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    Tractor driving in India

    I love watching those guys! They certinaly know how to get stuff moved with what they have! Some of those older machines are built a lot tougher and simpler than anything today.
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    Dump Trailer Battery

    I actually solved a lot of issues by adding some quick disconnects on the hyd lines from the lift cylinder. Then rather than tow with the truck which for me is really too small, (Tacoma) I use the tractor and use made up hyd lines to a rear remote. No more battery problems! Annnd, being a...
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    Dump Trailer Battery

    A few years ago I had issues with keeping my dump trailer battery charged , lots of short trips, truck was not keeping it charged. I ran 4ga wire (marine cable) from truck battery, through an 80a fuse, through a solenoid (activated by switch in cab), Anderson plugs…. In trailer a 40a Circuit...
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    Tires Removing loaded tires

    I remember something about using 2 pieces of plywood on top of another under the tire…. Helped to slide the tire/rim on and off the studs. A wee pump on the bottle jack to get the height just right. Tricky part going back on was having the tire in the right ‘rotation’ position.
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    New Kubota M7060 HD12 a (%&*$! to get out of Park

    On these M7060/ similar tractors, have someone operate the shifter and get down and watch the linkage move. You’re operating a mechanical lock. It’s got to be adjusted just right to work, it’s a bunch of linkages, a pin and A doohickey on a shaft. There are some parts that’ll wear and seize...
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    Kubota is offering some nifty hinged remote outlet covers now...

    5030, when you can, post the part numbers please! I’ve broken one of mine…. I wasn’t expecting to find a new one!
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    Rear Window Defroster Wire(s)

    I fixed spots on my m7060’s rear window. I had a hard time seeing the ‘break’, and used a multi meter to find the breaks (I had many from a stupid mistake) marked with a sharpie. One issue I had the first try was when I unpeeled the tape after the stuff was dry, it took all the new copper...
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    why not run PTO chipper infeed from tractor power beyond, instead of separate PTO hydraulic pump

    These Wallenstien chippers use tractor hydraulics…. I assumed it was to turn the infeed but am not positive.
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    I have a Sthil 140c. It has a 12” bar and a Picco chain. It’s great for limbing small trees or keeping handy while running the tractor for limbs and chopping up small stuff that’s in the way. I’m very happy with it knowing it’s size and limitations. Where this one shines is trail...
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    XC drag build

    Ok thanks :). Ya I know all about water freezing to drags….nothing like the sinking feeling of 2’ of slush on the lake hoping the rig will crawl through, then beating the frozen snow/ice off it for the next 10 miles…..
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    XC drag build

    Why put the plastic on the pan like that? I’d think the aluminum pan would slide just as easy? I suppose the plastic would help with damage from rocks etc
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    How much does it cost to build a pole barn and what kind is best..

    We easily lifted 28’ span 4:12 trusses by hand with 3 people. 28x32, 12’ ceiling pole building, metal sided inside and out….12x11’ door…. No hired labour, in cdn $ you’d likely have a bile taste what it's costed so far…..
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    How does a glow plug work?

    How’s your temp gauge working? I’m wondering if the temp sensor is not working properly, would it cause the system to not call for glo heat? Looks like the light is connected closely to the water temp sensor. Could be rodent damage to wires causing intermittent issues?
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    XC drag build

    Arly, have you ever tried, or thought about a flail mower….. wonder if it would work like a tiller? Help break up the hard snow.
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    Kubota M8560

    Is it the Rops rattling?! Or something in a tool box?! Sorry for not being helpful :). Nice grapple by the way! (And dog!)
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    Quick connect coupler recommendation

    They don’t connect as easily as you think. when there’s some pressure built up in the system (from sun/sitting and temp change) the pressure can’t be ‘relieved’ nearly as easy by whacking the tip!! These still leak. I can’t tell from where but haven’t put much effort into it. it’s not from...
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    Studs for snow plowing

    Really? Do you happen to know where ‘the line’ is? Hwy 7, the divide to the north?! Lol. Sorry :)
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    M7040 Problem

    R40kh, does the 7040 have a marked spot for N on the hi-lo selector or are u just bumping it between? The 7060 just has a rabbit and turtle on the handle. Thx!
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    M7040 Problem

    I have a 7060, and run our Canadian premium UDT. When it’s cold, everything in neutral I’ll also sometimes feel an ever so slight bump/jerk, not enough for the machine to move but you can feel it in the seat. If it’s in gear, shuttle in neutral sometimes the digital speedo will flicker ever so...
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    M7060 with bad brakes!

    Romoni, I think I got the screen out of mine without taking anything off, I was able to reach it, awkwardly.
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    M7060 with bad brakes!

    From the WSM.
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    M7060 with bad brakes!

    Here’s a link to the shop manual I downloaded this one, I’d email it to you but at 71mb, I’m not sure I can.
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    Snow boots

    These boots are very warm. I was leary about them and the cost (about $300). I wear them snowmobiling at -25°c, standing while running firewood processor and my feet which are prone to get cold, stay warm. No liners to fuss with. For the -30 and colder days I use bama booties/socks overtop my...
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    Backblade upgrade!

