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    TC30 cracked rear axle housing

    Having worked for a NH dealer, I replaced a couple of axle housing. Used an engine hoist with no issues. Don't remember what I used for a socket. May have been a NH supplied dealer tool. Sounds like you did it with no serious issues. Good Job.
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    Lost lead lens on signal light

    Did you drill holes in the ROPS to mount your lights? If so, you might as well throw it away. I know that some people are going to comment about my statement BUT a ROPS is designed and CERTIFIED for it's purpose as it comes on the tractor. I know, another can of worms.
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    TC55DA inner air filter $225 from Messicks????

    Try this....But still seems kinda pricey Part #: FIL 6333 Line: NAPA Gold Filters $92.99 / Each
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    L3560 Which canopy

    This is the fiberglass one that I was talking about. We actually loaned both Ford and Kubota's tractors to do the mock ups when the fella (Jim Weidman) first started making these. They come out of the Phoenix area.
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    L3560 Which canopy

    If wanting to install a light bar, I would go with the DELUXE FIBERGLASS CANOPY KIT (E1134). It is about $170 more than the plastic but a lot more rigid. I have installed both and do like the rigid more. I used pick them up at the factory when working for the dealer. Also, as for rear lights, I...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Not positive, because I don't know all the facts, but looks like driver error. Looks like the boom was in the air while hauling. I have yet to understand why people won't stretch the boom out and down. Don't know why but the doghouse looks to be totally destroyed. Possibly landed on it before...
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    Are special tools needed to replace a clutch on a compact tractor?

    Also, you can use an automotive style alignment tool when installing the new clutch. Remember to make sure that it fits the NEW pilot bearing snuggly.
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    Are special tools needed to replace a clutch on a compact tractor?

    Depending on hours, you might also want to replace rear oil seal on the engine. Doesn't take much additional work. When reassembling the tractor halves, make yourself a couple of alignment dowels to help with reassembly. Also, set the parking brake before starting and roll the front end way from...
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    Case 430

    Is it 5 or 6 lug. Most tractors and implements used a 6 lug rim. Is your 430 a loader tractor? IIRC, the 430 is considered a "construction" or "CK" series. You could probably run both 15" and 16" wheel but the 16" would raise that side of the bucket just a bit. Not sure if it would make a lot of...
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    B7800 FEL leak

    Probably just need a seal kit, but if you take the cylinder off the loader and extend it out fully, you can check the rod and see if it is damaged. If no damage then reseal it, otherwise you may have to replace the rod too.
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    B7800 FEL leak

    Can you post a pic of where it's leaking?
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    Tractor worked on by dealer today & won't turn off!!!

    Should be able to stall it out with throttle at idle by putting range (H-L) in high, lock brakes down hard and then depress HST pedal completely down rapidly. As a side note, older Detroit Diesel engines had a "flapper" on the intake system to cut off the air intake if the engine "ran away".
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    Considering Upgrading.... Looking for the Goldilock's Bucket Size

    After reading what you are wanting to do, I too would suggest the B26 TLB. If equipped with a QA bucket, you can get it with possibly a 54" or 60" HD bucket and a 66" light duty that you could add some material to to be able to handle more mulch. Also highly recommend adding a grapple to the HD...
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    Mahindra 1626 Backhoe Install

    When working with Kubota, the only tractors that had the BH factory installed were the small BX series and then the specific built TLB's ie: B26, L35, L48, M59, etc. All other tractors have the backhoe installed by the dealer. I have installed a number of the backhoes at the dealership and it...
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    Tires Removing loaded tires

    Is it a 2 piece wheel? If so, you can just order the center disc. Other wise, the complete rim needs to be replaced. I have seen a a piece of steel welded into the center.
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    Identify this Truck?

    All 78's and 79 "Custom" had round headlights and upper line 79's had rectangular lights.
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    Need help identifying model

    Did you check to see if there was a ID label under the hood? The stamped numbers you show does make it appear to be a Basildon unit. But I'm having a hard time with the model #G70K22 as Ford used a letter to relate to a number. IE: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7. That said, your tractor is a...
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    Need help identifying model

    S/N "B754762" appears to make it an Basildon unit. Build # 0E14B makes it May 14, 1970, Day shift. Model # G70K22 does not "compute". I worked for a Ford/NH dealer for over 20 years and have never seen a "B" serial numbered tractor. The "DONN" casting number on the transmission housing would...
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    Need help identifying model

    Tractor uses a "4D" battery as standard equipment. The ID info should be on the bell housing, left side, on a machined surface on top, above the 2 side bolt holes. IIRC, there are 3 sets of numbers. 1st set should have a letter C followed by I think 6 numbers. This is the serial number. 2nd set...
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    tank sprayer suggestions?

    I used one of these in the bucket of my B7800 when I had it. Now have one on a small yard wagon that I pull with my Simplicity mower.
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    Ford 2610 3 pt sway

    I was thinking of something like this also. You would have to drill a hole in the lift arm 2 or 3 inches behind the outer ball to anchor the chain. the other end would go to the angle bracket under the axle where your current bar mounts.
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    Ford 2610 3 pt sway

    That series of Ford tractors uses the long stabilizer bars. They go from under the fender mount to the end of the lift arm. If everything is correct, they should work with a quick hitch. Any way to provide pics with what you are having issues with?
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Keep in mind that this farm machinery and therefore there is some leeway. Not saying that it shouldn't be hooked to a bigger truck though. I used to pull 30' trailers of cotton with a 1/2 ton pickup. Could get squirrely sometimes.
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    Help Detaching Crazy LA681 Loader on L3710

    Unless absolutely necessary, you can perform most any service type of maintenance in the engine area with the loader left on the tractor. Raise the loader and use a cylinder support device to hold the loader while doing the required work.
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    Help Detaching Crazy LA681 Loader on L3710

    Those "skinny" legs will support the loader. I have removed those loaders but it's been so long that I can't be much help. Just be patient and and make sure it's on solid ground. I always liked to put some type of blocking under the leg pads.
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    Will this set up operate a hydraulic top link?

