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    6x6 treated posts in ground

    Make sure it is Ground Contact lumber. Treatment plant few miles from me. It's pretty big. He just sold it for 385 million. I know of several buildings with posts in ground and are well over 20 years old. I mean buildings 600 feet long. Everything still just fine
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    Does a 3ph land plane need to have adjustable blades?

    Do you mean a Box Grader? My brother and I made one. Blade angle is adjustable, but not vertically. It works great as it is. I would be fine with a non adjustable one also. We don't change the blade angle very often..
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    How to Keep Chokers From Falling Off The Winch During Transport?

    Never had a problem with losing chokers. We put a new bottom on the Farmi, it was bent.
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    Who has a real windmill?

    There's a big one near me. Has a big tank it filled up and gravity fed the house. Dad and I worked on that thing a few times. The old woman there was my granddaddy's aunt, born in 1883. Her son made movies. My dad worked for him for years building movie theaters through the south. The...
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    Oil & Fuel Ford 1920 fuel filter mysterious spring

    I changed 3 filters today. Now I have 15 gallons of oil and a few filters to do before dark. One is a 150 kw generator under a light. I have to flush the radiator too. That's my evening and it's after 7 pm now. But I do have a go home box of Mexican food someone dropped off for me. I'm...
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    Pros and Cons of allowing Cell Tower on Property?

    If he sells the property the lease should roll over to the next owner. May even make the land payment. If he keeps the lease then the property SHOULD bring less.
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    Pros and Cons of allowing Cell Tower on Property?

    Fence off what they lease. Fence both sides of easement that goes to their leased property. Put two gates, one on each side of their easement road that only you have keys to, in case you need to move cows or get tractor across there. If a lawyer is involved, there goes your money, so just...
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    ATV Tubeless Tire Repair

    No them tires have large bead area, they won't slip. I used to work at Polaris. But any ATV tires for machines like that have large beads.
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    harbor freight weed burner

    I ran into that. The tank had a check valve and the hose had one. So I used one side of an acetylene torch hose and all went well.
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    harbor freight weed burner

    I've used propane ever since the first time I saw it years ago. Lasts too.
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    Modern Fluids in Old Tractors?

    Really a hydraulic oil will do. ATF costs more.
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    Modern Fluids in Old Tractors?

    The manual says Type A ATF in torque converter. Closest thing today is Dexron, so that’s what I used. That was in your original post. So Torque converters usually go with clutch packs. Though some have a dry clutch before the transmission like my brothers log skidder. In your case, most...
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    Modern Fluids in Old Tractors?

    Yes, I rebuild transmissions. You didn't mention fiber mesh synchronizers that use ATF. Most individuals that don't like how the red fluid don't have much hang time tend to use straight STP in those. On a slow moving machine I would want a dry fluid for a crisp shift. They commonly use F in...
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    Warn winch install

    Since it was on his Jeep for years and he bought a new one, I'm sure he knows.
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    Modern Fluids in Old Tractors?

    You may want to use Type F fluid because Dextron has friction modifiers in it that isn't good for clutch packs. Friction modifiers = slipping. F will provide crisp shift. Slip means wear.
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    Tire driven Sidewinder advice

    Packing the grease every 50 years should be good.
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    Lifting Limit

    Push the stumps out of the way and let it rain on them a year. That's why I love a big ole Trac hoe. Pick them up about 20' and drop a few times, dirt falls off, burn better. Sometimes we dig a pit and burn them in the pit. I've moved stumps a lot bigger than that with a 100 HP skid steer...
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    If the decks are over 5' wide, scaffolding will work, H type. If not 5' wide he can use pass through on the bottom, and then go up with H frames. H type is easier to climb. Swallow the hand rails in the pass through. It's called sidewalk scaffolding also, maybe other things in other places...
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    Has anybody ordered Kitchen Cabinets online?

    No MDF board either.
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    I was raised building houses and used scaffolding on every one of them. I have ten sets or so of mix matched, but I know how it goes together. Plus my dad has 6 sets that was always plenty for gables on most houses. Extendable Werner planks too. Plus aluminum scaffold planks. Easier to use...
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    spun bearing in front axle

    Having said that I rarely use FWA unless required for a traction issue. Always in 2wd. Best news I heard all day. It is the message I put out continuously.
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    Weld 5 pipes between posts around 80 acres. 3 strand? I do 5.
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    Just cut the + out at corners of each square with bolt cutters. Stick the rod through the drive shaft to gearbox shear pin location. Bend both ends with a hammer and go back to drilling holes. When it shears it don't matter that you bent the ends because it falls off anyway. Need a hammer to...
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    A picture of what?
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    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    Why not Bama jelly? Would it be too sweet?
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    I've never paid more than 600 for a horse, much less that much to put him up.
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    Just cut up a live stock panel and use the rods for shear pins. Been doing that as long as they been making panels. Never fixed any pto. Fenced hundreds of acres. Fencing 200 more after it cools off. T posts are here already.
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    Mower deck wheels???

