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    PTO Shaft Extender

    I have a new PTO chipper/shredder. I have Pat's Easy Change quick hitch on my lower links. The added 4" m/l of Pat's render the PTO shaft that came with the chipper too short. I would prefer not to have to take Pat's on and off when using the chipper/shredder. Part of the concern is that the...
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    Woodmaxx WM-8M PTO Chipper SOLD

    I received the chipper new from at the end of September 2020. It currently has 9.4 hours on the hour meter. It is in almost new condition. It includes the heavy duty Premium American Made PTO Shaft. Current (4/7/22) new price at Woodmaxx with standard shipping and sales tax is...
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    Was A Little Surprised

    Happened to drive by a few tractor dealers yesterday in Southern Oregon. Could not see the whole Deere lot but there were a lot of CUT/SCUT sized ones I did see. The Kubota dealer did not have near what it normally would but there were more than I expected. The CAT dealer definitely looked...
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    Battery Too Large?

    I just bought a used ATV with a Honda engine powered snowblower which I intend to sell. The previous owner changed the wiring so the clutch that engaged the augers was actuated by a separate external 12 volt riding mower / atv sized battery instead of from the ATV which was not included. Can I...
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    Chain Harrow???

    The area around my home is mainly wooded with evergreens and a small amount of oaks. I rake and mulch the abundant tree droppings (needles, seed pods, cones, small branches, leaves, etc.) with either my bush hog or my non-tractor chipper/shredder. My goal is to integrate most of the vegetative...
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    Debris Forks - 48" or 60"?

    I have a 72" bucket so I can get either size. If I get the 48" price is 25% ($100) less. Probably buy from Titan Attachments Debris Forks . Main use at this point is picking up dead, bare branches rather than brush. Some is broken up into smaller pieces. The fork lengths are 21" for either size...
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    Buying Used Rotary Mower

    I have never owned or used a rotary mower. I have a small project on an acre or less with oaks, low brush, manzanita, tons of oak leaves, etc. that I need to prep for fire safety (Northern Calif.). At most once a year. There are oak branches on the ground. Basically want to leave everything...
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    Oiling Drive Chains on 3 Point Attachments

    My Woodmaxx snow blower augers are chain driven. The manual recommends oiling the chain with a good quality oil and states that chain saw oil is perfect. My question is how do you oil your drive chains without making a total mess, dripping, spaying, squirting oil all over? I am not into removing...
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    I Did Not Know It Was Possible To Do This! Or My Latest Tractor Mishap.

    I had just removed my standard 3 point quick hitch and installed Pat's Easy Hitch. I did not like how the frame of the standard one was interfering with adjusting the angle of the PTO shaft on my snow blower. I backed up to mount the box blade which was sitting on some blocks near the back. I...
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    Telescoping Lower Links vs Pat's Easy Change

    Telescoping lower links or Pat's Easy Change. Not sure which is the best option. Have never used the telescoping links. Pat's: Pro Just lift and hooks onto implement. Lower price (unless I buy telescoping stabilizers). Con Still have to get the right angle between the tractor and the...
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    Snow Blower Frustration!

    I have a 72" Woodmaxx snow blower on my 50 hp Kioti. Just broke another shear bolt. I have used regular snow blowers for years but this is my first tractor snowblower and do not know if I just do not understand it's capabilities or is there some other issue. Another way of asking is it me or the...
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    Stuck Shovel.

    Used my Bucket Solutions clamp on shovel that I have had for a while for the first time yesterday late afternoon. Good news: Worked great removing an old stump. Very impressed. Used it on my quick attach forks. Other news: Can't get it off the forks. Jiggled it, pounded it, pried it, etc. My...
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    Was Pleasantly Surprised

    Going to mark my fuel containers more clearly. Accidently put diesel in my 4 cycle wood chipper engine. Took a while to figure out the problem. Was getting spark, fuel, etc. but would not start. Pictured having to get new carburetor etc. when realized my mistake. Washed the fuel tank out a few...
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    Should I Dump Almost 5 Gallons of Diesel?

    Got my fuel containers confused and put 2 oz. of Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer for gasoline into my diesel container. Probably no big deal but would rather get rid of the diesel than take a chance of any harm to my tractor. Am I being overly concerned? Obsessing again (LOL)?
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    Moving Wood With A Gorilla.

    I tried to come up with a practical way to move wood from my wood shed to my deck where I stacked it to bring into the house as needed. Thought of building a 4'w x 6'h x 2'd or something similar wood box I could fill by hand from the shed, lift with my loader forks, and put on the deck. But...
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    Removing Oil Filter on Korean Tractor???

