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    echo cs500p

    I recently had a major breakdown with my rancher 55 :mad:. So, I got myself a cs500p to replace it. What a saw! It is by far the easyest saw that I have owned to start. And deffinately more than enough power for my use, I cut and junk 4&1/2 cord of hardwood (mostly maple, and oak) each year for...
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    chain saws

    Well, for the past 7 years I have been babysitting a husky rancher 55:mad:. right from the start it has been a thorn in my side, when it works IT WORKS. When it dos'nt it dos'nt. Right from the start it has chewed muffler gaskets! Husky's fix was to toss me a new muffler, still chewing gaskets...
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    my new kilt

    I got a new kilt for Christmas and was reminded of this story. As a piper I played many gigs and was asked to play at a funeral for a homeless man. The deceased had no family or friends so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the back country of Calgary. Since I was not familiar...
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    what do you call the day after Christmas?

    I call it Boxing Day, My wife calls it the 26th:laughing:
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    Oil & Fuel oil filter

    Yesterday I went to get a new oil filter and was told that my number was obsolete. Was given a DEFENSE DL3985, made by Honeywell it fit perfectly:thumbsup: This is to replace the oil filter LF3724 by the Bengbu Jinwei company. This is for a jinma 284, 2008 model with the QC385T engine
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    skidder plate

    I am thinking of a home made skidder plate. One that I can put on a cat 1 hitch and mount an electric winch on it, (8000 lbs). Is 1/4 inch too thin how about 3/8, or should I go to 1/2"? Any thoughts or plans are appreciated.
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    Oil & Fuel finding filters

    I have found that WIX filters have a cross referance system online that supports chinese filters, just type in number on your filter and they give you the proper replacement. WIX filters, WIX oil filters, WIX air filters, WIX fuel filters, WIX Heavy Duty Oil Filters Use the filter look up tab...
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    jinma 284

    Hi, I have a 284 this is the 3rd year for it, it works great. I did have to put a block heater in it (the inline type) as some doughnut eating pencil pusher :confused: decided that it would be a good idea to put a decompression lever in it. And as you well know low compression in a diesel = no...