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    Loader BX80-Series Loader

    Anyone find real world limitations on the BX 80 Series with the SSQA reducing the capacity over the prior generation? I can’t believe this is a real issue with snow, dirt, mulch, etc. based upon the coordinated bucket size. Just curious. I have a BX2670 and it seems to lift quite a bit more than...
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    Kubota BX2670-1 w/ Many Extras (Illinois)

    Kubota BX2670-1 with 335 hours. Beautiful condition. Not abused. Well maintained. Frequent maintenance schedule followed. Residential use only. Hours are current, and may slightly change, as tractor is being used. Tractor and Accessory Package includes the following: 1) Front-End Loader w/...
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    Bought a Simplicity Citation XT Today

    I was set on buying a Kubota Z422 with the 54” deck, but really liked the serviceable items on the Simplicity sitting beside it. Well, long story short, I went to drive both the Z422 and a Simplicity to lay to rest my concerns about which would be better on my bumpy yard. There, arriving just...
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    Mowing Fed Up w/ BX Drive-Over Deck. Making a Change.

    So I finally have had it with Kubota’s BX answer to John Deere’s drive over deck. What a POS. After dealing with the deck not staying level every year, the deck always dropping while mowing (tractor staircase adjuster), the pain trying to get it on, let alone off, and the pain in the $&@%# to...
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    Best Used or New Budget Riding Mowers

    My sister is in need of a riding mower for her city lot. I’m not big on MTD, and I’ve never heard good things of the made for big box store John Deere riders, either. I’m a bit shy of recommend she buy a used Troy Built, Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, Murray, etc. knowing they are likely repaired...
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    Ordered a set of R14’s for the BX

    Just about fed up with the turfs for any off-grass work... especially with the loader. The sidewalks are too soft, and I notice the tread and sidewalks are easily susceptible to nicks and scratches. So, I ordered a set of R14’s for the BX. Looks like I’m the pilot here, so I’ll post after they...
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    54” MMM VS. 60”

    Any thoughts on 54” over the 60” deck? Besides being able to get closer to weed beds with a 60” because it sticks out further, or getting through narrower openings with a 54”, am I missing any pros or cons of either? This would be on a B2601. Thanks!
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    Price Check Supply/Demand Doesn’t Seem Right

    So, for grins, I thought I’d check the used market on tractors, since I have a few friends looking for used units, and it seems the market is bare. Now, I’m not John Thomas, but I’m kind of his red-headed stepchild in terms of quantity of tractors traded, so I’ve done this a bit. I have a good...
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    Oil & Fuel BX Fuel Gels Up Despite Additive

    I had the same problem with my BX2660, and now my BX2670. When it’s really cold, like single digit cold, the fuel gels up regardless of additive. I put plenty of Power Service in the winter blend fuel from the fuel station, and that did nothing. Then I added Opti-Lube snd let it run for 30...
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    Anyone Mount Mirrors on Their BX WITHOUT the Loader?

    I’m wondering if anyone has found a reasonable way to mount mirrors on their BX without the loader attached. I’d like to add a set for plowing, but have the front blade with the quick attach sub-frame installed and not the loader. Magnets on the hood seem to produce shaky vibrating mirrors...
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    Mowing Rear Grooming Mower VS. MMM

    I’ve all but exhausted my interest in the drive-over deck for my BX2570. It’s a major PITA that will not allow removal or installation like the standard deck, and despite how easy it looks to remove and reinstall, I most always have issues. So, I’m wondering how much difference I’d find with a...
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    Oil & Fuel BX 2670 Oil Blow-Off

    Does anybody know if there is an oil blow-off port or breather that would release oil if overfilled? I changed oil in my tractor, and shortly thereafter, it started leaking. Since the oil was clean, the drop here or there resembled hydro fluid. I thought it was the power steering. Well, after...
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    Raised Garden Beds

    My back may be killing me from hustling wet treated 2x8’s and bending over and squatting to build these puppies, but I can’t imagine what I’d feel like shoveling and moving all the dirt to fill them by hand. The BX may be small, but it is a lifesaver. I still have a bunch of regrading and...
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    Mowing Any Love for the BX Drive-Over Deck?

    After several years of ownership, I’m not finding any love for the drive-over mower deck on my BX2670. I find it more cumbersome to deal with the drive-over alignment sub-chassis that stays with the tractor, that I’m thinking of ditching the mower for the standard deck... or trading it off. More...
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    DR Power Products - Worst Customer Service

    After owning a DR trimmer for four years, I needed some parts. I ordered on line, a little irritated that the three things would fit in a padded envelope, but I would get screwed paying $17 shipping for a box of air. Oh well. Sign of the times, right? After a week of being run around, and...
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    Splitting Belgian Pavers

    Has anyone used a landscape block splitter to split Belgian pavers with success? The concern is taking a 6 inch by 9 inch paver 2 and a quarter inches thick and splitting it on each end to make trapezoid shaped pieces to make them fit a radius. Basically, I’d be splitting a wedge off each end...
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    BX80 Series Hydro Improved?