    Hi All. Have a Kioti DK5010. Doing my first oil change. No luck in removing the oil filter. Used filter wrench, used short pipe on it, tapped filter with mallet. Have assumed that they turn counter clockwise to loosen as US vehicles. Is this correct? Assuming I am turning it the correct...
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    Chipper Shredders and Pine Needles

    How do shedders do with pine needles. Do they get well mulched / chopped up? Do they need to go in with other foliage? My property is largely evergreen forested with pines, firs, and cedars so there a lots of needles, especially longer pine one. I am probably going to get a moderately priced...
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    Quick Hitches Quick Hitch Fit to Implement?

    Installed my 3 point quick hitch today. It is the type that attaches to the lower lift arms and top link. Question is that the lower pins of the box blade are resting all the way down on the bottom of the lower hooks of the quick hitch. The upper pin of the box blade is well into the upper hook...
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    Do Studs Damage Tires?

    Been looking at different types of studs for my AG tires. Some look liked they would grip more fully and less chance of getting ripped out which may not be the best thing for the tire. Overall, though, do studs seem to damage or cause greater wear on the tires?
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    Pine Straw Rake

    Anyone have any experience with the Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT Pine Straw Rake, 3 Pt? : Field Tuff FTF-6PSR3PT Pine Straw Rake, 3 Pt : Patio, Lawn & Garden Could only find 2 reviews on Amazon but they seemed positive. Am confident that this is not the quality of Everything Attachments...
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    Pallet Jack?

    Am going to build a wood storage box that I will move to the deck with my tractor from the wood shed. Probably weigh around 900 lbs. Discussed concept in another thread but have new question. My concern has been moving it by hand once it is on the deck. Have been looking at Haul Master pallet...
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    Raking Small to Large Branches, Twigs, etc.

    There are quite a few large evergreen trees in the area of my house. They drop lots of branches and twigs along with pine needles, cones, and other debris. The ground gently rolls around. Not sure what the best tool is for raking into piles, especially with the uneven ground. The landscape is...
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    Ratchet Rake - Strap & Cable or Binder & Chains?

    Hi All! Going to purchase a 72" Ratchet Rake for our 72" bucket. Deciding which attachment system to get. Same price for regular RR or Forestry but have to buy chains for the latter. Both are the same except for attachment type. Appears that only reason to get the chain system is for...
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    Realistic Size for Wheeled Wood Shed.

    Hi Folks. I intend to build basically a small wood shed that I can fill by hand from my wood storage, transport to my deck with my loader forks, and push by hand about 14' to near the outside door to the living room where stove is. It will have a gently back sloping roof, will be closed on the...
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    Ratchet Rake Sizing to Bucket

    Going to get a Ratchet Rake for my Kioti DK5010, 72" bucket. Tractor width is 62.8". They come in 68" and 72". The 68" are more available and less expensive. Is there a disadvantage to it being 4" shorter than the bucket width??? Thanks for your feedback!
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    Buying Advice What Is Happening With Kioti?

    Just looked at Kiotis in the Reviews section. Out of the 10 most recent submissions, starting in 2015, half of the owners had substantial problems. Prior to that there most of the reviews were positive with sporadic complaints. Looking at a new DK4510 or DK5010 but a little uncertain of possible...
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    Kubota Light Materials Bucket - Too Light?

    I can buy a new 60" Kubota Light Materials bucket that will fit on my 30.5 hp Kioti LK3054 at a reasonable price. My concern is the "Light" part. The dealer said it weighs 125 lbs. As a comparison Everything Attachments has a general purpose bucket that weighs 225 lbs. Obviously there is a lot...
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    Buying a larger bucket.

    We have a 54" materials bucket on our Kioti LK3054 and want to go to a larger width. We widened our rear tires to an outside diameter of 61" plus for snow removal just want a greater size. The tractor with loader and loaded tires is probably at least 3600 lbs. and has 30.5 hp. The loader manual...
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    How Hard Is Too Hard

    I use my Kioti LK3054 with the bucket and back blade to remove snow. This is my first tractor my 2nd winter using it. Since I was gone part of last winter my experience is very limited. I have never used chains on it. I just ordered Duo-grip ladder combo chains for the rears from
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    Mounting on bucket.

    I tried to find out in Attachments what was common but I will try to ask my question here a different way. I am going to modify a snowplow to mount onto the bucket. The typical approach where the bottom of the bucket (the meat) is sandwiched between 2 mounts (the bread) with the plow held in...
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    Chains/binders or ratchet straps?

    I am modifying a snowplow to fit on my loader bucket. I have seen bucket mountings held on with chains/binders and load ratchet straps. One or the other seem to work better? Below are photos of what I am referring to.
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    Loader Bucket Attachment

    I am modifying a snowplow blade to attach onto the loader bucket. If anyone has attachments that fit over the lower lip of the bucket, what does the space between the lower and upper part of the fitting that captures the bucket measure? I will be strapping or chaining it, not using a clamp. I...
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    Wiring lights directly to battery circuit.

