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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    You should consider the Hardie boards as a replacement as long as it's only appearance and not structural. They're impervious to most every thing and holds paint very well.
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    Gate Help!

    You might want to check out "gate screening" at Here They have many different styles, sizes, and colors. They show the weight for each of their choices.
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    Here's the scaffolding I have and the brand is on the label on the planks along with their website and phone number. Keep in mind these are from many years ago. The quality is excellent especially considering how much time they've spent exposed to the weather. As a side note: these were made...
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    I needed to reside my barn in 2006. It is 2 story with the roof peak at 25'. I knew it was going to take awhile to do the whole thing so I looked at both man lifts and scaffolds. The siding was 12' long hardie planks so 1 person wasn't going to be able to do it. Thus 2 man lifts would be needed...
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    Welded vs bolted scraper edge-3pt blower

    If you ever have to replace the edge, you'll wish you'd gotten the bolt on one. Welding on a scraper edge requires some expertise to keep the blade from warping.
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    Pot metal repair

    With that being pot metal and containing a fair amount of zinc, be sure to look up "metal fume fever" before you attempt to weld on it.
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    Expanding foam that birds can't eat

    I used 1/8" hardware cloth and that stopped them.
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    Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

    I talked to the FWS folks about this many years ago and they investigated a county where there were no hogs in many neighboring counties. They found the hogs had been imported for hunting and had escaped. They are very destructive and can do a lot of damage overnight. Unfortunately there...
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    Replacing 1 tire - or 2?

    There is a thread about whether just the front tires need to be replaced or all four, answer was that just the fronts. My question goes one step further. On the front axle of a 4wd tractor, can just one tire be replaced or do both sides need replacing? The left front has a leak in it and I have...
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    Building a Green House.

    A greenhouse in on our list to build as well, but it will be a little while yet. About those geo thermal loops. I can see them working in the cold regions of the US as long as they're below the frost line. But, what about down here in the south? Anyone have experience with them in the south...
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    Egg Custard FAIL - please advise?

    While we're on the subject of eggs and the importance of directions and time. I've been doing hard boiled eggs like Mom told me to which was in a pan of boiling water with 1 week old eggs. Still had a problem peeling them and some times the yolk would have a green ring or the very center wasn't...
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    Doesn't make sense to me....

    You missed the second part of my post. The part about having to keep current with flying hours, etc. The pilot & crew can fly around in circles over the airport every month or they can actually go some place to meet their currency requirement. It makes no difference on fuel used or maintenance...
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    Doesn't make sense to me....

    That made the trip tax deductable and the company paid for the travel and meal and incindentals. By the Way! Pilots have to keep current with some amount of flying hours, number of approaches, and some number of touchdowns each month. Might as well take someone somewhere to meet the currency...
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    Lawyer trouble.

    Definitely!!! We sold 3 properties together and a lawyer wanted all the proceeds apply to one of the three and the other two we were supposed to gift. No Way! We spent months arguing over this, finally changed to a lawyer that would go to court and it was resolved in a few weeks. Our CPA did...
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    Lawyer trouble.

    And after several months, they turn it over to another lawyer in the office and both charge for consulting with each other, then the 2nd lawyer spends several months to "finish" it up.
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    Location of septic leach field

    There is a thread about how far a leach field can be from the septic tank. This question is How close can the leach field be to a building? I have a gently sloping area with the house at the top, and going downhill there's the wife's shed, my shop (both connected to the septic lines), then the...
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    Fake Crops?

    And don't forget all the government paperwork, inspectors, and certifications required to be "organic". That adds to the cost as well,
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    How do I Extend a Hydraulic Rod Without Power?

    Sounds like a trunnion mount instead of mounting at each end. Do you have a picture of the cylinder? Can you take the cover off while you mount the cylinder? I will probably require a 2nd person no matter how you end up doing this.
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    dump & equipment trailer hurricane prep ?

