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    Best truck under $10k?

    How heavy was the tractor in the 5th picture? closer to two tons? I like our little trailer too, its more of a half ton model but its a handy size for behind the atv in the woods, but also carries the atv as well. I pick up 800-1000lbs of firewood round somewhere, tow it home, drop the...
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    Hydrostatic quirk or total nonsense?

    There is a tendency to scoop from the bottom of the pile while driving forward so you are trying to lift way more than a bucketful and if you are in 4wd there's not going to be any wheelspin either, so you can easily run out of pushing power in medium range and start to bypass the HST...
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    Loading hay = round bales

    Just get a trailer with strong fenders, or make them strong... I stack 3 more on top in the middle of the 8 on bottom. These are 4 by 5 hardcore bales but not super tight like a some balers make. We've never tried 14 bales, I don't think the trailer is rated that high and there's some pretty...
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    Best truck under $10k?

    Legally you can probably tow 2900lbs or so, unbraked with any vehicle. I can in Ontario and most states are similar. My tractor is 6000lbs though with the average implement, so if you are following manufactures ratings, I don't know if any $10k ranger can tow it with a decent trailer. Even a...
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    Best truck under $10k?

    Maybe its been said already, but nearly anything can pull a small utility trailer, and that does most jobs a 2wd Ranger can do, with a few advantages. For sure there's lots of other reasons to get another vehicle, and as a spare, a cheap pickup is pretty useful.
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    Back dragging: how aggressive?

    I don't try to use tractor weight for back dragging, to often, just with like dump truck delivered loose gravel to smear it out thinner if I need to. Usually I float the loader and change the angle of the bucket for more scraping or spreading action. But I guess my loader and bucket is...
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    Back dragging: how aggressive?

    I usually back drag in float mode, some times with the bucket 15deg from vertical.... I go pretty slow and do multiple passes because its easy to do with the HST. Haven't bent anything yet on the loader.
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    Rear Blade 7’ Back Blade on 47hp Kubota L4760

    I have a lighter duty 7' rear blade, not near 100lbs per foot. Its my main snow tool and for that probably an 8' would be better. It will push around grade A gravel but its not eager to dig into packed gravel at all. I can kind of ditch with it, setup to make one corner dig in, but I've...
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    cutting on a steep hill - pond at the bottom

    Mow straight up and down with the rear end downhill. And leave a fringe around the pond. I've had my tractor on a bumpy near 30 deg slope which I wouldn't take anything sideways across. Takes a bit longer but with the loader on the front for counter weight, I think its pretty safe otherwise I...
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    Total noob. Mowing with Toolcat on a hill vs Ventrac vs Kubota L3902

    If you can mow it straight up and down a normal 4wd tractor with Ag tires will scare you long before it will go over backwards, IMO. On the slope in front of the pines I was watching to see if the oil pressure light for the engine was going to go on, and I was happy I left the bucket on the...
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    2014 Kioti DK50se starter solenoid

    Mine had that issue, the positive lead on the battery looked "good enough", cleaned the battery post, and lead. It would click the solenoid, but as soon as the starter kicked in the solenoid would disengage due to low voltage I guess.... I cut back the insulation on the positive lead and the...
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    Where are the new NS Series Tractors and Grapples?

    Other than the fuel tank down low I can't see too many differences in those pictures and I think the specs on the website are pretty much the same from what I remember.
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    10 ton manual wood splitter, convert to run on remotes

    For a little pile like that I think I would beat that quite easily with my splitting maul and my 372xp to cut the stubborn ones. If he had a trailer right there to spilt right into then it would start saving a bit of time and using a skid steer would be much quicker of course.
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    Cheap FEL cylinders keep bending

    Yep, its just a terrible stupid weak design to have extra long hydraulic shafts on the bucket cylinders. All to save a few dozen dollars and not have the linkage installed.... Some bean counter won the argument to get that design approved and now hopefully MF and dealership will step up and...
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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    For logging I think you should have a much smaller saw than you would for firewood. 550xp with a 20" bar should cut anything up to 36" or so. Sure a 572xp will be faster for the 3 bucking cuts, but for limbing and walking around with, you will be much less tired after a couple trees. Also...
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    Two Seconds. Maybe Three.

    I'm sure this isn't news to most country drivers, but I have been in a car with some city friends who weren't going to slow down after they saw a single deer cross the road up ahead. If you see one cross, slow down and be ready for a few more! Sure enough a couple more went across and if we...
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    Tractor Brands Market Share

    According to some websites, Kioti USA(which also sells in Canada) has a yearly revenue of 75 million. Kubota Canada(only sells in Canada) has about the same yearly revenue. I'd estimate the US market to be about 10 times larger than Canada so Kioti sells roughly 1/11 as much as Kubota in North...
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    Is a 6' box blade too much for a compact?

