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    Setting Park break

    Living on a mt. side and needing to use the break every time I stopped I came up with this idea. It worked perfectly for 6 yrs. on my CK27 and now I've done the same mod on my 2610 Kioti .
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    Rerouting exhaust

    This is how I eliminated breathing exhaust and having it blow up dust in my face. The piece of trim above the step I installed to keep the floor mat in place because I kept hooking it & pulling it up with my toe.
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    Lighter socket

    Installed a lighter socket for LED flood light on a toggle switch ( you can see the wires hanging there ) now I'm using it for my 16 oz. elec. Coffee cup . Now the plan is to install another socket so I can use both the cup & lights at night.
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    seat maintanance

    For those who don't mind a patch so save a few bucks a tube of shoe goo type vinyl glue and a vinyl patch will give you a no. of more years out of a seat before it comes apart. I've done this in the past on a tractor seat as well as a motor cycle seat just as they show signs of cracking. I never...
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    CK 27 HST

    Had a bit of a vibration for the last few mons. & couldn't pin point it U - joint, drive shaft, front dif. ? but yesterday the right front wheel locked up while I was plowing snow so I knew where the problem was. Machine is on warranty but with a steep long unplowed driveway dealer couldn't make...
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    New cutting edge

    Tractors nearly 2 now with 450 hrs. so thought I'd do something I should have done last summer as the cutting edge was badly warn. Good opportunity to use my plasma cutter for some experience as i did the last one with a cutting torch. Still required 1/2 hr. with an angle grinder.This edge is of...
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    Just a reminder for those with septic systems

    Protecting Septic Systems Over the Holidays It痴 the most wonderful time of the year. . . except for the septic system. The holidays provide families and friends a great opportunity to come together, celebrate and reconnect. This celebrating usually involves extra cooking, cleaning, bathing...
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    12 volt heater

    Read a post here some place about 12 heaters so for $36 I thought I'd give one a try. Haven't put it to the test yet but will tomorrow as it's nice and cold out. On 150w luke warm are and on 300w warm enough it's bound to make a bit of difference since the cab fairly comfortable just from the...
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    Kioti exhaust

    Finally after 2 summers & nearly 400 hrs. of having dust blow up in my face from the exhaust I did something about it today. Was a little trickier than the last tractor I had but not to bad.18" of flex pipe ( that's the longest they will sell it here) & 4' of tail pipe. The writing on the pipe...
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    New deck on my trailer today.

    Decided the last time I loaded my tractor it was time for a new deck. So found a bit fir knocked it down and made some planks a full 2" x 12" & 14". When I bought this trailer new 10 years ago the sales man told me it was a 6,000 lb. trailer but I questioned him because it had 8 bolt 10 ply...
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    Put up a Humming bird feeder less than an hr. ago and already had one visit it couldn't believe my eyes they usually don't show up until the 15th or later. Must be the beautiful warm weather we've been experiencing.
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    coyote for Kioti

    Seen this in the dollar store and thought my Kioti just had to have it stuck on with 2 sided tape.
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    CK27 won't start

    My CK27 with 150 hrs. decided not to start a couple days ago . Turns over fast enough to bring the oil pressure up in 5 sec. and all the lights work. Fuel is good but not a lick of smoke out of the exhaust. I've eliminated it down to the fuel shut off solenoid . With the backhoe I can over ride...
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    coffee cup holder

    This is the third cup hold I've made for equipment and I think this one turned out the best. I used a ABS coupler. After installing it I went up the mt. for a bucket of fire wood and it held and worked great with easy access. I've considered buying one in the past but never found any that...
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    Stuck a 45 W LED on the back of my tractor & since the wires were handy right next to the original power supply I plugged them in to come on with my headlights. I only use the tractor to plow my own place with a 3 point plow so it can stay on with the headlights and not bother anyone. If it...
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    Tractor cab

    Got a soft top made just finished yesterday in time for snowplowing today nice to be undercover. Not as fancy as some but I like to take it off easy first thing in the spring & this ones simple. Made this bracket to bolt on where I think there's a frame under the tractor for a mower. Right...
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    Tractor and Slopes

    Since joining I've seen a few comments on slopes so today I decide to check a few of the slopes I drive on nearly a daily bases. There is one I have to have something in the front bucket to keep the front wheels on the ground but it's been raining so I never checked it out to see the max. slope...
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    Help identify

    I have this weed growing and was wondering if anyone here could help identify it. Thank you, Bill
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    Water lines

    A lot of discussion on water lines and yesterday my wife notices low pressure in the house. It's been hot and dry here for mons. and we've been watering every day. I have a 1,200 gal. concrete reservoir fed from an underground spring ( so I don't have to use the well 350' deep 40 gal. per min.)...
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    1130 case hydraulic pump

    The shaft in my hydraulic pump snapped and I've been finding it difficult to find a new pump. It's for a 1991 - 1130 case tractor . I was told this no. is also the same pump 1992043C2 I've contacted a few parts suppliers on the internet but have had no return reply's. Any ideas would...
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    A few pics of repacking a hydraulic cylinder

    A lot of individuals come here who have never packed or repaired a cylinder so since I had one to do I thought a few pics. may help at least as a confidence builder for anyone wishing to tackle this job.I'm no professional or mechanic but have done a 1/2 doz. or so , so helpful suggestions...
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    Front dif.

    Well today for the first time in wks. it was raining so time to do 1st oil change in front dif. around 100 or so hrs. on Kioti CK27. It was real nice to be able to fit the tractor into a heated shop this morning out of the cold and damp. Not a lot of room for tractors as it's a wood working...
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    most likely a controversial mod.

    Since I bought the Kioti I haven't liked the height of the ROP ( 8' ). Yesterday was the day I'm not a professional welder ( fabricator) so had a little apprehension not that it wouldn't be solid but that it would still fit and not look top bad. I've learned from welders in coffee shops and...
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    A few simple mods.

    Nothing fancy like some here but got a start on a few things.Moved the small tool box to the front and put a larger one on the back. Only had a step on one side so made another one. Made a bracket and bolted it to existing one that all rwady had threaded holes to hole my chain saw. The chain...
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    Water bomber

    In 2010 a saw mill 2 miles form our place had a fire in the log yd. so I took a few pics of the water bomber here's one.
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    Couple of bird pics.

    Took the pics. of the mt. thrush pair a few days ago thought I'd post for those who've never seen one their a very shy bird. This Mountain Thrush is spending the winter here seems hs has a damaged wing so couldn't fly south. This wood pecker likes the suet and black oil sunflower seeds...
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    Snow Snow plowing

    Well looks like I'm getting the opportunity to see how well the traction is with turf tires on my new Kioti . Yesterday with 6" of fresh wet heavy snow all went well only slid down 1 hill backwards once when I got on straight ice. Having only put 1 hr. on it so far today I get a chance to...
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    Own a case 1130, Kioti CK27 & case 589 Super M looking forward to participating in the forums learning , sharing & meeting new folks. I'm located in B.C.