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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    I do. How far away are you?
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    Who want to chat about plasma cutters?

    Ive been looking at Everlast plasma cutters. They can be used for a plasma table should I want to do that some day.
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    Still for sale. Open to reasonable offers.
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    Scout by... Volkswagen ?!?!?!? Electric, no less.

    Everything will be electric soon. Hope battery technology takes a leap forward. I love my electric car. Oil changes are a thing of the past.
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    Newbie mini ex questions, and Kubota KX vs U series?

    As a guy who bought a KX040 a few years ago. I can say for sure, I wish I had more reach. Working in trees I have to be careful not to swing into a trunk, but other than that I am happy with the standard counterweight. If your cutting trails in slopes that might be deep enough for a...
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    How far would you travel for the right tractor?

    I bought my used L5740 sight unseen and had it shipped 1200 miles to me. No regrets.
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    Pretty much. Its a big heavy piece. Shipping would be expensive i bet.
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    Price updated
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    Open to Reasonable offers
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    I bought this in May 2021 and used it for around 5 hrs. I bought it with both hammers and blades. It cuts well and the hydraulic side shift very nice. It became clear it was not the best option as I need to back up quite a bit while mowing trails. So I hope someone else can put it to use...
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    They are offering 0% for 60 months on SVL's at this time. Pretty tempting offer.
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    L01 Emissions?

    Cows pollute, cause erosion and use too much water. Just saying.
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    The ultimate toy. Skid Steer.
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    I am looking at options for new Kubota equipment. Not sure I can decide by the end of June. I know the last time I bought it was in the fall and they offered 0%. Is it common for it to be offered several times during a year?
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    Is CL dead?

    Around here you search cl for something and get a hundred not really related results. I listed an expensive mower, got a text from someone several states away, they turned out to be a scammer. Two weeks more and no contacts, put it on equipment trader and it sold. CL is just not what it used...
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    Buying New | KX-033 vs. KX-040 | Compact Excavator

    I also have a KX040-4 with 6way. Bought it a couple of years ago. I also wish the thumb was wider, I hope someone comes up with a retro fit. I use mine often moving brush and a full width or even one twice as wide would make a huge difference. I am quite happy with the power of this although I...
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    1st Post- Looking at an Old L5450

    My first tractor was an L4350. That was a beast, I used it to push over 30ft cedar trees, mowing and moving dirt. It had about 3000 hrs on it when I sold it. If it had a cab, I would probably still have it. That series was super strong.
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    Buying Advice Cab and Mid Mower Options

    I am on the hunt for a 40ish hp Cab tractor that can run a belly mower. Kubota L3940 HSTC would be my first choice. As there are not too many for sale, I am wondering what else might be a good choice. I have an L5740 and will likely sell it after finding a good unit. It just uses way too much...
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    Had a flat and didn't notice soon enough

    I was mowing in tall grass. There were some old tree stumps and I guess I hit one and it popped the bead. I didn't notice when it happened and when pulling back to the shop, I saw it was off the bead on both sides. The bead is split radially on both sides like the picture. Does it appear to be...
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    Backhoe Backhoe operation on a cab tractor

    On a Kubota Cab tractor, is it necessary to get off the backhoe and climb in the cab for moving the tractor while trenching?
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    Excavator Aux hydraulic ports

    I was going through the kubota configurator for a KX040. I am wondering what the aux hydraulic ports would be used for if you bought it with a thumb and hydraulic quick coupler. I could see one for a tilt bucket, breaker or drill. What would you want two aux ports for?
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    Kubota Excavator KONNECT HYDRAULIC COUPLER universal?

    I understand the manual quick connect is somewhat universal. Is the hydraulic one specific to Kubota or more general?
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    Kubota KX040 6-in-1 blade

    I am on the hunt for an Excavator. I see this 6 in 1 blade and wonder what it brings to the party. I know an angle blade makes sense, but is a 6 way going to be the new option on all or just a novelty?
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    L5740HSTC Backhoe worth it or different route

    I have wanted a backhoe forever. Had the L5740HSTC for a few years I hesitated getting a hoe for it since I would have to get out of the cab to do any work. I am trying to decide if I should even consider it or look for a dedicated backhoe loader or excavator and skidsteer as a replacement. I...
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    Rear Finish Mower Looking for the Better Rear Finish Mower

    I currently have a Woods RD8400 I pull behind my L5740 and it cuts well. My only grip is the clumps of grass it leaves behind. Even when doing light cuts. I am looking for something new that will handle cut grass and lay it out more evenly.
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    Tilt Trailers and load balance

    I am fed up with slide in ramps and don't like flip up ramps so I have decided to look at tilt trailers. I like the way Kaufman does their split tilt trailers. I have a second property to mow and would like to be able to take both a Zero Turn and my L5740 with a woods RD8400 on back. The...
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    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    I got a 72 incher and it's nice. I think I need to add some screen or something on the back. I don't like limbs poking through trying to scratch my tractor. In this case, I used the bottom bar on the lower jaw to break the limbs on one side. That made it easy to get in close with no limbs...
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    Lifting Rod Top Bolt .. How did you remove yours?

    I have a new to me L5740HSTC in excellent conditon. I got a new top and tilt kit and was in the process of pulling the lifting rods when I hit a snag. The top of them is held by a bolt with two lock nuts. The lock nuts come off easy enough but the bolt is not willing to budge. I put a block...
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    Kubota Factory Top N Tilt worth it?