    Exactly what you need. When you plug the hoses of the cylinder into your couplers, make sure that when you move the lever forward, the cylinder retracts and when the lever is moved rearward, the cylinder extends.
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    Experience at Kubota dealer - central Florida

    Nice looking rig. Would suggest that you set the backhoe on the deck after chaining down. Tractor has a tendency to bounce if left up. I know, the manual says to use the transport lock, but that is when you are driving the tractor around, NOT transporting it on a trailer.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    You don't report it to the store. They usually don't care. You report to the local police. If there are handicap signs posted, it is a lawful violation and the person can be cited. It is treated as any other traffic violation.
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    My Tractor Mechanic is not happy

    A friend has 3 Olivers. An OC3 crawler, a Super 55, and a row crop 77. All 3 have been restored and he runs them in his local tractor club pulls. This is me on his 55 pulling the sled.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Sorry, but I would have reported it. My late wife had a placard and needed those spaces. I have actually reported a Phoenix police officer for using a handicap space one evening. There were probably 20+ regular spaces even closer to the Target store where it occurred.
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    White 2-35 Field Boss

    Try your local Massey or Agco dealer.
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    New Purchase

    Is it possible for you to get a picture of the main pivot? Taken from the rear and just a little higher than the pivot point so that we can see how it is assembled? I'm wondering if there may be some washers missing.
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    New Purchase

    The "pivot" bolts may be too tight. The dealer installs the ROPS on the tractor. I would always install the two uprights snuggly and then set the top half in place, tightening the bolts to the spec provided in the assembly manual. Then torquing the uptight bolts while making sure that the upper...
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    M4900 Part Question - Pics Included

    Yep, appears to be the transmission dipstick hole. But looking at the parts book, it doesn't show in that location. Please provide your model and serial number from the ID plate.
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    New to me Ford 1715 - Trailer Advice

    I had an 18' with 2' dovetail included, wood deck. It also had slide in ramps. I hauled a lot of different types of tractors and equipment with it. It had a 7K gvw and did everything I asked of it. I pulled it with a 2010 Ram 1500 4.7 V8. No issues with handling or power.
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    Can you believe this story?

    Yes. I've seen a couple of posts here saying that the "brain fart" was the one that died, when in fact it was a mechanic working across the shop.
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    Do you know what this is?

    Looks like a late 60's to late 70's Ford industrial.
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    Weak Loader; won't stay lifted.

    Oil CAN and WILL "move" from side of the piston to the other. Piston seal "bypass" leakage is far more common that valve internal leakage. In over 50 years of repairing tractors and equipment, I can count on one hand how many valves I've replaced due to internal leakage, while piston seal would...
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    Weak Loader; won't stay lifted.

    Contrary to what most people believe, a bad piston seal WILL cause leak down or drift. Oil will pass from one side to the other WITHOUT leaking oil to the outside. One way to check if a bucket cylinder has an internal leak is fairly easy. 1- Raise the loader high enough to dump the bucket to...
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    Weak Loader; won't stay lifted.

    Very rarely does a valve go bad. With what the OP is describing, a cylinder has an INTERNAL leak. If the piston seals are bad, oil will move from one side of the piston to the other without leaking any oil to the out side.
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    Weak Loader; won't stay lifted.

    Yes, rod and base.
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    Do R1 and R4 tires have more impact on the wheel bearings?

    Nor do turf tires.
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    Do R1 and R4 tires have more impact on the wheel bearings?

    Run in 2WD when driving on pavement. When in 4WD, the front wheels actually "pull" the tractor and puts a strain on the drive train. It also will "scuff" rubber off the front tires.
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    What To Use For Front Shields ON Brush Hogs?

    See if there are any sand and gravel pits in your area. If so, check with them and see if you can get some used conveyor belting. It would make a good shield and be fairly inexpensive.
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    The "pinned for transport" position is for when you may be driving the unit around and don't want the hoe dropping, which they will do, even when new. It is not referenced for when transporting on a trailer. Having worked for a Kubota dealer and been a delivery driver, we never hauled ANY...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Understand. Seems like trailer manufacturers don't see the whole picture. Keep in mind, you do not have to use just the D rings to tie to. Looking at your picture, at the rear of the right hand fender, it looks like you might be able to wrap the chain around the frame upright. Not sure but a...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    When hauling your tractor/backhoe, after tying it down and shutting off, lower the backhoe to the deck. You will find that it will not bounce.
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    nikdfish, suggestion for you. When chaining down, move your anchor points on the trailer closer to the tractor. In other words, try to chain more "down" than back. You will find that there is less bounce when going down the road. And ultimately, you will have a better ride in your truck.
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    How to do it or what is needed

    An offset disc will do a better job of cutting up the corn stalks but will now leave as smooth of a field. A tandem or double disc will leave it smoother but will take more more passes to do it. Also, if it is a good quality tandem disc, you will be able to adjust the angle of the gangs...
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    Dealer What Makes a Great Dealer

    Agreed. This gentleman will tell his friend what happened with this dealership and the friend WILL have second thoughts about them.