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  1. J

    Does a 3ph land plane need to have adjustable blades?

    I'm eventually going to get a land plane for my Kubota L4060, but I'm not ready to part with the green yet. Nonetheless, I'm always looking for a used one on Facebook Marketplace, and today, for the first time, I came across a used Everything Attachments 6' land plane for sale (albeit, still...
  2. J

    New Southern land leveler - who makes them and where are they made? - Opinions please. Same for Catawba Attachments

    I need to buy a 6' land leveler to maintain my 800' driveway. I'm currently using an old, partially functioning, pretty beat-up Gannon rollover box blade. I can't spend what it costs or wait out the lead time for an EA land plane, and I want something heavier duty than a J-Bar-type land...
  3. J

    Homemade Chainsaw Carrier - Yet another idea

    Well, I've been wanting to rig up a contraption for carrying my chainsaw on my Kubota L4060 so I wouldn't have to put it in the bucket when I'm in the woods cutting up downfallen trees. I know there are kits on the market like SawHaul, but I didn't want to spend $180 on the thing and I'm not...
  4. J

    Surprised by need for rear ballast with L 4060 in this situation

    I recently bought an L4060. I have a 4000 lbs SS QA fork attachment that I used with the L48 TLB that I sold before buying the L4060. I know it’s heavier than what one might normally buy for that size tractor, but I had it already. I have some units of hardwood lumber that I have moved around...
  5. J

    L 4060 slow FEL when box blade is on the 3PH

    I also posted this on OTT.........I bought a used L4060 with 170 hours on it a few weeks ago. I have used it for a few hours, only using the FEL. The tires are loaded with beet juice and I have not needed any ballast hanging on the 3PH yet. I bought an old 6' Gannon rollover box blade for my...
  6. J

    Some basic box blade questions

    I had a Kubota L48 TLB that I recently sold and replaced with a Kubota L4060 tractor with FEL Now that my heavy work around my property is complete, I'll be using the L4060 mainly to carry dirt, stone, and mulch, maintain my 1000' driveway and do some minor grading around my property that once...
  7. J

    7' Gannon roll over box blade & Kubota L4060

    I just bought a Kubota L4960 and have found a local Gannon box blade that's 7' long. Can a Kubota L4060 (40 hp) handle that size?
  8. J

    Fluid in hydraulic cylinder is milky but in rest of tractor, fluid is clear.

    I have a Kubota L48 TLB. The dipper stick cylinder on the backhoe began to leak pretty badly about a month ago and today I removed it to take it to the dealer for a rebuild. I disconnected the 2 hydraulic hoses from the cylinder, knocked out the 2 pins attaching the cylinder to the backhoe...
  9. J

    Kubota L48 hydraulic quick connects for backhoe - can they be used to power 3PH hydra

    I’m going to try to put together an after-market 3PH linkage for my Kubota L48 TLB (it didn’t come with one) and the factory linkage is over $2000. I’d like to include a hydraulic top link and I’m wondering if I can use the quick-connect ports that normally supply the backhoe to feed the...
  10. J

    Grading How do you dig a driveway drainage ditch next to an earthen bank?

    I have an 800' long gravel driveway that hadn't been cleaned up in 6-7 years. I just bought a used little John Deere 670 that I intend to use solely for maintaining the driveway. I also have Kubota L48 TLB. The JD 670 is 18.5 hp and it came with a 4' grading blade on which I can change the...
  11. J

    Land Planer Grader & John Deere 670 4WD

    I've been looking for a not-too-expensive used tractor to maintain my 800' gravel driveway. The driveway is pretty much level all the way with a couple of spots with gentle grades. I've found a low-hours JD 670 4WD that I'm going to look at tomorrow. A lot of the comments in forums I'm...
  12. J

    Advice on buying cheap tractor to grade driveway

    Hope I can get some advice on a used tractor to buy. I have a house with an 800' long gravel driveway that I want to maintain with a box blade and/or land plane. I have a Kubota L48 tlb, that I bought used, but it did not come with the 3 point hitch hardware. I have looked all over for used...
  13. J

    3-Point Hitch Kubota L48 TLB - cheaper alternatives to factory 3-point hitch

    I have a 2004 Kubota L48 backhoe that I bought used. The backhoe is removable. The machine did not come with the 3-point hitch components. I'm a total rookie tractor mechanic. I want to start using some rear 3-point hitch implements and am trying to figure out a cheaper way to put together a...
  14. J

    Engine Stop Solenoid not working - L48

    Hi. I'm a total rookie with diesel maintenance and problem diagnosis. I have a Kubota L48 backhoe I bought used a few years ago with around 1000 hours on it, and I put maybe 50 hours on it per year. For the past 6 months, it has been having a sporadic problem with the motor suddenly dying when...
  15. J

    TLB hydraulics for top-n-tilt

    I recently bought a used Kubota L48 TLB and have been learning how to use it. I have an 800 ft gravel driveway and want to do some re-grading. A top-n-tilt system was suggested to be by a friend. My question is, since I have to remove the backhoe to use the 3 point hitch, can I rig up the...