    If you have the opportunity to pour a slab to park your trailers on, I'd embed recessed tie downs into the concrete. However, I don't know of any one (including me) who considered this before pouring concrete. Next option would be earth auger style anchors. Whatever you came up with for securing...
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    ham radio or short wave?

    Has anyone tried a helium balloon to lift an antenna? Is it even practical to consider? I realize it is only temporary (a day?) because the balloon will leak & deflate and the whole thing comes down.
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    New Gooseneck

    Nice looking trailer. How long is the deck? And how heavy are the ramps or are they spring assisted?
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    Propane prices..

    How are y'all getting 20# of propane in a 20# tank? A full tank will only hold 16# (80% fill to allow for expansion). The 15# is 75% fill so 5% short of full. In the summer time my supplier will only fill above ground tanks to 70% due to expansion of the liquid.
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    Propane Tank Back Blade Build

    Very nice!
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    Horse power vs tiller width

    I run a 5' tiller on a Kubota L235 (19 PTO HP). I ran it in the sandy soils in Florida and it worked fine. I brought it here to Texas and had a concern about the clay soils here, but just run a little slower ground speed or a little shallower first pass and it does fine.
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    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    As long as your tractor can lift it, you can run it. I have 2 implements that are supposed to be to big for my tractor, but I run them just fine. The biggest problem is the weight, the tractor is old and it struggles to lift them. The tractor PTO is 19HP and the implement calls for 30 to 50 HP...
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    Concrete step

    I'm assuming you used a concrete adhesive (not a glue, it's stuff used to make old and new concrete adhere better) before applying the patch. In your application, I don't think there's much you can do. Concrete is moisture retentive and in your climate, the freezing will tend to pop it off.
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    Steer on the loose.

    We are in a high risk fire area this year due to drought and the local government has asked people not to set off fireworks because of the risk of wildfires. I was surprised - this year no one set off any fireworks. Not sure if it was because they were asked, or due to the fire danger or...
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    JD5075e Air Restriction Indicator

    I've had my cold start sensor disconnected for years now (on a 5055e) and have not noticed any problems with it. It doesn't normally get all that cold here either and my climate should be similar to yours so if it is cold I have 2 options. 1) Don't work in the cold and stay inside with a mug of...
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    face mask for mowing tired of the dust?

    I completely agree, the military masks fit much better than any civilian mask. But, I suspect the military masks are not in the affordable category either. To get a good seal the mask has to be sized to your face and the military had many different sizes, at least 6 that I know of and probably...
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    face mask for mowing tired of the dust?

    I've tried several different masks with/without goggles. The very fine dust here is a problem. I've tried the KN95 masks, the 3M respirator #8233, a half mask and finally gave up and splurged for a 3m 6900 full face mask and I bought the overlays for the vision window. I thought about getting a...
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    thinking of a bucket add on for groceries

    Why not a Harbor Freight overhead winch with a bucket on the hook? Or a lift that is used to install upper level kitchen cabinets? Or make one for a lot less - some casters, a boat winch, a set of appliance dollies for the platform to run on the upright and some lumber. cabinet lift
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    The challenge of Kudzu

    There is Kudzu in Tahiti also. It's a real problem because herbicides don't work because there is so much rainfall, the herbicide is washed off before it can be absorbed. They tried goats and the goats disappeared into the mountains. The mountains are steep enough that to eliminate it by hand...
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    The challenge of Kudzu

    Texas' Pesticide Applicator License can be summed up the same way. The reason for the licensing is because the restricted chemicals are typically Organo-Phosphate based - which are neurotoxins developed in WW2 and include Sarin and VX.
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    stupid simple question: fuel-safe/fuel resistant material for seals on gas spouts?

