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    What am i missing?

    If I have to explain it, you'll never understand
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    Land is cleared... now what?

    If this is a one off deal, I'd pay a neighbor or small business to do it.
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    Kubota BX2200 newbie query

    Bought mine in 2003, my dealer said any good oil was good; didn't even stock SUDT back then. I get hoses made locally. You need to adjust valves at 800 hours. I use the new SUDT on my GL.
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    Kubota L6060 Engine failure

    If Kubota was as bad as some seem to think and JD etc. never had catastrophic failres, we would all be using the same brand. We have Kubota, JD, Kioti, Case and MF.
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    I Know I Know, BUT gimme a Break I'm New

    We went with the 62" deck on our 1025R and love how it mows. No, not much ground clearance, but enough for residential use and very stable on slopes.
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    **Sold** Admin please delete

    Might want to talk to your dealer, ours will do consignment on tractor, package or attachments. They also do referrals.