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    Snowblower hydraulic chute rotation kit -- No longer available

    I have the parts to convert a manual rotation JD / Frontier snowblower to hydraulic rotation using a hydraulic cylinder. This bellcrank, push rod, bracket, etc. fits sizes from 48" to 84". It also looks like this fits many other brands such as Blizzard and others. Pretty standard parts...
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    Shorten joystick after adding 3rd Function Kit??

    I just installed the WR Long 3rd Function Kit on a cab model Kubota L5740. Seems to work great and installation is pretty straightforward. However, because the new joystick knob with button sits a couple inches higher it now seems like the joystick handle is just way too high. I haven't seen...
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    Specs for New Holland 488 haybine lift cylinder

    Just bought a used NH 488 haybine. It did not come with the lift cylinder or hose. Figured I can pick those up pretty reasonable at AgriSupply or TSC, but I can't find the cylinder diameter and the cylinder length retracted and extended (stroke). NH parts website lists the cylinder part...