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  1. J

    LS XR41xxHC vs NH Boomer xx

    We had a Boomer 50 in the shop recently. I was surprised to see that the Boomer 3pt system is position control only, no draft control.
  2. J

    How would you compare two HST transmissions?

    A conversation between a few of us at work today led toward HST transmissions in different tractors and how they compare. We were talking about 2 competing models (different brands) but similar horsepower and we each had opinions about which transmission "felt" better. All the manufacturers...
  3. J

    Have you seen the new CK2610?

    I'm surprised I haven't seen anything posted about, or maybe I missed it. I don't see that Kioti has the new CK2610 on the website yet, but we received our first shipment a few weeks ago. This photo is the CK2510 on the left, CK2610 in the middle and CK3510 on the right. The CK2610 is...
  4. J

    Failed bearing 7010

    We had another P series come in for service with the front wheel bearings failed and replaced with the updated hub assembly from LS. Our service rep feels confident that this updated design should be the fix. It's hard to see in the picture but the outer cast cover is heavier/thicker.
  5. J

    3pt implement for grading split driveway? (grass strip in center)

    My gravel driveway has a grass strip in the center which makes it a little more challenging to maintain. Is there an implement out there, or one that can be modified so I can grade both sides in one pass? Here's a pic: