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    Riding mower deck wash port installed in 10 minutes

    I have had a three older Deere riders.They didn't have wash ports. I would put them on car ramps or something to lift them up so I could hose them and putty knife them well. Most often after every use. Caked up mud and dirt are the culprits. When HF started selling different mower lifts, it...
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    In Western Oregon, a project like this would likely entail topsoil and then CLAY. If you buy an auger you will find that drilling holes with a tractor mount or skid steer mount by yourself is less than desired. You will want a spotter. If you drill all these holes, you wil need to clean them...
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    LEATHERMAN tools

    Differentstrokes for different folks I've had a Wave from the beginning of time.Always have it on my person. quick fence work, screw driver, cut this cut that. combo pliers can't be beat when your tool box is far away.
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    A GREAT movie suggestion

    Sometimes a Great Notion. It is also known as "never give an inch" in some circles because of studio pissyfits.
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    3-Point Hitch Max 26 Trailer Towing Capacity from 3 pt quick-hitch with ball mount.

    How about common sense? If it looks wrong, it probably is. Having loaded tires and full bucket would give you some margin.
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    Well used X 500 Impulse buy

    It sounds like a love affair with an oldie. You won't regret springing for the grill guard. OEM spendy yes. Stout and does the job, yes also
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    I have two pairs of Nicks'. The oldest pair I had a complete factory rebuild. Mine are custom ordered and not off the rack. If you don't mind the process of getting custom fitted for a pair of real leather handmade boots, you can't go wrong. My original bootmaker was a guy in Portland Oregon...
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    How to "undercoat" mower deck.

    I might just as well chime in here. I have and have had upper tier JD riders. When it is damp or wet, I hose the decks out after every use. EVERY one. Sometimes I really push these mowers beyond their intended use, on a place like mine with moles and voles, ruts and nuts. tall and wet. Sometimes...
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    Who’s cutting hay?

    Willamette Valley, Western Oregon, it is way too wet and cold. Grass is super high, might really top out and still be bad weather.
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    Bottle jack method of tree felling (plus rope?)

    I have a few more thoughts to share, aside from falling and bucking timber, I also did extensive urban removals with a local arborist. PROFESSIONAL Arborists use a throw ball to get a line high up into a tree. Basically it is a big bean bag with shot gun shot in it. The bag is nylon or...
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    Bottle jack method of tree felling (plus rope?)

    When you use a line on a tree...... wire rope or manila or poly.... take a ladder and place it around the tree as high as you dare. The higher up you go the better leverage you will have. TENSION is the theory. Not pulling it over with your pickup or tractor. First you face it up. Then you...
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    How would you fall this?

    I would say you have enough opinions here to make you weary, confused, or emboldened. You have a decent size tractor. I don't know how agile you are, nor savvy. By all means any ground attack you make requires a Clear and clean escape route. You would want to practice the escape. I would...
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    SSQA Pallet Forks won't Attach

    I can agree with those who say don't monkey with grinder to have it fit. I betcha the dealer would do jus that. I have some SSQA stuff that is hard to fit and found if I grease the underneath of the top mount, the tractor side slides in easier, and when I shake the whole set up a few times I...
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    Modify a Hay Wagon Tongue?

    I prefer OOsak method. I had three sets of running gears over the years. Some where dedicated to off road, other were highway towable. For farm and off road that is my choice. I had one wagon that had a two inch ball set up. That wagon I towed down the highways behind a pickup or 2T farm...
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    Ideas, tree choices, landscape?

    I think you might be money ahead in the long run if you consult a local Certified arborist or very experienced nurseryman and get some input from them. People plant trees they like. often they are the wrong tree(s) for the location. There are so many native trees, and so many non native...
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    Wood chips and composting

    One thing I might add. If you are using your chips for bedding to mix with manure, make sure you know your chip source. Some wood is TOXIC to some livestock. You can look up something like " black walnut or black locust toxicity to animals"
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    Wood chips and composting

    It will not turn into compost quickly. If you have lots of it and leave it in a pile, it will begin to heat up, especially if you are chipping live green material. Urban arborists often have big piles that they continually feed, piling with tractor or bobcat. That stuff cooks down at the...
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    Dog pics

    You all have a happy diggle dawg dang day.
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    Dog pics

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    Quick Attach Engagement question

    I have a number of front end attachments for my ssqa. I have found that the one that fits best is the bucket that came with it. Others sometimes I would fight a bit and get to the point in my head maybe I am gonna bend the heck out of it. I started greasing the underside of the V now and then...
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    Venting a 55 gal drum for diesel

    I just use schedule 40 PVC made into a "J" shape. Inverted and screwed into the vent hole. On the short end I have screen duct taped on to keep bugs out. Over the years, never had a problem. I did it this way until I finally broke down and bought a dedicated rectangular tank and mounted it...
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    Where to find these hoses

    Find out where your closest or best hydraulic supply place is. Call them and make sure they do custom work. Take yours to them and have new ones made exact fit.
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    Cost of pallet forks

    Bolt on forks are for those who wish they had SSQA forks. REAL forks. Dig in the pockets and buy the real thing, you won't regret it. I'm at the stage where I don't need a big tank anymore. I don't need to have a hundred gallons sitting in the back of my pickup all the time, either. This...
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    Help identifying old attachment

    Looks to me like a cultivator and or hiller, tillage with a team or single horses, or small tractor.... betcha..
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    Pole barn/vapor barrier/insulation???