    Do the 80-Series BX’s still have the rolling issue with the hydro when taking your foot off the hydro pedal? I almost took out the corner of my barn yesterday with my 70-Series. Just curious if Kubota resolved this issue with the new tractors.
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    Buying Advice BX2670 Quick Hitch Mid-PTO

    I am in the process of buying a used front snow blower for my BX2670. It is missing the mid-PTO shaft to the quick hitch. I can’t seem to locate the correct part number I need, to try and find a used shaft setup. Any part number information would be appreciated.
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    Loader BX2670 Hydraulics Question

    I just put a front blade on my BX2670. It's the quick hitch type, not the FEL mounted blade. It smokes the FEL mounted blade in EVERY way. No more traction issues, side-walking, feathering the loader controls to maintain traction. My question is about slow return on angling one way over the...
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    Snow LX280 Snow Plow Manual

    I have a friend who purchased an LX280 with a plow, bagger, and mower. Unfortunately, no manuals came with the unit. Right now, he is trying to get the plow hooked up, and with box of brackets and pins, he can't get the plow attached and the lift system figured out. Would any of you have a...
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    Snow BX 80-Series Blade on a 70-Series

    It's getting difficult to find the BX2763A front blade and frame for my 70-Series tractor, and used ones are either gone before they are posted, or are too far to make the drive worth it. Knowing I'll likely trade to an 80-Series down the road, I'm wondering if anyone has put an 80-Series front...
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    3-Point Hitch Landpride QH05 and QH10 Rear Snowblowers Compatibility

    I am considering a quick hitch for ease of hooking up a Heavy-Hitch for ballast and receiver use (Deathtoblackberries confirmed QH10 already), Landpride 1560 rear blade, and Kubota rear 51" blower. Question is, the rear blade is marked quick hitch compatible, but what about the blower? It's a...
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    Price Check Discount on Implements

    Can I expect to receive any discount on implement purchases purchased alone without a tractor deal? And if so, what can I expect?
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    Snow Old BX Front Quick Hitch VS. New 4-Point

    Anyone have first hand experience with both that can provide insight of one over the other? I'm looking to either add a front blade to my BX2670, or move up to a BX2680. Doubt I'll ever look at a snowblower, so the new front shaft coupling is of no real concern. Lots of talk here about using...
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    Snow Anyone Using A Snow Pusher With A BX?

    Saw them on Messicks site. Looks interesting. Maybe even better than the FEL mounted blade. Anyone have experience? Maybe some pics on a BX?
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    Oil & Fuel Old 850/950 Issues.

    Dads got an old John Deere, which I think is a 950. Been a while since I was in his shed. He complains the temp gauge only works when it's cold outside. Never when it is slightly warm or hot out. Any idea what it could be? Also, I'm not a testing guru, but his fuel gauge stopped working to...
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    Snow Land Pride RB0560, or?

    I purchased a King Kutter 60" rear blade for my BX2670 for assistance in snow removal. I haven't picked it up yet, and am wondering if the Land Pride RB0560 would be better. Some claim the KK is cheap and welds break easily. Both weigh about the same. The 15-series LP is another $150 for...
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    Buying Advice I Hate Trips to the Dealer...

    Decided to take the front tires from my BX2670 in to have tubes installed. The bead leaks have become to much for me live with anymore. Anyway, what sits in the showroom, but a nice new BX2680 with the front blower... reminding me of what I really want, but settled for the less expensive...
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    Snow BX2670 w/FEL Blade for Snow. Ugh!

    Two years trying this combo on my BX2670. Useless. On a paved driveway, I have no control. No steering. Angle the blade, and ALL bets are off. I don't care to blow a front axle with chains. Is this just a poor combination because the tractor is so light? Last year I had the rear blower on...
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    Rake Any Other Use for Pine Needle Rake Before I Sell It?

    So, I have a new pine needle rake that I never really used since I modified my landscape. Is there any other use for it I should consider before getting rid if it? Looks like one of those "gotta have another purpose" implements.
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    Tires Popping a Tire Bead

    I need to tube the front tires of my BX2670. Always losing air. What's the best way to pop the bead on one side of the rim to put in a tube? I'm not thinking beating it with a 5# hammer and a block of wood is really going to work. Thanks!
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    Comparison Stupid Salespeople

    I was searching for some info on line last night when I came across a video by some tractor dealer in Ohio trying to bash the Kubota BX 80-Series, while praising the Green contender. Actually, they were trying to perform a simple demonstration, but let me just say, Mutt and Jeff obviously...
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    Tires BX Turf Tires and Loader Work

    I've had three B's, and am on my second BX. I don't know what's changed, but the current set of turfs on my BX2670 are the worst for anything more than mowing. I don't know why they seem to be so soft. It seems like I am always filling them with air, and today, after just checking their...
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    Spare BX Tires & Wheels... Ouch!

