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    Looking for Discontinued gasket

    It's been like this since day one. ( the tractor is a 2011 ) You can see the witness marks on the gasket where it was clamped out of shape between the castings. It started as a slow drip that I noticed in early summer and by the time I got my hay in the barn it was pissing fluid everywhere...
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    Looking for Discontinued gasket

    This is the part in question. You can see the deformity in two places. I don't know how it ever not leaked.
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    Looking for Discontinued gasket

    Long time no post... I'm in a bind. I'm looking for a cross reference for Bobcat PN# 6697252, Gasket, for the hydrostatic assembly. It goes between the Front Cover casting and the pump body. Bobcat CT235 SN# A9JY11001 & above. Hopefully Kioti still carries the part, but I don't have a...
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    Which temperature thermostat? Ford 3600

    Buy a simple infrared gun and take measurements on the head. You do want the oil temperature up high enough to boil off any moisture.
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    If you have forgotten what older trucks were like

    An older chevy on the gauntlet
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    Fiat caught in Dieselgate

    Looks like the Ecodiesels have a software code similar to VW in order to pass testing. EPA Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Emissions Cheating on EcoDiesel
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    F150 Powerstroke announced.

    Full load Outdoorsman.
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    F150 Powerstroke announced.

    Ford Brings 218 F-15 Power Stroke Diesel to Detroit Auto Show
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    Saw my first Tesla Model X SUV in the parking lot today.

    Funny, I stumbled across this not five minutes after reading this thread.
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    Towing HEAVY

    This is what we use. 2011 IH 4400 with a 20,000 lb rear axle, air brake, air ride, air suspended cab. It is still a rough sob to ride in and I would not be happy using it for daily duties. It was $90K new plus the custom deck. If you're going to use a gooseneck or a fifth wheel over a flat deck...
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    Gas & Diesel Titans go head to head on the Gauntlet

    Surprised this hasn't been up here yet. Not sure what Nissan was doing when they tuned the diesel, but it got smoked by the new version of the 5.6 Gas motor... Over a minute faster up the hill with the same load! Plus they had to keep lifting to stay under the speed limit.... hmmm....
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    Tip for handling filled tires alone please

    I'm a little late to this, but I use a pallet jack. Very easy to manipulate the tire, but you have to be careful that it doesn't topple over when wheeling around. And the floor has to be smooth.
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    Alyeska pipeline

    Atigun Pass, Brooks Range, Dalton Hwy. Pipeline near Happy Valley Alaska. Note Caribou under the pipeline. If you walked a hundred feet off the hwy the ground was littered with thousands of antlers.
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    Worst stuck pics

    From the Deline NWT ice road this week. They had just lifted the load ban on the road that morning.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Saw this genius on the commute home tonight. There's at least eight jerry cans on that carrier.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    ... and another... Yes that is daylight shining through the I beam.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    From the Alberta CVE Facebook page.... warning, you will lose a good part of your day looking through their pictures. Truck was over by 290 Kg, Trailer was over by 3270 Kg....
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    "The good old days" towing photos

    Montreal FD ladder truck. 1938 Wing truck.... 1930.
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    "The good old days" towing photos

    Turn of the century snow plow. City of Montreal crew.
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    Big goosenecks

    This is a 20+5... I would encourage you to get at least 2 more feet on the deck. Very difficult to get the proper tie down angles on this short of a deck. Two 10 K axles are a little light for your application. You'll also want 12~14 ply tires for your weight.
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    Oil & Fuel Where is/are the glow plug(s)?

    Glow plug >> Red Bus Bar >> Blue
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    Any advice for chains/straps without hacking up my tractor or trailer?

    Re: This is what I ended up with.... Thank you all!...Learned something too. You'll need to get some angle on the front links. The machine is free to move rearwards as you have it. Also the bucket has to be anchored entirely to the deck... not back to the machine. If you can get a solid...
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    Not the battery

    Did mine today too...
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    I hate grease guns

    That is all I have to say...
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    Brutal tractor accident

    This is not for the squeemish, but it shows just how quickly things can got wrong. I will give you a heads up, do not follow the link to the first photo on imgur. - Tractor driver's head split open by steel cable in towing malfunction
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    Got dog troubles! Don't know what to do....

    Lol... our JRT was the first ever failure with a very well respected trainer here. It was pretty interesting to see this guy lose his cool with Ignatius Maximus....
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    House flies and ladybugs

    It's war :censored:!! Never get used to the onslaught of the little fellas at this time of year. :muttering: :bumblebee:
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    Ecoboost question for DP

    A visual on what's happening inside a turbo'd engine. You'll notice that peak pressure is delayed by a few degrees because of the different ignition timing curve and that the total area under the curve is much larger.
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    Wheel Hub Stud size, M Series

    Does anyone know what the stud size is on these machines? And can you confirm that the bolt pattern is 8 x 8".
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    Dog Owners >> plaque removal

    Has anyone used the plaque removal products they sell now? Seems too good to be true....
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    Fittings backing off... suggestions

    Picture's worth a thousand words. The hoses have an anti abrasion cover on them, that's why they're so fat.
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    Fittings backing off... suggestions

    It would look very much like this, although this is an AN fitting. Note the safety wire has not been installed on the Female fitting yet, but you can see the hole for the wire.
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    Fittings backing off... suggestions

    I have two -16 JIC fittings on a machine that are constantly backing off due to vibration and hydraulic pulsing. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to lock these down? I've looked at jigs to drill the fittings for safety wire, but the ones I've found only go up to -12. Loctite makes a...
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    Ford Transit < > RAM Promaster

    Anyone have any experience with these in a cutaway chassis? Both would be max payload and fitted with the base gas V-6's. Can't go diesel because of long idle time requirements. Are the 3.7 / 3.6 really up to pulling around a 10,000 lb vehicle.
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    2015 Ford F-150 configurator

    Couldn't help myself Thank God it wasn't a ram
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    Stihl 4-Mix tuning

    Hey, So last year I bought a new FS90R trimmer with the 4-Mix motor. I have to say it has not been a great experience, and this coming from someone who has always owned and used Stihl powerheads. From the factory, it had no mid range. It would idle fine, but you could not ease into the...
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    hauling diesel fuel in florida in a small bulk tank on a trailer, what are the regs?

    Must be less than 400 L and bolted to the truck. Should have a type 3 Hazardous sticker on it, saying what's in it. ( Diesel is UN# 1202 ) Do not need placards or any special license for under 400 L. If it's a commercial vehicle the tank must be steel, not aluminum. Google "Transfer Tank regs" .
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    New Diesel F150...

    Amazing what you can do with a laser scanner these days. Diesel-manual-shameless-f-150-knock-off
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    Springs here and just in time.

    For five bucks I'll translate for you. lol.
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    2013 Tundra vs 2013 Ford

    Thanks Bullitt. Alright, well we can see the baseline for the other graph was lifted from this one from Ford, which is reported to be an engine dyno. What's the source and standard for the other three makes. From that Article we can also see that the wheel dyno profile does not look anything...
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    2013 Tundra vs 2013 Ford

    What's the source for this? They look like chassis dynos, except for the Ford's. Of course.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    According to the story, these guys were clocked doing 120 mph on their way to the scrap dealer with this in the back.....
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    This is why you don't let the summer student drive the company vehicle.
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    $1000 Coolant Change

    HOAT mixed with OAT damage. Glycol and OAT