    Is the top n tilt offered on new kubotas a quality item? I'm thinking of getting one since it's in stock at a local dealer and I get instant gratification.
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    Kubota L60 Dealer Installed Options

    Which L60 options are installed at the dealer? When pricing recently they seemed to discount the tractor and loader, but all other options seemed to be full retail. It then seems why not just get the tractor and loader and just add options as you need them. Of course this assumes most wanted...
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    How many hours on your L40 series Kubota

    I'm curious how many hours people have run up on their L40's.
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    Searching TBN

    I must be doing something wrong when searching. I never get results I want unless I search a single word. If searching for front loader, I will get results with only Front or Loader and some that have absolutely no relavence to front loaders. Is there a guide to help make me a better searcher?
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    HST-1 vs HST-3 L40 versions and years produced

    In looking at L40's I now see there are two versions HST-1 and HST-3 and maybe more. I undertand the new -3 incoroprated stall guard on the PTO. That's a big plus for the -3's in my opinion. What other improvements were added through the model run? Can you tell a -3 from the serial number?
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    Fuel economy or usage based on size

    Lets say you have a 84" finish cutter and pulling it behind a L3240 works the tractor hard. A L4240 with the same mower doesn't work nearly as hard and a L5740 barely notices the mower. Would you still expect the L3240 to use less fuel for a given area cut, or would the L4240 be more efficient...
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    Kubota Build My L60 Is Live

    Just looking today and see the L60 option when building a tractor on their site. Build My Kubota - Product Selection
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    Kubota Grand L60 Lauch Date

    Looking on their site, it still shows Spring 2013. That's going to be over in three weeks. Are they just trying to clear the 40 series? I was going to try and build/price one online but didn't see an option.
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    Remote Loader Joy Stick Adjustment

    My L3430HSTC remote joy stick is difficult to pull back and get the loader to raise. the other three directions work smoothly. I pulled the boot and see that the lock detent is about 3/8" high when at rest. I would think it should lock with the controls in a neutral position. What is the proper...
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    Electric Trailer Brakes Troubleshooting

    Today I was trying to figure why my trailer brakes are not working. When I activate the brake controller, I get a sound like the magnet is being energized at each wheel but no braking. I took the brakes apart and everything looks good and moves like it should. I repacked the bearings and put it...
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    Loader LA950A Quick Attach Conversion

    Did Kubota ever make a QA conversion for the LA950A?
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    Safe way to raise a 30' pole

    I want to stand one of those 30' aluminum light poles using my L4350. I know it can be done safely, but need some inspiration. The pole will attach to 4 lag bolts in concrete. It's not super heavy, around 10" at the base. I'll have a couple of helpers that can be on ropes.
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    Decision Time

    I have had a L4350 Shuttle Shift for well over a decade. It's been a workhorse and a real joy to own. It has nearly 1700 hours. The only things I have wished for were HST, quick attach loader and a Cab. I have often thought of getting an updated model. I use it primarily for clearing, driveway...
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    Rear Axel Seal

    Rear Axle Seal My L4350 has begun leaking oil on the right rear wheel. I suspect I need to replace the seals. The big question is, can I do this or is this a job better for my dealer to handle.
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    Sun Guard Canopy

    I have been looking at canopies for over a decade. I think I am finally ready to get one. I am looking at the Sun Guard by The price is right. Do any of you have any experience with it?
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    Tiller Befco Side Shift Reversible?

    I just picked up a Befco 158 for $150. It's in real good shape aside from rust from years of being stored out in the elements. I didn't get a manual. Looking at the way the gear box and three point slide for the side shift, I am wondering how easy it would be to reverse. Anyone have any...
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    Kubota Clutch Replacement

    I my L4350 has 1555 hours on it I bought it 9 years ago with 900 hours. When I first got it if I took it down the road in high gear, the clutch would slip on hills. Third would slip in a real steep one in front of my house. I would always work in the low ranges, and move loads in the first two...
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    What to do...

    Mowing. Grr, I just wish the grass would self cut. :-) I have been using a JD 214 for years to mow about 3-4 acres and a mile of trails. I also have a tough as nails L4350 with lots of accessories. This year I bought a used 6' finish mower to pull behind the L4350, and now I am hooked. My...
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    Canopy opinions

    Time to outfit the L4350 with a canopy. Being tall, I wonder if there are canopies that are better at keeping the heat from radiating through. I plan to do more mowing this year and will do most of it during mid day when the sun is high (and hot). I would love to hear opinions on the different...
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    Deutz-Allis finish mower

    I have a friend with a Deutz-Allis RGM 72 that he is willing to sell fairly cheap. There is no manual or parts list, and I was wondering where to go to find them. Also has anyone had any experience with this brand? Thank you!
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    Is this Box Blade info worth knowing?

    I read a comment about Gannon Box Scrapers having the front and rear blades far apart. I think it would be of interest if we could get some of you with 5 to 7 foot boxes to post what those dimensions are. I also would like to hear if you feel this would really make much difference. I personally...
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    Specs Say 900lb max, is 1140 too much?

    I have a L4350 (that I love) I am finally going to get a real box blade and was just about to buy a Gannon 72" high back with hydraulic rippers until I came across this maximum in the owners manual. It says 900lbs is the max recommended weight, and the Gannon HD-4272-HB high back is 1140lbs. I...