 17 deg here yesterday. Turned to TS.Then, turned over about 6 times and fired right up. I couldn't believe it:cool2: Even though I now own a Kubota, I still rely on the Yanmar for a few chores :thumbsup:
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    HST Filter

    FYI:: I was looking for a replacement HST filter for my Kubota that cost less than The Kubota filter. I located a filter on Ebay and purchased it. I got this non Kubota branded filter today. I opened the package to find the filter was in a Carquest box. I took the filter out and find the...