    Caster is what you mean. Just helping to get your point across.
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    loader curl cylinder leak?

    I dont ever leave a loaded pallet lifted. I sit it down soon as I stop moving. We have six big tractors here and I don't think even the newest one will hold a load too long. Get a forklift if you need that. Tractors ain't forklifts. Mine bangs and flops too so I usually take it off when...
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    Mower deck wheels???

    Offset from centerline of pivot point?
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    hyd cyl repair

    First, it doesn't look oily enough. Stand barrel on floor and put rod and piston on top of the barrel where it's supposed to go. Wiggle in a circular motion like it your waist spinning a hula hoop. Only about a half inch each way. Piston will drop right in. I've done thousands that way. If...
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    Ford 1920 will not go into gear

    We've had a 1900 since new in 1980. Never any clutch problems. Two water pumps, radiator, o ring for lift is all that's happened since 1980. It was the only tractor plowing 40 acres for 8 years. Grandad plowed a forty and truck patched.
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    Pot metal repair

    Them hobo frate propane torch rods would do it.
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    Marking your tools

    I mark mine as the ones behind the lock.
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    JD 1140 Hydraulic Pump noise

    That's when the load is off. When it in a bind, not loose because it is trying to pump. Drive shafts and u joints are the same. Only make noise when coasting, no drive load on shaft.
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    Where to find SYP lumber in SW PA?

    Here in SYP land, we try to use SPF. Pine sawmills all over down here. # 1 SYP goes overseas. I built a house for a guy at the sawmill. Got a bundle of 2x12x20 without a single knot or flaw. They do exist.
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    which gear for bush hogging with ford 4000

    It's just 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Low is the first four and high is the second four. Granny has nothing to do with it. Granny gears were trucks with a 6:1 or lower first gear. The rest were normally spaced.
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    Brake line flaring tool?

    Brake lines are double flares. National Inverted Flare
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    hydraulic ram problem

    Piston on cylinder rod needs new internals. It's just bypassing inside the cylinder. Just hook one hose up. See if fluid comes out where other hose goes on. If fluid comes out and cylinder no move, it's the piston.
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    Native Grass Seeding 10+ Acres Mixed w/o Discing?

    You might have covered too much.
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    I don't understand something.

    I don't know how a black cow eats green grass and makes white milk and yellow butter.
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    Native Grass Seeding 10+ Acres Mixed w/o Discing?

    My mother, who is a very capable woman, planted grass seed on un tilled ground just to show dad he did not have to disc. It came up just as good as where he plowed.
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    Native Grass Seeding 10+ Acres Mixed w/o Discing?

    How well does it handle stumps?
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    Bought a couple of surplus generators

    I have a 60,000 watt here with less than 8 hrs on it. Allis Chalmers six cylinder. I would like to sell it. 5 k sounds fair. I'm thinking this one does single and three phase. If the oilfield was still rocking I'd keep it. I have a 25,000 watt pto generator that was run along with it for...
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    Bought a couple of surplus generators

    Some are for powering aircraft. Those are useless.
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    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    You can cut the axle almost in two, straighten, weld. Ive changed several disc axles. Put all new blades on too. Broke axles, I use one to tamp fence post dirt. Finally found the piece that broke off, years ago, so I'll weld back together. We have a big 8' offset disc that has big axles...
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    Car lift in garage

    I'd go with at least a 10,000 lift. Nowadays a crew cab diesel 4x4 with winch bumper and tool boxes is pretty heavy. Four post distributes weight better. If you are concerned with the 4" slab, put some plate under the lift feet to make them bigger. 4 post is a little more in the way, but for...
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    California Targets Private Property With Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

    One of the many reasons I do not live or even visit the west.
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    Are you a prepper?

    I started out with nothing and still have some of that left.
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    Are you a prepper?

    You need to can them freezers. I have that project going on right now. I have a freezer full of white perch next to do if you had one freezer I wouldn't say anything. But four, you can have a big loss.