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  1. J

    Recent Kubota RTV 1100C deals?

    I'm looking to finally pull the trigger on an RTV 1100C and am wondering what any recent buyers have paid. Here it looks like MSRP and a 2 week to 2 month wait. This is a cash deal, that saves me another $500.
  2. J

    Oil & Fuel L3710 frontend oil leak

    Hi Guys, It looks like the knuckle joint on my front end is leaking oil. I just topped it off and it took 2 quarts. How much work is it to get this rebuilt? What kind of seal does this have? Does this repair require any special tools? I'm fairly handy and have air tools. I hate to tear it...
  3. J

    Buying a .44M, S&W 629 or Ruger Redhawk?

    I'm buying a new deer gun and have narrowed the choice down to these 2 guns. Anyone care to help me get it down to 1? Pro's/con's? Experience?
  4. J

    $50 Kubota survey check arrived

    The $50 check from Kubota arrived yesterday, (for completing their survey over the summer). I thought is was a scam before I read here it was for real. I had to go undelete the email.... Less than 10 minutes and $50, where can I find a few more surveys? Anyone else recieve their check?
  5. J

    Broken Lower lift arm, Kubota L3710

    Last weekend while box scraping I heard a pop, turned around and my box scraper disconnected.... After 500 uneventful hours I managed to break a lower lift arm while turning a corner with a fully loaded box, with the rippers fully engaged. $200 for a new lift arm and 30 minutes of labor I was...
  6. J

    1949 Ford F-6 firetruck, weight?

    Guys, Anyone know what this truck might weigh? I just bought it, the owner has no paperwork and it's 200 miles away. I'm guessing 6000 - 8000 #'s. My trucker can carry 6000 #'s on his smaller truck and moving up to the big rig the delivery cost doubles. Thanks in advance, JT
  7. J

    Any Front Loader washer testimonials?

    Guys and Gals: Well the 10 year old Amana washer, (problem free for 8000+ loads), needs to be replaced and I'm seriously considering a front loader. Benefits over a top loader - quieter, uses less than half the water, spins out more water for quicker drying, larger capacity and much more...
  8. J

    Recommendations for exterior stain

    It's that time again, I need to stain our cedar sided 2 story colonial and I've decided to switch from an oil treatment every 2 years to a solid stain, which should last 10+ years. Anyone out there with a good experience? I don't care how much the stain costs, I'm not shopping price, I'm...
  9. J

    Zero turn, small compact or an economy rider?

    It's time to replace my 20 horse craftsman rider after 18 years of service with no issues. I mow about 3 acres of finished lawn and another 10 - 12 acres of fields. I have a large CUT, (Kubota L3710) for the field work and snow removal and loader work. I see 3 options, 1) zero turn, should...
  10. J

    Big Diesel, 110,000 hp

    I tripped across this 2 stroke diesel engine: web page only 14 cyl, but 110K hp
  11. J

    Any Honda Pilot owners out there?

    It's time to replace the minivan, (7 years old and almost 130K miles) and we're contemplating a Honda Pilot. We driven most of the competition, (Trail Blazer/Envoy, Durango, Explorer, Highlander and a few 4 door trucks) and we keep coming back to the Honda. Anyone here have any feedback on the...
  12. J

    Anyone using an oil drain valve, Fumoto or Fram?

    Anyone here using a drain valve instaead of a drain plug? I'm interested inthe pro's and con's to swapping out the drain plugs in my vehicles with either a Fumoto or Fram oil drain valve. It seems like it would make an oil change a lot easier. I average 50K miles a year and change my oil...
  13. J

    Trenching with a rear scoop, how deep can you go?

    How deep can you go with a rear mounted scoop? I need to clean out some ditches and using the bucket is a pain in the neck, (6' at a time). Can I use a rear scoop and can it cut a trench 18" deep? I have a Kubota L3710, 37hp, so traction and hp will not be an issue. I just don't want to buy...
  14. J

    Rotella 5w40 synthetic, under $13/gallon- Walmart

    Not to start a Walmart or a dino vs synthetic war.... My local Walmart just cut the price of 1 gallon jugs of Rotella synthetic by $7. Needless to say, I stocked up, I took all they had on the shelves - 8 gallons. At 2 gallons/oil change I'm all set for the next 3 years.
  15. J

    Anyone buy a new car using a web reverse auction?

    I'm considering buying a new car and hate the process, I'd love to pay invoice and the dealers would love you to pay MSRP. They do this numerous times a day, I deal once every few years, they are pro's and I'm a rookie. I tripped across a reverse auction site that puts your car up to bid with...
  16. J

    Anyone using double ring chains on 17.5L 24 R4's?