    I think for actually moving dirt, your current tractor is the minimum I'd want for a 6' box. I guess a smaller tractor could use it to push loose gravel around but you might do a lot of scarifier passes to loosen things up and then use the blade to move material. I've got a hydraulic top link...
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    Regret a cab tractor?

    I'm curious what's the average tractor age is before the AC needs some work? Anyone ever fix up an old AC system that has sat for a few years? My buddy has 3 cabbed tractors but only the one under 2000hrs has working AC. He's not in a hurry to spend the money to fix the other two as he doesn't...
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    How much damage am I likely to have done to my new tractor?

    My buddy broke the pto shaft on his little kubota with a 4' bushhog hitting a few Christmas tree stumps every year. But it had over 3000 hard hours on it, mostly mowing using the full hp so I think your odd stoppage will be fine.
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    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    That's why I ended up with the Kioti, the other dealers were farther away and less interested in selling a compact tractor. Also at the time, I think the DKSE series was the winner on paper for weight, loader capacity, features, and cost. Not the best reseale but I haven't sold it yet so that...
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    30k tractor budget

    The JD 5045e is made in Pune India, maybe they've got the bugs worked out now, but in 2011 when I was looking they had some issues and lots were for sale with ~100hrs on them... To crude for hobby farmers and not reliable enough for a small farmer. I think in the compact tractors sold here...
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    30k tractor budget

    Go drive the bottom end utility tractors and see how you like them, my neighbor has a low end MF one and its nice if you need the hp and pulling power, but without any type of shuttle shift for forward to reverse, its no fun using the loader on it. My tractor will work circles around it for...
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    front loader arms

    Even in float mode? I guess if you are going fast, I try to keep the tractor from having too much speed when using the loader as its nice to take it slow and steady with the hst.
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    front loader arms

    Back dragging with the loader in float may take a couple passes but less chance of breaking it I guess. With the bucket bottom near vertical it still moves a decent amount of material and still bumps over the imbedded rocks.
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    New tractor suggestions for snow removal

    I think the main downfall of using any type of blade on a tractor is that it can't go fast enough to wing snow over the bank like a truck plow. With only maybe 4-5' total snow fall for a winter at my place, I start very wide at the beginning of winter and push each new snow on to the existing...
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    Will 10 Horsepower actually matter on the same size tractor?

    No slip clutch, so I guess the blades could be folding in? It's an agri-ease 5' and only after I bought it did I realize they use the same gear box on the 5 and 6' so the blade speed isn't the highest even run a bit over 540 pto rpm. The blades are pretty heavy duty looking to me and it cuts...
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    New tractor suggestions for snow removal

    What's your average snow storm depth and type of snow? I just use a rear blade as we don't get enough to bother with a blower and our driveway doesn't drift in so big banks are fine. If you have a lot of wind you might want a blower.
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    Will 10 Horsepower actually matter on the same size tractor?

    Yep, a 6' brush hog with the blade speed fast enough to cut hay perfectly at 8mph would be a bit scary! My buddy has a 6' 3pth finish mower but he runs it with maybe 18 pto hp? His lawn isn't a golf course fairway so he's pto hp limited for maybe all of a minute on a 1 hour lawn...
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    Will 10 Horsepower actually matter on the same size tractor?

    Only 5' as it was quite a deal, and for trails its fine, but I'd get a 6.5' now. I mostly mow trails so going too wide isn't practical. The odd time I'm in grass and weeds up the the hood and the tractor never bogs, the mower just quits cutting well. For doing alot of fields or pasture though...
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    My tractor at about 5500lbs(tractor ~4100+loader~900+loaded rears~500) working weight does fine in 2wd with 4x5 round hay bales, with some ballast on the 3pth. Either another bale or the box blade near 1000lbs. It barely does a 3 high pyramid though using a hay fork with two tines on the...
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    Will 10 Horsepower actually matter on the same size tractor?

    I went with the lower hp version for cost and durability of the drivetrain. I like vehicles/tools to be under stressed/idiot proof, and while I couldn't see me ever wearing out a 20hp/l diesel engine, even using max power more often, I can see stressing the HST with more power. The cooling...
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    Cutting Edge for FEL Bucket

    I don't know if you need an extra cutting edge for wear as the existing one should be hardened? The one on my bucket is hardened I'm sure. I've pryed out quite a few boulders with it that would barely fit in the bucket without really effecting the edge. I try not to drive into rocks as hard...
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    Bigger HST machines.