    As far as tupperware, my wife has some she got when we first got married 47 years ago and they are only a little discolored. Otherwise, they're fine.
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    RTV 900 equipments and accessories

    I had the dealer put a plastic windshield on mine at about $500. All it is, is a piece of plastic with six bolt holes for clamps. It has very sharp edges and I ended up taking it off, sanding the edges to smooth out the sharp edges, putting spacers in so I could put on handholds and mirrors...
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    Propane questions

    ^ I agree, except I do use a propane grill for some foods depending on the occasion. The best way to grill is with hardwood, then a close second is chunk charcoal. The briquettes leave a kerosene note to the food and using lighter fluid to start the fire is absolutely horrid! You can taste the...
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    Ripping roots with a tractor?

    What size of ripping tooth is being used for this? What is the thickness of the steel and how long is the tooth? Is it any different for a backhoe?
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    Learn Me About JD 5E Series

    I have a 5055e of the 2009 vintage so no DEF. I also have the 553 loader on it and have not had any problems. I have used the tractor moving stuff with the loader and nothing on the 3ph, but it's all been light weight stuff like taking the trash can out to the road. I don't know if it's possible...
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    Groan part quatre

    I'm not a mechanic, but I have worked on vehicles in the past but I missed this one the first time thru. I've never worked on one of these cars so I wasn't sure because of the shroud the plate sits in. I thought they might have a unique design, but then the springs gave it away.
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    Need FIRST HAND information on money scanners used through auto bodies.

    I saw an interview with the FBI bureau chief in the morning some time back and heard what he actually said. By the end of the day the newscasters (on both sides) were reporting on the interview and claiming he said something else.
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    Recommended laser for fencing property lines?

    ^ The thread is over a year old.
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    This is post #160. We're now up to #167 it's worth reading post #160 again! The Blackpowder and Modern Smokeless powders are NOT the same. Not even close! Even the smokeless powders have a lot of differences between them including a different rate of burn. You mentioned that there are others in...
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    I originally thought it was an iron ball as well, however, looking at the photos on post #109. I don't think so anymore. He's using a hand drill with a wood cutting bit with an auger threaded point. To get metal shavings like that, it's more likely lead. If nothing else, he can hang it with...
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    Propane questions

    There are also distances from "an ignition source" and house windows and doors when installing a regulator vent. Again, it all depends on geometry and distances. You'll probably find they will want to tap into the line between the 2 regulators - again depending on how your site is set up.
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    Foam fill brush hog tires?

    Looks like your tires are car size tires. There are web sites that describe how to fill the tires with foam, but they also say small tires like lawn mower tires. However, there are tire companies that will fill larger tires and the method seems to be slightly different so a company with special...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    You do know that Polar Bears are in the Northern Hemisphere and Penguins are in the Southern Hemisphere? Seals are in both Hemispheres. Also, Polar Bears and Grizzly bears can interbreed. There was an incident where a hunter was being guided in Canada on a polar bear hunt and shot a white bear...
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    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    Around here, we have equipment stolen from time to time and it is never found. The belief is that it's taken to the seaport and put on a ship for overseas delivery. The ship leaves before the authorities are notified. (Most stuff stolen is from absentee owners so it's weeks before the theft is...
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    Concrete footing question

    How much did that lorry weigh? You're going to have to turn the grid over and apply that much pressure (if not more) to reverse the bend, so, no a sledge hammer isn't going to work. Unless you have some heavy duty gear that can apply several tons of force, you'll have to replace it if you want...
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    How to "undercoat" mower deck.

    I got the HF ZTR lift and it helps a lot. I still have to get down on the ground to clean the deck and I have trouble getting up and down, so it would be nice to have an actual lift. (I've considered both a 2 post and 4 post car lift.) I have one spot in my yard where the grass is always so...
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    Shoveling out a dump trailer - really!

    It's a scissor hoist with a pretty big cylinder. I'd have to measure it to see what its size is. I'm not sure if a longer cylinder would work, but I've not paid much attention to the geometry of the hoist. At the moment it is not worth the effort to change/correct anything on the trailer. On...