    Maybe I missed something.... I built a free standing harness room in my barn... It has a concrete floor. I put black plastic down Under the concrete. This room has never sweated nor pulled moisture up through the slab. The walls are just plain insulation, with paper on once side. Walls are...
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    Problem sharpening a new chain

    Stihl chains are the hardest I have ever used, hold and edge unless you hit a rock or nail. HARD to handfile
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    Bar oil quality

    I used to get my bar oil in fifty gallon drums.I was a professional. There's a reason I didn't run crapper oil in my chainsaws. Sometimes if it was really cold, I'd mix some diesel in my oil jug for the day. When falling for other outfits, I'd burn a gallon to gallon and a quarter of gas a day...
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    Building a custom home - HVAC options - could use a bit of help please!

    We have installed Mitsubishi mini splits over the last eight years and so far so good. It's all a retrofit but we couldn't be happier. I have not removed our ducted forced air wood furnace, but haven't used it since. We still fire up the Jotul now and then. I think forced air systems, will...
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    Anyone insured?

    I gotta 20K rider on my L400 Kubota. Thousand dollar deductible. It's in my whole policy and dunno what I am paying specifically on it but don't care. I keep it in a 20 by 48 enclosed shed valued alone at 29K, and that is insured as well, same deductible. Fourteen years ago a tree fell on my old...
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    Do I need a general contractor to build a house?

    I gotta buddy. He is a gearhead, handyman extraordinare, jack of many trades. Some years back, he bought a chunk of ground, took his out of state architect friend plans and decided to have a go of it. Five thousand feet, two story place. He acted as his own GC and hired all the...
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    Barn loft removal

    Ho boy, me thinks you gonna wanna rethink your desires.......
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    Device for checking 7 blade trailer lights WITHOUT vehicle - anyone know of one?

    This is the real deal I think.... I have seen similar sets at serious trailer dealers. Fulton Trailer Tester : Automotive
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    Anyone have gutter guards that they like?

    TMGT' has the same gutter guards I do, Easy On. I have purchased them over time from Costco and HD. I assume there are knock offs but I'm most pleased with them. They do come in different sizes to fit different size gutters. You can use their stickum tape or provided self taping screws or...
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    Chipper Advice on PTO Chipper

    To chip or not to chip, that is the question. It all depends really on what your consciousness and attitude is. I can't see the point of stacking and burning. I can use the whole tree chips. They decompose, they mix with manure, and don't panic, it's organic. You can argue the cost of anything...
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    Woodmaxx WM8H handy mod

    These two additions make sense when I am working in the orchard and need to do some real clean up. Two pieces of pvc pipe, cap glued on the bottom with drain hole drilled. Plywood and two by four box fastened via one bolt and one pin. Box come off when doing maintenance.
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    My double decker for reaching higher, yeah I know the tire needs some air. Cleaning out the barn owl box for the upcoming year.
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    Favorite Boots Coming Apart

    I would have enjoyed them making it right, but after having them send me one pair, sending them back, sending me another pair, sending them back, I got frustrated enough, politely said, to forget them. Some one in their mfg chain royally screwed up, First pair I waited two months for, second...
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    Favorite Boots Coming Apart

    For decades I had a guy in Portland Oregon make my boots, John Newberry. He learned at Whites, then struck out on his own. I think he made me five pair of work boots, I still have a pair of dress boots, all lace ups. He died and so I went to get a pair of Whites. They made me two pair that came...
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    Nifty trailer step

    I have the same AmpStep on my Tundra long bed. I wouldn't be with out it. My veterinarian has a couple AmpSteps on either side of the front of his Tundra Supercab and likes them opposed to running boards.
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    I am not in the severe temperature zone you are in. Sometimes it is snowing and freezing but not much. I take the time to hose out or scrape my bucket when done. A clean bucket is a happy bucket! I take the time, makes my next barn cleaning or rock hauling easier.
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    Favorite Boots Coming Apart

    You are right.... I just never could get a good fit with their off the rack boots. The other guys measure and build to order. Totally custom if you want them.
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    Favorite Boots Coming Apart

    Nicks' boots USA White's Boots USA Viberg Canada Drew's boots USA Anything else is a throway these days.
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    Overspray is tresspass. Being a good neighbor means you don't spray over the line. Chemical drift is an intrusion and just because they have been doing it forever means they need to stop. I have had chemical drift and I won't stand for it. If you suspect it is continuing, document with pen...
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    Nifty trailer step

    This was a "been gonna" project for a while. I made a mock up out of wood and screws. I went to the scrap yard and bought the aluminum I wanted. I cut it all to size, took it to a job shop and had it stuck together for 45 bucks. The side pocke insert piece is solid, so is the outer lowering...
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    Pat's Easy Hitch

    This is the early type before they started casting them. I have the same as these and they work just great. I did buy a longer heavier top link. If I had it to do all over again, you betcha. Somebody should snap these up.
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    Leinbach Carryall

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    Leinbach Carryall

    I have one. heavy angle tray, heavy angle top and back. Side pockets for stakes. They made good stuff.
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    Good work shirt for warmer weather?

    100 percent cotton hickory shirts Madsen's or Baileys, mail order on line or maybe your local farm store
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    Stihl Saws/Chain Compatibility

    The bars should have gauge engraved on them. as in o63 or 058, etc. That determines the garoove and accompanying drive sprocket. They need to be the same. If the saws have different gauge requirements, the chains shouldn't be switched out to one another.
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    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    I never drill holes with out a spotter. Neverrrrrrr. If I have a number of posts to set, I get a helper and trade off tamping and leveling. Building fence and serious repairing fence alone is a drag. I have had to replace wood posts in line. To protect my woven wire fence, I have a half sheet...