    For mowing like that, why not just get a big cheap 2wd gear tractor? Or I guess much wider mower that puts the speed limitation on pto hp and not field smoothness?
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    How happy are you?

    Mine's been pretty good, 700 pretty hard hours so far, moved 100's yards of dirt with the box blade, runs a 9' haybine well, and can run a 5' round baler in a pinch if its not too humid. The only real problem has been a bad positive connection on the battery, gave me an intermittent start which...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    They don't try to do 80mph uphill on the interstate, but they sure know how to load up and stress test a vehicle in those countries...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Is that a paper mache movie set bridge or something? Looks like 4" of concrete around air? Up here in the salt belt no one is worried until the chunks falling off the bridge are 6" thick!
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    3 pt rear blade stand?

    Put the whole thing on a skid, I'd think your tractor 3 pt will go low enough to reach the pins, mine does. Also keeps it out of the dirt or frozen to the ground in the winter.
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    Box blade

    That would be handy to get the clay or turf rolls out of the blade for sure. Even with the hyd top link sometimes I can get plugged. What happens when a rock stops the machine on one of the corners? The leverage must start add up on the loader? I popped a stabilizer clevis off my 3pt arm but...
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    Tractor Sizing First Time Tractor Buyer . . . need some advice!

    Tractor data has mine at 4100lb bare, then maybe 8-900lbs for both rear tires loaded(R1's don't have the volume of R4's), then the loader is 900-1000lb with bit of a subframe. It works for me anyways for 4x5 round bales in the 8-900 maybe 1000lb(wet one?) range, even pops them off the ground if...
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    Grooving R1 (AG) Tires?

    I've studded my tractor tires with hex head screws when we had some severe ice build up. Worked pretty well and gave a bit more traction on ice to get up and down our hilly driveway, but certainly not enough to damage the driveline. The screw heads hardly wore at all and only the fronts came a...
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    Rotary Cutter Solution for Heavy/Dense Brush with 34 hp PTO tractor?

    I have a braber/agriease 5' rotary cutter Braber Equipment - Rotary Cutter Its chinese but seems to be reasonably heavily built. 600lbs for a 5' and 725lbs for the 6'. It was a few years ago but it was $800 new and my only regret is not getting the 6' for a bit more. They have a real round...
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    How many of you guys wish you did not purchase a cabbed tractor?

    Some days its nice to have unobstructed views.
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    Using max pto HP?

    I got into running a buddies 4x5 round baler this summer and needless to say, it gave my tractor a good workout. It was fun making 4x4's but much bigger I was running out of hp to actually move the tractor. The temp gauge really didn't move above normal but it sure was removing some heat...
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    Moved some bales with the hay wagon

    I had my far field cut and baled a month ago, so on the weekend I had some time to move them near our barn. The fastest way is to go out on the road and this is the first time I've done any real road hauling. It went pretty well, and the HST isn't too bad at pulling a load. Pulling up onto...
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    Using tractor fluid in automotive manual transmission?

    Anyone tried this? Gear and manual trans oil seems to be silly expensive locally, $10-15 per liter for 75W90, and my pail of $3 per liter shell spirax meets the specs I need. GL-4 and 85W. This is for my Chevy Tracker which has separate manual transmission and transfer case sumps from the...
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    Instead of bucket hooks

    I just drilled a hole in the top lip of my bucket in the middle and put a threaded shackle in. I only had a 1 ton one laying around but both it and the bucket edge had no trouble lifting my 1000+lb box blade off my trailer. I don't seem to lift many things using a chain but it seems fine for...
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    Plowing with a rear blade.

    Well, today I had to flip the blade around and plow in reverse. The snow was just too dense and heavy, enough to make the driveline start chattering when driving over it pulling the blade. I was surprised how much more snow the blade and tractor can push in reverse as it was rolling off snow...
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    Will Tier 4 lead to gas tractors again?

    Does it make some sense to go back to a gasoline engine for CUT's? It seems to me that a small 4 cyl car engine these days can run for 3000-4000 hours with out too many issues, and one detuned for tractor use should go longer. I think a gas engine even with fuel injection is much cheaper to...
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    Good day on the tractor!

    I'm prepping the area for tree planting next spring. It took quite a while as I had to drive straight up and down to keep upright, and I had to skim the bucket to find the rocks and old ground hog humps. But I got it done with only a few dirt mowing incidents and not breaking a shear...