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    Hay accumulator/grapple

    Who is using what kind and how well do you like it? Started baling some smaller places that the kicker and trailer arent the easiest to use with.
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    XR4150 or MT352?

    Time to get something new for the farm and LS is an attractive machine and price. Dealer has a XR4150 and MT352 available Both with hydrostatic and cab. I like the looks and visibility on the XR a little better, but didn’t LS drop the XR line in favor of the MT?
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    Anyone here using biosolids on their fields? The treatment plant nearby is offering biosolids and a few guys are taking all they can get because its free. If by liquid it gets sprayed on and the field has to then be tilled or you can get dried solids to topically apply. We tried chicken litter...
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    7 pin blade style

    Its time to repair a couple of trailer lighting issues. One of the issues is a broken plug on the tow vehicle side. The 7 blade rv style seems to be the most universal. I like the proplug and really like the ez connector setup. I was hoping the people at redarc would have come up with something...
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    Marijuana on the job

    The new trial and error problem, how do you cope with employees that now can get �edical marijuana cards. We have a zero tolerance policy in place, but not sure how much longer that will be enforceable. Read an interesting article today on the topic, what are your thoughts/opinions. Letting...
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    Volvo electric

    Thoughts on Volvos push into the electric world? Li-ion batteries only last 8 hours, wonder what it would take to recharge on-site. Volvo CE unveils 1 percent electric compact excavator prototype : Volvo Construction Equipment Volvo CE unveils electric compact wheel loader concept
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    Morris allegedly yelled "run, fat (expletive)!" as he chased after the man. :laughing: 911 CALLS: Florida man chases neighbor with tractor over property dispute | I've been in the unneighborly neighbor situation once or twice. Never thought about running em down though. :p
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    JD 770 new valves

    Once upon a time, there was some discussion here about adding hydraulic capability on the 770/790's and I can't find what I'm looking for. How do I add more valves to this tractor? Is there a PB plug/sleeve that can be added to the existing loader valve? Anyone have pictures, directions, part...