    I knew this cylinder was a bit weenie, light duty work, oops, lol.
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    Carrying rake and shovel

    Piece of 3” pipe. Works for shovels and rakes too I don’t normally drive straight downhill, but when I do, the pickaroon don’t fall out in case you’re wondering!
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    M7040 Cab full LED conversion

    Rob, the ambers you linked mention needing a resistor if being used as flashers, have you tried those yet?
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    3pt Clutches - Slip & Overrun

    As stated, the WM chippers have shear bolts on the pto shaft. My snowblower has several shear bolts, no slip clutch. I’d think if anything, the snowblower ought to have a slip clutch. I change 1/2 a dozen or so shear bolts a season. But maybe it’s best having it ‘work’ till it don’t….. I...
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    The M7040 got a 7' snow blower today :)

    Id kinda like to see a set up for an M sized machine! The giant ones for a wheel loader come to mind that airports and cities use! :). Would be fun! However, here would be an option I suppose
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    The M7040 got a 7' snow blower today :)

    Our snowmobile trail groomers have mirrors like you mention, almost like a school bus…… it’s a knack to get precise using it. I find with the rear blower one is driving ahead almost as much as backward to reposition for the next ‘blow’, it’s not like you’re looking back the whole time. Front...
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    The M7040 got a 7' snow blower today :)

    Rob, something I didn’t see mentioned here yet unless I missed it….. your toplink length will adjust your cutting edge ‘height’. I have an 8’ blower on a m7060. On gravel or a bumpy area I’d shorten the top link to make the cutting edge higher up off the ground by a few inches. I leave my...
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    snow roller for XC snow

    Interesting Stomper, thanks for sharing your experience. We are in the same boat here, usually not big snows and quite rough trails. Usually dragging an old chain link fence gate at the beginning for the first few snows seems to help make a base. Like you our snow is almost always light and...
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    Tractor Cover Recommendations?

    This sounds like a perfect DIY project. Old bed sheets. Get out the thread injector and cardboard aided design and go to work if you want it fancy!
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    snow roller for XC snow

    How much does your rear pan and comb help? If you’re just gonna roll out some fresh snow and groom right away anyways, would it be worth the effort and expense? Perhaps just a piece of chain link fence behind the roller to move the snow a bit more? ive got to build one up here for the...
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    Backfilling pole barn, need advice

    Nice build Juice!! Thanks for sharing! Drew, I’m getting ready to pour a slab inside my pole building as well and had some of the same bought you’ve had. Sorry not a great pic but you can see I ‘boxed’ (3sided) around the bottom of the posts with pwf. The top of the lumber will be top of the...
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    kubota loader cylinder threads (ride control)

    Smokey, did you have a thread somewhere else about your gauge? I remember someone doing something to measure the weight they were lifting. I dunno how much difference would be between any of these accumulators, but my loader only has one bottle. (~2500#capacity) Jon, I had a hard time...
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    kubota loader cylinder threads (ride control)

    These guys have some British thread fittings I had them on my Quicke (ALO) loader.
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    M7060 Stalls when PTO is Turned On

    I also ‘feather’ the Rotary on-off PTO switch in my m7060, and at idle usually, just others have mentioned doing. With a frozen snowblower, it’s easier to see that it’s not gonna spin! OP, Hope your neighbour sorts it out. (I had to disable the seat buzzer switch as hitting bumps or turning...
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    The right tractor for towing/forestry work

    So much good info here and great advice, my experience is pale incomparison…. I tow this dump trailer down the highway…. 6x10, with a cord of wood in it. I like all 70hp to keep it going max speed on the road for the hills. I’ve wanted to add an electric brake controller and use it manually...
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    JD 4300 quits when going uphill.

    Check the simple things first!……..So not too long ago my tractor would quit running after a random amount of time. Start back up, run for another random amount of time then quit. After changing filters, fuel lines, cleaning the water separator, I decided to take the fuel tank off and clean/rinse...
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    Snowblowing rules of thumb

    First snows of the year (in this area) are usually wet and packy, with unfrozen ground….. I’m yearning for -20. Keep a shovel with long handle onboard!
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    XC drag build

    We have 20-40cm of snow coming. Grounds not frozen but I’m sure some die hards will want some grooming done. nice work Arly!
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    Deep Cycle Battery in Pickup

    One question I’d be asking is if an alternator charges at the correct voltage for the deep cycle (or an AGM type if you went that route). I think the alternator puts out a voltage slightly lower than the deep cycle wants to ‘fully charge’ and does not have the smarts to properly cut off when...
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    I’m speaking about T6….. it used to have an API SM (or SN) rating. That’s for gas engines. It no longer does. If you search the interwebs you’ll find out that the rating was removed cause it does not meet a specification (nor ever did) for some obscure PPM of an additive, but if you pay...
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    Firewood processor with winch

    The 404 chain is ‘thicker’. It will take a lot more power to cut. It’s used on some large cc saws and mechanical harvester machines. You won’t find a 404 bar under 20” likely and they’ll be a lot more expensive. 325 pitch is available at every saw shop and is relatively cheap. You processor is...
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    Who has access to Kubota MX5400/6000 Cab model?

    This is where the lock lever is for my Quicke Loader. Hard to bump but easy to forget it’s there.
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    Firewood processor with winch

    I’d like to add some thoughts…. I have a firewood processor and do 50-150 cords (full cords) per year with it. Google Blacks Creek 1500, you’ll see the basic machine. The bar is belt powered from a 13hp Honda also driving the hydraulic pump for the splitting ram and log lift and infeed conveyor...
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    Who has access to Kubota MX5400/6000 Cab model?

    I’ve locked the lever on my loader by accident a few times unknowingly. How I have no idea. A brief moment of panic follows the first time you try to move it. Usually when it’s absolutely required to move it to not hot something!
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    Thanks for that info DieselBound. I too noticed the change in packaging and looked into the difference in the ‘new’ T6, (my TDI is deleted so no worry about the oil on emmissions stuff). They also dropped a gasoline engine rating (API SN?) my memory is fuzzy about what it ‘was’ rated for but...
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    ‘K’ is the next higher rating. As the alphabet letters goes up, so does the newest rating. Im led to believe they are backward compatible for the most part. There may some very early ratings that are not. Also from what Ive read is the ratings keep changing to keep up with emmissions standards...