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    Hola from NM

    I have been coming here time to time to read a wide range of subjects. But now we are jumping in and buying our first tractor. It is being assembled in Texas and should have it sometime in September. We will mainly use it to clear trees and cactus that have taken over. But I'm sure we...
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    Hello all , We are looking to buy our first tractor to work on some land we inherited. The land has been neglected for years and it has many juniper trees that need to be removed of various sizes. We mainly want to remove sappling to 8 ft trees and cactus. We found this front tree puller...
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    Gooseneck trailer jacks

    Hello name is Michael and I am looking for some info. I own a 25ft gooseneck trailer that I put a heavy camper 3k in the front and use the remaining deck to carry my jeep. I have to hand crank the Jacks to lift the trailer to connect to the truck. I want to install a 12v motor gbx so I do...