    I was considering hooking my work lights into an existing circuit which I discussed on another thread and have decided on another approach. I want to run them more directly off the battery with an in-line fuse. My question is where is the best place to connect in to? If I understood what I was...
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    Can I use this circuit for work lights?

    I have a Kioti LK3054. I intend to add 2 forward work lights and one backward on the ROPS. There is a 6 place connector off the back that I am pretty sure is for attaching trailer lights. None of the contacts are hot with the key on but one gets hot with the headlights on which I am thinking of...
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    Carport Brands?

    I am considering buying a metal carport - about 18'x21'x8'. I live in the mountains of California so it will need to have an adequate snow load. Seems like several brands can provide this. Searching threads sounds like some members had good luck with T-N-T and Carolina (which is not available...
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    PTO Shaft Sizes?

    We are selling a Howse rear mower. A fellow came out today to buy it but it turned out that the distance between the teeth on the female end of the mower is 1 3/16". He has a New Holland/Ford mower which requires 1 3/8". Is it common to have different PTO shaft sizes on different brand...
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    How to recognize manufactured home axles?

    We are looking for a used dual axle flatbed trailer to haul our tractor. If a trailer does not have obvious branding on it (from a commercial manufacturer) how do we tell if the axles are from a manufactured home? :confused3:
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    Brush hog guard height?

    We have an older Howse 500 brush hog with the guard chain missing from the front (the end facing the back of the tractor). We are going to replace it with the heavy black material with woven steel that newer models have. Assuming that the brush hog is sitting flat on a level surface how much...
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    3-pt hitch pin size?

    Looks like the holes on both ends of my category 1 top link bar are 3/4". Is this a standard size? Do they take a 3/4" pin?
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    Grading Dirt Driveway

    A loop portion of our driveway is dirt. It is crowned in the center and low where the tires ride. The soils are reasonably well drained with little rock. I plan to grade it for the first time with our new 5' box blade. Is it better to do it when the ground is dry or moist? Is it better to...
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    Loader capacity?

    I am a tractor novice. My son and I recently purchased a 1999 Kioti LK3054 with a Kioti KL122 loader. The bucket is 54". The loader manual shows the lift to full height capacity at 760 lbs and the break away at 1580 lbs. Here are a few questions: 1. I have no idea what a bucket load of something...
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    Canopy - plastic, fiberglass, metal?

    We just bought a used Kioti and need a canopy for the ROP. There are a lot of choices including coated steel, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. Any compelling reasons to go with one material or the other? Any particular brands or models you have had good luck with? Any other helpful suggestions?
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    Novice operating exerience....

    We bought a used Kioti yesterday. Today was the first time I operated a tractor and I played in the snow. All these things you have to do at the same time - steer, operate the throttle, raise or lower the bucket, turn the bucket up or down, and watch where you are going. One thing I learned was...
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    Kubota L3000DT or Kioti LK3054?

    Both are very clean, parked inside, and original owners. The Kioti has somewhat lower hours. The Kubota is somewhat more expensive and a couple years newer. The Kubota is 32HP, the Kioti 30.5HP. The Kubota is about 2200 lbs, the Kioti 2900 lbs. Any compelling reason to go with one or the other?
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    Assembled in China?

    We are looking at a couple years old TYM 273. I have read that some of them were assembled in China. I am iffy when it comes to Chinese quality. Is this a concern? Are they non-Chinese parts?
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    When did Jinmas get better?

    People have commented in other threads, including the one I started on a Jinma 354, that the Chinese tractors have been getting better. Regarding the Jinmas, is there a particular year or approximate time that is a turning point in quality, reliability, etc.? The 354 I am looking at is a 2006...
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    Do Hydrostatic Trans Eat HP?

    Is there a significant loss of power with a hydrostatic?
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    Jinma 354 Built Better?

    We are looking at a 2006 Jinma 354 with about 200 hours from an original owner. Doing a title search under Jinma I was a bit blown away by how many threads were from owners with hydraulic problems, 3 point hitch problems, and other problems. Most of them were 200 series but perhaps that is just...
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    Buying a Rental

    I posted this in the general buying section earlier but this may make more sense. My son and I are looking at a late 90's L35 with 1200+ hours that for the first 1000 hours was a rental unit. I am, like many of you, concerned with abuse as a rental. I have a few questions: 1. I know the L35's...
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    Buying Rental Tractor

    We are looking at a late 90's L35 with 1200+ hours that for the first 1000 hours was a rental unit. I am, like many of you, concerned with abuse as a rental. I have a few questions: 1. I know the L35's are very heavy duty. Is rental abuse less of a concern with a tractor like this, especially...