    Anyone using double ring chains on 17.5L 24 R4\'s? I picked up a set of double ring chains for my Kubota L3710 at my local farm supply store and cannot get them on. Even airing down the tires the CAM lock is 4" away from the end of the side chain. Any tips? They have 13 cross links, (1 every...
  17. J

    Anyone going to Jim MacFaddens auction 12/132003?

    Jim's year end auction is this weekend, anyone going? MacFadden's is located in central NY, Jim has 4 auctions a year and they are usually very well attended. Here's the link to his site: MacFaddens site Just don't bid against me
  18. J

    8' Backblade, is 38 hp enough?

    8\' Backblade, is 38 hp enough? I'm considering buying a backblade to do some site grade work and some serious driveway maintenance for my parents. The ground is sandy with lots of fist sized cobbles. The 1000' driveway is basically a steep, narrow tractor lane, it needs to be widened 2 - 4'...
  19. J

    Sept 28, MacFaddens Fall auction, upstate NY

    I saw a display ad this weekend - Jim's fall auction is Sept 28, Sharon Springs, NY. Lots of antique tractors listed. He hasn't updated his web site....
  20. J

    F20 Clutch question

    Is the clutch on the old International F20's adjustable? My wife's great uncle has an F20 and couldn't get it out of gear when he finished plowing this spring, he had the clutch fully depressed but couldn't get the clutch to disengage. He drove it into the barn and that's were it's been...
  21. J

    MacFadden's June 29 Auction

    MacFadden\'s June 29 Auction Anybody heading to Jim MacFadden's summer auction tomorrow? Sharon Springs is in central NY.
  22. J

    Renting Pasture

    Anyone out there rent their pastures out? I have 12 acres of nice pasture currently being "used" by a neighbor with 16 beef cows. The original agreement years ago was a side of beef every year or 2. I've never collected on the beef, (1/2 cow would last me 20 years). Way back when, the farmer...
  23. J

    TSC Coming to Central NY

    2 closed Farm and Country stores will reopen this spring as TSC's. Amsterdam in early May. Cobleskill a few weeks later.
  24. J

    Spring Equip Auction - Central NY

    Heads up, Jim MacFadden's spring auction is just around the corner. I've attended quite a few of Jim's auctions, and think the ones at his site are the best. Just do me one favor - don't bid against me! Saturday, March 30, 2002, 9:00 am 100+ Farm & Compact Tractors, 100+ Implements, 50+...
  25. J

    Annual Furnace Service?

    How often do you folks with oil heat get your furnace serviced? and how much do you pay? Is this something you can do yourself? My sevice guy recommends an annual service, but I push this to 2 - 3 years, should I do this annually? It also runs $80 - $120 for less than 90 minutes of work.
  26. J

    TSC Coming to Amsterdam, NY

    Folks, Good news for us central/upstate New Yorkes. I got a reply from my email to TSC, "Thank you for visiting the Tractor Supply Company web site. The city of Amsterdam, NY will be the home of a new Tractor Supply Company store within the next two to three months. Thanks for your interest!"...
  27. J

    Farm/Family Central NY

    I was in both the Amsterdam and Cobleskill CT Farm And Family stores today. Amsterdam is picked clean on implements but Cobleskill still has a pretty good selection. 72" KK tiller for $960, (I paid 1200 2 yrs ago....), lots of scoops, middle busters, subsoilers, bail spears and carealls. A...
  28. J

    2001 Darwin Awards

    2001 THE DARWIN AWARDS It's that time again! The awards this year are classic. These awards are given each year to bestow upon (the remains of) that individual, who through single-minded self-sacrifice, compounded by pure idiocy, has done the most to remove undesirable elements from the human...
  29. J

    Sept 11, 2001 poem

    Author unknown: "Two Thousand One, Nine Eleven" Two thousand one, nine eleven Four thousand-plus enter heaven. A bearded man with stovepipe hat Steps forward saying, "Let's sit and chat." They settle down in seats of clouds And a man named Martin shouts out proud, "I have a dream!" And once...
  30. J

    Tracking Santa's Progress

    Tracking Santa\'s Progress For you folks with kids, you can track Santa's progress at the Norad site - "]http:// [/url]
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    Mowing yesterday, blowing snow today

    It sure has been a strange fall weather wise. No rain, above average temps and no snow, until this AM. I winterized the riding mower yesterday, after mowing for the last time of the season. Upstate NY and moving in early Dec.... Well we finally got some snow, I'm heading out to play on the...
  32. J

    Pass the Flag

    Came across this today.
  33. J

    L3710/L4310 Soft Cab?

    Anybody out there find a soft cab for the Grand L3710/4310 that they can vouch for? I've seen the generic 1 size fits all but have my doubts. Snow season is approaching, and a cab sure would be nice. I'd love to have Kubota's hard cab but I cannot justify the price. <P ID="edit"><FONT...