    I had a set of R4's and Turfs for my last BX. After I bought the R4's through the Kubota whole goods for under $300, I never used the turfs again. The R4's were gone on grass, and offered front tire support when using the loader when the turfs almost ride off the rim. Well, stupidly, when I...
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    Buying Advice Best Place for BX Tire Chains

    As it says. Figured I'd order online, but is there a "better" place to buy? Best style for asphalt use? Closer spacing, no V-bars. What about for steering? Will they help? I have the FEL front blade and have lost steering with my blower on the back. Thanks!
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    3-Point Hitch BX Rear Implement Shaft Issues

    I put my B2789 rear-mount blower on my BX this weekend to test and cut the driveshaft. I noticed that in the highest lift position, which I can't guarantee I won't reach when snow blowing, the lobe on the blower coupler at the tractor hits the lower link stabilizer brackets where attached to...
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    BX 2670 or BX2670-1???????

    Ive seen a lot of discussions on determining the differences, but it still seems to be contradictory. My BX2670 does not indicate -01 on the frame sticker, so is it a straight 70 series? I have the standard vertical ROPS and the drive-over deck. The dealer paperwork says "01", but where would...
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    Mowing Kubota Bagger for BX 70 Series

    I am looking to purchase a bagger for my BX2670. I like the compact size of the factory bagger. I anticipate grass collection mostly, but want it to pick up small sticks and leaves from a few sycamore trees that are time consuming to rake. The sticks are smaller than pencils, usually. What...
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    Rear Remote for BX

    Anyone install a factory rear remote on their BX? My dealer recommended this instead of a third function, to get the best of both worlds.
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    Engine Break-In RPM

    I've had several tractors and never saw the "do not exceed 2500rpm in the first 50 hours" notice. Have you all observed this? Granted, I'm not working the tractor hard, only mowing. For years and many, many trucks, I drive them off the lot, hit the interstate, and pegged the cruise at 68 for...
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    Jery Dunn Tach-N-Go and Forks

    I have been talking with Jery about his QA and forks for a few months, and he has been working on a set of movable forks. Well, I drove up last weekend and picked up the first set of movable forks made and a QA for my B2620. Absolutely unbelievable! Everything is laser cut, welded with...
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    Final Hour... B2620 Purchase Iminent.

    I'm sure JOHNTHOMAS will chime in here... Sold the BX the other day, so I'm going for the B. My last concern is the tires. My last B's sliced the sod on turns, albeit sharper turns. I test drove one last week with the turfs. It also cut. I'm only concerned in areas of the same pattern...
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    Raking the Yard with 3pt. Pine Needle Rake

    After dethatching with my simple Agrifab 40" dethatcher behind the BX2660, I decided that I really need to find a way to rake the yard with the tractor. We have several sycamore trees with pie plate-sized leaves that continually shed all year long. Constant twigs of all sizes and bark litter...
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    B20 Series Tier IV To Rest... Finally.

    So, a little research seems to put the Tier IV questions, and which B20 Series are going away. I have found through Kubota's Engine Data that the D1005 engine in the B2320, AND the D1105 engine in the B2620 already are Tier IV compliant... NOT Iterim Tier IV, but the final judgement, Tier IV...
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    Okay TBN Friends... To B or Not to B (Therefore BX).

    Yes, its the age old question... To B or BX. Ive had two B's (a 7500 and a 7510) and now a BX2660 for about 5 years. I am making some changes, so a new B2620 or a BX2670 are in my plans. Frankly, the BX has been really good, but there are a few reasons I'd switch to a B. The BX2660 is loud...
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    Do tractors really have model years?

    Ive never heard of tractor model dates referenced with tractors when the model designation stays the same. Clearly, a BX2660 is older than a BX2670. Does it matter otherwise? If used, we look at hours. Question is, how will I know if a new tractor is a leftover from last year, or a new one...
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    Turfs or R4's

    So, Im calling tomorrow on a new B2620. I am torn between choices for tires. I will primarily mow,and remove sniw in the winter. Im thinking of addong the QA from the B3200, and adding the front blade... eventually. I really dont mind the turfs except that with my B7500, the fronts were...
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    Likelyhood of Extending 0% Offer

    What do you all think? I'm seriously thinking of pulling a John Thomas and selling the BX2660. Not sure if I'll go BX2670, BX25D, or most likely B2620. I want to sell mine outright, and it may take longer than the end of March.
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    Diifferences in BX Loaders

    Where is the difference in the loader on the BX25D that allows the bucket to dump so far... like 180 degrees from curled? The specs show the same max dump angle, cylinder size, and looking at my BX2660, I could never get the bucket in the position the BX25 does when using the bucket as a...
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    LA243 vs. LA243A and Quick Atach

    Has anyone been able to confirn the differences between these loaders for thd BX series? Id like to put the QA on my BX2660 with the LA243, but supposedly, Kubota says NO. I have scrutinized the two loaders, and I find them to be exactly the same in appearance. When comparing the specs, there...